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Top 15 BPO Companies in Albania

With a well-developed technology infrastructure as well as a youthful, educated, and skilled workforce proficient in English and other European languages, Albania is one of the most suitable outsourcing countries in Europe. 

Many foreign companies wishing to expand their reach beyond their home country and simplify internal operations with skilled and educated outsourcing personnel will find Albania to be an appealing alternative.

With the world’s fast-paced BPO industry, tons of countries prove that they are the best hotspots for the outsourcing industry. This includes Albania. So let’s dive deeper into Albania’s BPO industry and recognize the top 15 BPO companies in the country.

Top 15 BPO companies in Albania

  1. Sara Call Center
  2. Dalerio Consulting
  3. LocalEyes
  4. HR Alba
  5. Albacall
  6. Intercall
  7. Trimark BPO
  8. Fusion Albania
  9. EurocomCX
  10. We Are Fiber
  11. ViganGroup
  12. WeDes
  13. APA Communication
  14. INEL Outsourcing Services
  15. Simetrix Solutions

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Four reasons you should outsource to Albania

First, what makes Albania a hotspot for outsourcing? Here are the reasons why your company would want to look for an outsourcing company in Albania.

English-speaking natives

With Albania’s top-of-the-line educational system, as with other European countries, the country has a population of natives that are comfortable with the English language. BPO companies can get a plentiful supply of English-speaking workforce that can keep up with global standards.

This may have been brought by their heavy leaning on education. As data from World Bank has revealed, Albania has the third-highest percentage of tertiary enrollment (63%) among its peer countries. 

The country also fosters a high number of graduates in the fields of business, law, and humanities. These disciplines are heavily based on proper communication, perfect for the BPO industry’s demands.

Proximity to major outsourcing countries in Europe

Geographically and diplomatically speaking, Albania’s proximity to major outsourcing companies in Europe is perfect for its growth. These countries include Ukraine, Poland, Romania, etc. 

This proximity can help with the ties of BPO companies in Albania, leading to more business opportunities. This can also mean that the procurement of needed equipment for outsourcing is easier since suppliers can cater to a cluster of major BPO companies.

Most businesses consider outsourcing to Eastern Europe at some point to get new impetus by gaining access to trained workers, lowering expenses, and pursuing new growth options. 

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Abania’s geographical proximity to the Eastern Europe cluster is beneficial for its economic growth as more investors can see it as a good country to outsource.

Proximity to major outsourcing countries in Europe

Low cost of labor

Albania’s most significant advantage is its workforce’s affordability. In the previous few years, Albania has had a low to medium rate of inflation, which has kept prices of goods and services low. 

In addition, the availability of surplus labor has helped keep wages low. There’s also a continuous supply of new graduates entering the industry, many of whom have been trained in market-specific courses.

Low infrastructure costs

The low cost of infrastructure and maintenance is another good reason for companies to outsource to Albania. Infrastructural development activities in the country are aimed at both micro and macro levels. 

Access to the internet via broadband networks, business parks with appropriate electrical power, mobile, and fixed-line connectivity, as well as the associated expenditures for each, are all covered at the micro-level. 

Albania has also concentrated on strengthening national infrastructure that may be used to support the entire economy on a macro level. 

Public transportation, as well as other public services such as air connectivity, water supply, and sanitation, are examples of such infrastructure that can be utilized by investors for the cost of labor.

Low infrastructure costs

Top 15 Albanian BPO companies

Once you’ve looked at the reasons and decided to outsource to Albania, here are the top 15 companies of Albania that make the ground for the BPO industry shake from their competitiveness:

1. Sara Call Center 

Sara Call Center is one of the leading BPO companies in Albania. It is an American-Albanian outsourcing company focusing on services that include the following:

  • Customer care
  • Customer service
  • Sales and marketing 
  • Translation and localization
  • Back office
  • Data entry
  • Tech support
  • Live chat 

It caters to the industries of marketing, real estate, higher education, mortgage, insurance, e-commerce, hospitality, recruitment, and other major and minor industries.

With Sara Call Center’s industry experience of more than 10 years, assured quality is a top priority, with 400+ professionals ready to handle any job, big or small—further proving the company’s expertise in the outsourcing industry.

2. Dalerio Consulting

One of the top BPO companies in Albania is Dalerio Consulting, a fast-growing and well-established multinational business process outsourcing firm. It is focused on helping firms manage their workload and simplify their business structure. 

The company was founded in early 2017 by a team of specialists with vast experience in business growth and outsourcing. Its services include web development, marketing and SEO, social media management, content writing, and virtual assistant.

