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Why do people choose the BPO industry as their first career venue?

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a rapidly expanding industry. It provides its workforce with several prospects for professional advancement and improvement in their career.

BPO partners and companies continuously strive to enhance their operations by implementing cutting-edge technology and methods.

Why should you choose BPO as a career? Entering the industry will expose you to different cultures, business practices, and etiquette.

As a result, a career in BPO allows you to meet, learn from, and collaborate with professionals that are the best in their field.

Various reasons for choosing the BPO industry as a career varies from person to person. Single people may prefer this career for advancement; married people or individuals who have kids may choose this career for compensation and benefits.

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Why choose a career in BPO:

In this day and age, jobs in the BPO industry allow employees to work towards career advancement.

Since new hires do not need to be veterans in their respective fields, people can easily enter the workforce even if the only thing that they have is the determination to find respectable work.

Why choose a career in BPO:

Here are the most common reasons why people, single and married alike, choose BPO:

BPO companies offer competitive salary packages and benefits

There’s no denying that the BPO industry is among the highest-paying jobs in the world. Saving money becomes more comfortable because of this.

Aside from the monthly salary, being in the outsourcing business allows you to gain access to several benefits including health insurance, extra payment for night shifts, performance appraisal, and quota or complete attendance incentives.

BPO companies are known to be generous when it comes to compensation. The question is, how are they able to do it even if the industry’s population continues to rise?

There are different reasons for different companies. If employees enjoy the perks that the company offers, this is a great picture that it is successful.

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Most BPO companies are very generous regarding benefits. Life insurance, health benefits, family day, and scholarship programs are just some of the many they offer.

BPO companies offer competitive salary packages and benefits

BPO companies have great facilities for their people

Jobs should never have to be burdensome. BPO companies have excellent facilities that offer relaxation to their people. After a shift, employees can enjoy amenities like a gym, sleeping quarters, shower room, game room, and even a karaoke room!

Contrary to the stereotypical belief that BPO is for wanderers, it is an excellent place to start a career ladder. BPO industries are very flexible when it comes to job positions, and there are many internal openings that a person can go for.

BPO companies are good in terms of work-life balance

Like other industries, BPO companies give two off days to their employees. They also allocate enough vacation and sick leaves each year to help their staff avoid burnout and go to work with a clear mind.

Having enough days away from the office gives employees the time to enjoy the perks of working in the BPO industry. They also get to enjoy quality time with their loved ones.

However, just like any other thing, there are also reasons why outsourcing is bad (exposure of data, hidden costs, etc.). Despite this, they are avoidable with due diligence and research. The beneficial things about outsourcing outweigh those.

BPO companies offer career growth opportunities

There are BPO companies that provide upskilling and reskilling programs to their employees. This allows their professionals to acquire new skills not only in their line of work but also in other roles that can be outsourced.

Additionally, if you are put in a client-facing role or a customer support position, you can develop your communication skills in dealing with the clients of your firm.

BPO companies accept applicants even without prior job experience

Other industries usually prefer to hire applicants with a college or master’s degree. Some of them let you go through a long line of tests that even lasts for days — before rejecting your application in place of someone who has a long list of job experiences

The BPO industry does not work this way. Many BPOs are open to applicants who do not a college degree. They are the next best thing for high-school graduates, college undergrads, and those who are fresh graduates who are still building their industry experiences.

What is excellent in the industry is that most of these outsourcing agencies are promising a one-day application process for individuals hoping to join their team.

By joining the BPO industry, you can meet various individuals from different backgrounds, giving you a chance to widen your network of work colleagues and friends.

BPO companies accept applicants even without prior job experience

BPO companies are always in need of new talents

A continuously growing global outsourcing market means that they are always in need of new talents. Still struggling to find a job? BPO companies are here to accommodate you.

In the Philippines alone, the BPO industry opened over 20,000 jobs during the height of the pandemic. Some companies even extended their offerings to include new skill sets such as graphic designers, web developers, data entry operators, and content managers which signifies that no matter what your expertise lies, you can always find employment in BPO.

Most firms also do not discriminate against the age of their applicants. As long as you have good communication skills, are knowledgeable in specific skill sets, or even have the willingness to undergo some training, then you can choose a career in the BPO industry.

BPO companies have a multicultural environment

Working in the business process outsourcing sector opens you up to a diverse work environment. Because your company’s clients can come from foreign countries, you could have a chance to connect different people with various cultures.

Often, outsourcing agencies provides a script or guidelines on how to interact with a specific culture. Answering calls not only from the United States but also from other countries is a great way for you to mingle with other cultures.

Finding a BPO career in the Philippines

The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry has been thriving in the Philippines for almost four decades now. Starting small in the 90s, BPO has risen into one of the most significant economic contributors in the country.

The Philippines is also a host to hundreds of outsourcing agencies across its territory. This means that millions of job opportunities are open to locals who would like to join the movement.

If a BPO career is your dream job, or you are just interested in entering the workforce, then you can simply go to online recruitment websites and thousands of job postings will appear.

Outsourcing also offers several roles to applicants — such as accounting, data entry, customer support, call centers, or IT — which gives applicants a chance to explore the BPO industry via their fields of expertise.

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