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Top 30 BPO companies in Poland

The global Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector is without a doubt one of the fastest-growing industries around the world. Through outsourcing, organizations are able to keep up with the ever-changing business dynamics and demands of the global market. As for European companies, there’s no need to search further to find the right outsourcing company to partner with. 

Over the last 20 years, Poland has proven itself to be a great location for international investments in countless industries. Accenture, IBM, Infosys, and AVON are among the multinational outsourcing companies that chose to set off either their BPO or Shared Service Center (SSC) operations in the country.

A shared service center is an internal service provider with services that are focused on human resources, IT, payroll, and accounting functions. 

Moreover, three cities in Poland have been placed in the Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations ranked by Tholons Global Innovation Index for the past few years. Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Krakow are cities also considered to be the breeding grounds for the country’s SSC and BPO services industry. 

Top 30 BPO Companies in Poland

  1. Genli
  2. KODA Bots
  3. Aidey
  4. Cyclad International
  5. Conectys
  6. Euvic IT
  7. Infolet
  8. Focus Contact Center
  9. LBPO
  10. Blue Idea
  11. Tivron
  12.  Datomni
  13.  AP Outsourcing Group
  14.  3S
  15. Unicall
  16.  Redsales
  17.  SmartWays
  19.  Neptron.pl
  20.  Sterling Outsourcing
  21.  S8 SA
  22.  4EN
  23.  Clipatize
  24.  Call Center Dynamic Sales
  25.  Polskie Centrum Marketingowe
  26.  Ampe
  27.  MC Solution
  28.  Progress Smart Office
  29.  Liberty Poland Call Center
  30. Mellon Poland

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Poland as a region of a budding BPO sector

Poland is a country located at the heart of the European continent. It is famously known for its scenic mountains, white beaches, and diverse geography. But beyond its picturesque terrains, the country is also emerging as one of the global destinations in terms of Shared Service Center (SSC) and BPO services. 

Poland is also a perfect location for IT-related nearshoring services across Europe. The country boasts a vast talent pool of IT professionals and a good number of international award-winning developers. In fact, the country has been hailed third place of the world’s best developers.

The country has also been recognized as the second among the World’s 50 Best countries to invest in. With its stable GDP growth, the Polish economy is dubbed to be impervious in terms of economic crises. As a result, over the recent years, Poland has become one of the leading outsourcing destinations in Europe. 

Setting aside Poland’s economic stability, what makes the country a favorable business environment is due to a lot more factors, including the country’s abundant business infrastructure, the government’s tax system, and of course the skills and talents of the Polish people. 

Further, Poland ranked 11th in Europe in terms of its overall population’s English proficiency. Forty per cent of Polish citizens are also known to be multilingual. More so, the Polish educational system grants learners an opportunity of 22 years of uninterrupted and free education. Therefore, the country has also been distinguished as the largest academic hub all over the EU. 

Top 30 BPO companies in Poland

Here are the top 30 BPO companies in Poland:

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1. Genli

First on our list of the Top BPO Companies in Poland is Genli. Genli is an outsourcing company located in Poznan. It provides B2B sales solutions for companies aiming to have improved and faster results with regards to their ROI. 

2. KODA Bots

KODA Bots provides automation software solutions for all types of companies. Its automated management communication software allows organizations to run and manage both their internal and external business communications in various channels effectively.  

3. Aidey

Aidey is a BPO company with over seven years of experience providing flexible and cost-effective solutions for different types of industries. Part of the company’s offerings includes back-office functions, customer service, technical services, and more. 

4. Cyclad International

Cyclad is an international IT engineering services company that is based in Warsaw, Poland. Aside from Information Technology (IT) solutions, the company also offers human resource outsourcing services. 

5. Conectys

Founded in 2004, Conectys has been considered one of the leading BPO companies specializing in Customer Experience (CX) and content moderation solutions. It also physically operates in several countries like the USA, the Philippines, and Istanbul, Turkey.. 

6. Euvic IT 

Formerly known as IT Works, this IT outsourcing company has been in the industry for over eighteen years. Among the companies, Euvic IT specializes in IT outsourcing-related services to data center and cloud, ITSM atmosphere, including hardware and software development services. 

7. Infolet

Infolet is an IT outsourcing company located in Krakow, Poland. This outsourcing company has been serving its European clients since 2005. It specializes in software development, IT professionals staff leasing, as well as in the build-operate-transfer models. 

8. Focus Contact Center

Focus Contact Center has been in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Industry since 2008. This Warsaw-based outsourcing agency offers innovative contact center solutions through a cloud-based model. They also cater to different types of industries such as the healthcare, tourism, eCommerce, and finance sector. 


LBPO from Warsaw, Poland, provides marketing and sales support services across the EU. The outsourcing firm prides itself in utilizing the latest in contact center technologies. More so, providing their clients with the highest security parameters for data processing and protection. 

