Ultimate guide to outsourcing

Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing Cover

It takes courage and conviction to take your business down the outsourcing road. Outsourcing may include risks; which is why this guide was written to teach you how to do it as safe as possible and also to maximize returns sooner.

These days could be some of the most exciting times in your life. Why? Because having a business and thinking about outsourcing is not that simple! Indeed, deciding on whether you ought to outsource your business or not should not be taken lightly.

You may be eager to learn about the secrets on how to become a successful outsourcer or perhaps, you are someone who have already tried it, but have failed the first time. Whatever the case may be, this guide will be one of your most important references moving forward.

This guide will explain the basics of outsourcing, its benefits, as well as the steps and proper timing of how and when to begin. Also discussed here are the common myths and misconceptions about outsourcing.

Some real-life success stories are featured. You will find out how some of the most popular entrepreneurs like Jack Ma, Noah Kagan, and Vivek Wadhwa developed their businesses to the success they are today through of outsourcing.

Companies such as Procter and Gamble, Unilever, and Skype have successfully leveraged outsourcing to continue to innovate, save money, and maximize the knowledge of the experts in their industries. Their decision proved to be right in the long run as they have continued to be relevant in today’s modern times.


A couple of outsourcing employees are also featured, showing how working in the BPO industry changed their lives and their families’ lives.

Lastly, this guide will also discuss how the Philippines has emerged as the top outsourcing destination in the world. Some of the top and most well-known Philippine BPO companies are also recommended in the final section of this guide.


We hope that this guide was able to help you to:
  • Know the basic definition of outsourcing and how it affects a business.
  • Learn how outsourcing can help you grow your own business.
  • Recognize why you need to outsource whether you are a solopreneur, an SME company, or a large corporation.
  • Identify what the common business areas for outsourcing are.
  • Gather the basic steps on how to begin outsourcing.
  • Understand the essential things to prepare first before starting the process of outsourcing.
  • Discern and anticipate the best time to outsource.
  • Learn create a basic outsourcing checklist.
  • Debunk all the common myths and misconceptions associated with outsourcing.
  • Become inspired by numerous success stories by popular entrepreneurs and companies and some of the employees themselves.
  • Understand how and realize why the Philippines has become the leading outsourcing nation in the world today.
This guide just serves as your reference as you begin your journey to outsourcing. Hiring a reliable outsourcing consultation company should ensure that you would stay on a straight path. Check out our other useful resources in ‘The Source’ and reach out to us via [email protected] if you have any questions.

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