3. LocalEyes

LocalEyes is a worldwide outsourcing company that is known to utilize foreign languages while providing a wide range of services:

  • Marketing
  • Software localization
  • Talent sourcing and global employee training
  • Engineering managed resources
  • Call centers
  • Copywriting and editorial support in aeronautics, automotive, electronics, and oil and gas 

4. HR Alba

HR Alba is a Tirana-based organization that provides services to businesses and professionals around the globe. 

Internationalization between Albania and Italy, Switzerland, and Europe is promoted by HR Alba, which serves as a contact center and provider of continual assistance.

5. Albacall

Running for over two decades in the industry, Albacall is a service-based BPO company that provides support in European countries. It offers multi-language assistance in contacting, document management, and data processing.

6. Intercall

Several large clients rely on InterCall Albania for international customer support. 

Clients receive on-call assistance, operational transactions, back-office services, a helpdesk, and online support, among other things. Intercall offers services in languages including English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. 

7. Trimark BPO

From IT support and site development to phone handling and demand generation, Trimark BPO has a unique competence in outsourcing services.

The ability to outsource is made available for organizations of all kinds, whether they are sole proprietors or large corporations with staff by the thousands. The company specializes in the fields of software development, web development, web design, and technical quality assurance. 

8. Fusion Albania

Fusion is a passion-driven BPO company with operations in Tirana. It serves multiple countries, with its headquarters in the US.

Fusion Albania boasts the latest technology to better serve investors that avail customer engagement, data marketing, digital solutions, utility billing, and capabilities in the industries of banking, finance, and technology. 

9. EurocomCX

Eurocom CX, coming from the house of expert outsource providers, is a new name in town. But the masterminds behind it are seasoned professionals having served dozens of years in the field. The company’s headquarters are located in the capital city of Albania, Tirana.

Read more about EurocomCX, here.

10. We Are Fiber

We Are Fiber is among the top BPO companies that have taken benefitted from Albania’s global competitiveness, lower labor costs, and better business execution.

The company caters mostly to international clients. They have generic outsourcing services in multiple industries, but they are an expert in lead generation and sourcing. 

11. ViganGroup

Based in Tirana, Albania, Vigàn Group is a knowledge consulting, business transformation, and technology service outsourcing company. 

The group is focused on ethical labor leveraging, which attempts to make businesses more efficient, free up cash for expansion, and take over the time-consuming and resource-intensive portions of the business so that clients may concentrate on their products and customers. 

ViganGroup’s services involve multi-industry consultancy and multilevel outsourcing.

12. WeDes

WeDes offers a more structured and systematic approach to outsourcing, making its mark as one of the best BPO companies in Albania. 

WeDes boasts key members that are well-versed in the fields of outsourcing. Its services include process analysis for digital transformation and multiple outsourcing options in multiple industries.

13. APA Communication

Sales, customer service, technical support, and complicated outsourced services are all provided by APA Communication, a client-driven worldwide BPO organization. 

As a resourceful industry leader, the company revolutionizes customer service and client brands by employing clever and caring personnel to transform customers into devoted patrons. It helps firms enhance revenue generation, operational efficiencies, and brand loyalty.

APA Communication caters to multiple industries with services of contact center, advertising, sales and promotion, business and management service, multimedia service, and enterprises.

14. INEL Outsourcing Services

INEL Outsourcing Services is a homegrown outsourcing company in Albania that specializes in cost-effective services with quality work in multiple industries across the globe. 

It has support services in PEO, payroll management, procurement, cash disbursement, recruitment, accounting & reporting, local compliance, and representation.

15. Simetrix Solutions

Last but not least, Simetrix Solutions is a cutting-edge provider of inbound-outbound calling services, back-to-back calling solutions, tech support, and other tech-based outsourcing. 

It provides solutions such as live chat, helpdesk, and other services that cater to multiple languages across several industries.

European countries as BPO destinations

The above list of BPO companies rounds up Albania’s best, providing almost all services needed for an industry to grow and make the best out of the modern age.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic’s interruption, the BPO industry has enabled European companies to focus on their main business while lowering expenses, which is especially important in the current economic climate. 

The main BPO markets are in Europe’s northern and western regions. The openness to offshoring and the presence of diaspora play a role in determining your optimal target market. 

However, in any industry, there is an opportunity, especially among medium-sized buyer organizations. Accounting and digital marketing are the most promising services for these businesses. 

The BPO industry has slowly become a trademark industry in European regions, especially within the fast-paced generation that we are in. European countries like Albania prove to be among the top BPO destinations for foreign investors and clients around the world.

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