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We help startups, entrepreneurs and business owners of small-to-medium sized companies, learn about, engage and integrate outsourcing into their businesses.


The foundations of Outsource Accelerator, the world’s independent outsourcing platform


We make it easy for you to outsource

We educate people about the benefits of…

  • Using outsourcing
  • Using structured BPO services to do this
  • Choosing Philippines as an ideal BPO country
  • Opening their eyes to all things BPO – incorporation, professional services, contractors and outsource opportunities.

We offer huge amounts of invaluable FREE information

  • A regular podcast series offering BPO advice and hacks
  • Valuable blog, guides and ebooks
  • An extensive news hub which aggregates all significant industry news and reports
  • Insightful White Paper that explains the ‘win-win’ case for outsourcing
  • An authoritative BPO directory offering a single reference point of BPOs in the Philippines, and more…

We optimise the outsourcing learning curve and adoption cycle

  • Stepping stones from ideation to implementation
  • Experience-led Fast-tracks and hacks
  • Present all the options in an unbiased independent way – there’s a lot of ways to skin this cat
  • On-the-ground first-hand knowledge and expertise

We provide an invaluable stepping stone

  • Outsourcing is a big financial and operational commitment. Before committing, potential outsourcers need
  • To be familiar and comfortable with the idea
  • External points of validation – external to the sales departments of BPOs
  • A number of varied ‘touch points’ and perspectives before they are comfortable with a new concept
  • We offer reliable and invaluable free independent content, and ludicrously cheap education and consultancy

We empower and encourage our clients to

  • Learn about outsourcing, BPO service providers, and the Philippines
  • Take advantage of outsourcing and enhance their business
  • Choose the Philippines as their outsourcing destination
  • TAKE ACTION and ENGAGE with BPO services NOW

Outsourcing – an invisible concept

Outsourcing has a big “commencement hurdle” for many business owners. Which dramatically reduces the number of people that wants to give it a shot. The two key hurdles are (i) lack of awareness, and (ii) a big ticket cost and commitment.

Lack of awareness

Many prospective clients might not even be aware that they need BPO, or that it even exists.

  • There can be a “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” mentality
  • Prospective BPO clients are already busy in their day-to-day
  • They could be politically adverse to it (ie ‘keep the jobs inhouse’)
  • Or possibly, Outsourcing might not even be on their radar at all

Thus, it can take them a long time to a get comfortable with the concept of outsourcing.

Expensive and sticky commitment

A business owner has to face a very costly (high ticket), and a very sticky commitment hurdle. The “sales pitch” of a BPO provider is big.

  • Price ranges from $5k-6k per month (3-4 staff)
  • That puts you in a 12-24+ month relationship
  • Which is about a $60,000-$120,000 sales pitch
  • Sticky: Any BPO choice is a serious commitment

That is a very big jump from “not on radar” to a $120k, 24 month contract.


The implementation cycle

Being aware that there are options is the first step. However, there’ s still a long way to go between knowing of a solution and implementing them. We call this the Implementation Cycle, which involves (i) awareness, (ii) familiarity, and (iii) engagement. This process is extended and hindered because of the high ticket price of outsourcing, and the fact that the suppliers are in a different country, timezone and culture.


Motivation Gather


Seek advice
Gather options


Reduce risk
Take action

Cohesive independent information, advisory & implementation

Outsource Accelerator’s abundant free information can help fast-track the awareness, familiarity and implementation stages with outsourcing.


Get the comprehensive outsourcing tool kit

Get up to speed in outsourcing with this all-in-one tool kit.

  • The Strong Future of Outsourcing White Paper
  • Comprehensive Guide to Payroll & Salaries
  • Inside Outsourcing Blueprint
  • Outsourcing Savings Calculator & report

Meet the team

We keep a tight ship. We have most of our experts to thank for the incredible content they’re able to produce.

Derek Gallimore

Derek Gallimore has been in business 20 years, outsourcing 6+ years and living in Manila (the heart of global outsourcing) since 2014. Derek is the founder and CEO of Outsource Accelerator, and is regarded as a leading expert on all things outsourcing.

Arnold San Miguel

Arnold San Miguel was born and raised in Manila, Philippines.  He has worked his entire career in outsourcing across various sectors & management levels; & is also involved in small businesses.

The Experts

Outsource Accelerator draws from a deep pool of locally-based Filipino & foreign experts, entrepreneurs & networks.  These independent connections bring abundant expertise to the table, for your benefit, as required.

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We keep a tight ship. We have most for our experts to thank for the incredible content they’re able to produce.
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