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Design with ease: Outsource graphic design services now!

Design & Graphics
Design & Graphics

Outsourcing graphic design & drafting services is an effective way of being able to produce more quality output to your clients by utilizing well-educated and qualified employees in the Philippines. Choosing to outsource work gives you the flexibility to get more projects done and scale.

Design & Graphics

Most companies do not have sufficient time and resources to hire in-house graphic designers to do the initial drafting of their clients’ projects.

Some want to focus more on the final touches of the project to be able to meet the client’s expectations. It’s a smaller upfront economic investment than hiring in-house.

The graphic design industry caters to a wide range of roles you can outsource, from art directors to UX designers.

Why outsource design services

Companies choose to outsource due to the following reasons:

Lack of manpower

They outsource their designs because their current team is already stretched out. With this, non-core tasks are assigned to an outsourced employee to ensure deadlines are met.

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Gaining new perspectives and ideas

Outsourcing enables them to develop new ideas and perspectives on a project. This allows them to improve the layout and concept of a campaign or collateral they’re working on.

The demand for a project

Businesses don’t always need a graphic designer to do their marketing materials and website designs. With this, they can consider outsourcing their campaigns whenever they need it.

Cost control and scalability

Lastly, outsourcing enables them to save on labor costs consumed by hiring in-house employees. They won’t have to worry about additional costs and HR processes when dealing with an outsourcing service provider.

Graphic design services

Businesses can outsource different graphic design services depending on the needs of the company.

  • BrandingThese are designs that state the identity of a business. Designers specializing in brand identity conceptualize logos, typefaces, and color palettes to associate with their clients.
  • Marketing and advertising collaterals. Marketing designers propose materials such as brochures, banners, and cover photos for their client’s marketing campaigns.
  • User interface. Graphic designers also create an interface that increases customer engagement with a website, mobile app, or game. They work with UX designers and UI developers.
  • Publication design. Publishing designers collaborate with editors and publishers to create covers and layouts for different publications. Aside from print, they keep up with the increasing demand for digital publishing.
  • Packaging. Product packaging also tells the story of its brand. This is why it’s important for designers to create and develop the packaging of their products to sell them more effectively to their customers.
  • Motion graphics. Motion graphics opened new opportunities to advertise and market a product. Motion graphic designers make storyboards and bring those concepts to life using video presentations, GIFs, and apps.
  • Logo design. Graphic designers happy with visual communication for logos and other visual content they create.
  • Web development. Designers can also dabble in web development to form user-experience design and create beautiful websites and mobile apps.
  • Packaging design. A skilled graphic designer can create designs for packages from stock images and other elements.

CAD services

Businesses can also outsource computer-aided design (CAD) roles for their campaigns. This is mostly used by industry professionals in real estate focusing on services such as:

  • Architectural services
  • Structural services
  • Mechanical, Engineering, Plumbing, and Fire Protection (MEPF) services
  • Environmental graphic design for public spaces

Graphic design skills

Outsourced graphic artists possess the following skills and expertise for work:

  • Understanding design elements. Graphic designers have a deep understanding of design and visual elements and how they can communicate ideas through them.
  • Expertise in tools. Graphic designers are experts in using tools like Adobe Illustrator, photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop, and other systems.
  • A keen eye for aesthetic appeal. Designers have a keen eye for visual design that gives off aesthetic appeal to its viewers.
  • Problem-solving. Graphic designers know how to solve problems for every graphic design project they handle.

Outsourcing design services

Design services can be outsourced to a freelancer, a design agency, or a business process outsourcing company. Each one is hired depending on the demand and nature of the service the business will avail.

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Freelance platforms

Freelancers are hired through different platforms. They offer a wide range of specializations depending on the needs of their clients. They are suitable for one-off duties such as logo making and web design.


Image via Upwork.com

Upwork operates like other freelance platforms in the market. Employers post jobs online, then they will hire their freelancers directly through the platform.

It is designed so that work collaboration, performance monitoring, and payment processing will be done directly through the platform to ensure security.


Fiverr homepage
Image via Fiverr.com

At Fiverr, employers “buy” freelancers’ services. They will post their offers for as low as $5 to attract interested clients. Employers will then contact them to purchase their services and get work done as soon as possible.


FreeeUp homepage
Image via FreeeUp.com

FreeeUp lets employers hire pre-vetted employees depending on their needs instead of searching for them.

This is to lessen employee turnover within the platform. All they need to do is fill up a request form for the roles they’re looking for. Then, the system will match them to a qualified applicant the next day.


Freelancer homepage
Image via Freelancer.com

One of the oldest freelance platforms in the market, Freelancer is the marketplace for freelancers and business owners when it comes to web and graphic design.

It works like UpWork, hiring through posting a job offer where freelancers will submit their proposals.

Design agencies 

For bigger tasks such as advertisements and social media campaigns, businesses usually hire creative or design agencies. They are tasked with projects from design consultancy and ad production to product launching and release.

Upwork Agencies

Upwork not only stores freelancer profiles in their platform. They also have a directory of different agencies a business can hire for their design tasks.


Clutch.co is an independent research site that ranks agencies according to client reviews. They include the pricing and specialization in their rankings to help businesses search for their agencies easily.


Manta, meanwhile, lists different design agencies in the US. Employers can filter their search according to the state or location of their preferred agency including its rating and points of contact.


DesignAdvisor, meanwhile, ranks web design agencies according to their ratings. They feature the top 10 agencies on their website including their estimated prices and other specializations.

The Manifest

Lastly, The Manifest is the sister company of Clutch. They list the top 100 agencies in different industries, including graphic design, according to the research methodology of Clutch.

BPO companies

BPO companies, such as Booth and Partners, are most suitable for regular graphic and web design needs. They offer different services from web layout, UI/UX optimization, and animation, to CAD designing for different projects.

Outsource Accelerator

Outsource Accelerator homepage
Image via Outsourceaccelerator.com

Outsource Accelerator is the leading marketplace for BPO. We list over 700 companies on our website and offer staffing services to clients who need to fill their graphic, web design, and CAD roles.

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