10. Blue Idea

Blue Idea is a BPO company that focuses on business consulting, recruitment, IT services, and market research. Some of the company’s renowned clients are Fujitsu, Inno Energy, ING, and Pacula Group.

As for their IT-related solutions, they provide clients with highly skilled IT professionals that are mostly based in Armenia. 

11. Tivron

Tivron is a contact center offshoring company headquartered in Krakow, Poland. Part of the offshoring company’s mission and vision is to deliver innovative telemarketing and outsourcing services – all of which are based on their scalable, effective, and flexible communication channels. 

12. Datomni

Datomni is a digital marketing agency that helps companies grow through data analytics and data-driven marketing. This data-driven digital marketing agency focuses on three growth categories – improve campaign & funnel performance, increase the efficiency of marketing operations, high-quality marketing data, and build better data capabilities. 

13. AP Outsourcing Group

AP Outsourcing Group is a startup outsourcing company that is based in Poznan, Poland. It is a Swiss and EU Financial Data Processing and Client Due Diligence Business Process Outsourcing company.

AP Outsourcing Group employs finance professionals that are experts on Swiss and European Union AML, data processing, and best practices. 

14. Grupa 3S

Grupa 3S is a telecommunications data center ICT solutions company that was founded in 2002. Its IT solutions are specifically tailored according to each of its client’s requirements. Murapol, Vectra, Elfa Elektra, and ScanMed are among their well-satisfied clients. 

15. Unicall

Unicall has been providing contact center services for over eleven years. This outsourcing company also has successful operations not just in Poland but also in Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and other countries in the EU. 

Its contact center services are inclusive of – CATI market research, cross-selling & upselling to existing customers, creation & profiling of different databases, and more.

16. Redsales

Located in Warsaw, Redsales company specializes in lead generation and market research for B2B and B2C companies across the region. The company has the top leading databases in Poland that can reach over 40 million Polish customers. 

17. SmartWays

A Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) company that is headquartered in Krakow, SmartWays Recruitment has been living up to its famous tagline “People you can trust” since its inception.

In addition, this RPO company specializes in HR consulting, Specialist recruitment services, and talent mapping. 


OCTOCODE is a software development company that was established in 2012. This Krakow-based software outsourcing company is known to offer its unmatched expertise in business web applications development. Additionally,  the company provides IT consulting, digital product design, maintenance, and support services to global clients. 

19. Neptron.pl

Neptron is an all-around outsourcing company that helps organizations improve their eCommerce platforms through their customized solutions. The firm’s service lines include web development, customer service, eCommerce development, content marketing & copywriting, SEO, and telemarketing, among many others. 

20. Sterling Outsourcing

Founded in 2006, this outsourcing company based in Krakow offers outsourced services in finance & accounting, credit management, debt recovery, and more. Sterling Outsourcing has worked with a range of clients from small organizations to multinational corporations in the USA, and the UK. 

21. S8 SA

S8 SA is an outsourcing company that is located in Zabrze. It specializes in customer service centers specifically outbound & inbound calls, live chat, video chat, and email.

The company has more than 200 consultants, specialists, and managers that attend to different types of clients daily.  

22. 4EN

4EN was launched in the year 2002 at Katowice. Known for its tagline “We know how to do it,” this outsourcing company offers back-office solutions that are customized according to their client’s business requirements. Each of their service solutions is compliant with the guidelines of ISO 27001 standard. 

23. Clipatize

Clipatize  is an international B2B digital marketing firm that takes pride in its over seven years of experience in the industry. This Warsaw-based marketing agency also has a headquarters in Dubai, UAE.. 

Further, the firm has worked with clients in different industries in over 25 countries.. 

24. Call Center Dynamic Sales

As its name implies, Call Center Dynamic Sales is a call center outsourcing company founded in the year 2009. This BPO company provides clients with innovative solutions with creative approaches across several communication channels. Among its services are inbound & outbound calls, chat hotlines, and back-office support. 

25. Polskie Centrum Marketingowe

PCM has been operating in Warsaw since 1994. The firm’s BPO services give greater focus on the areas such as consulting and project implementation for sales support and customer service.

Aside from cost-effectiveness, PCM helps organizations scale their customers, avoid customer churn, and maintain a loyal customer base.. 

26. Ampe

Ampe has been providing telemarketing services to Polish exporters and investors for over 20 years. This marketing and export promotion agency has also been supporting foreign companies that are looking to do business with Polish companies and foreign companies that are already in the Polish market. 

27. MC Solution

MC Solution provides businesses with BPO services focusing on direct marketing and logistic solutions. The company supports clients in the mail order sales industry, producing the right solutions and tools that are solely based on their type of business and needs. 

28. Progress Smart Office

Backed by over 25 years of experience in the accounting field and HR services, this outsourcing company is an expert in terms of accounting services and legal advice. Aside from accounting and HR functions, Progress Smart Office also offers virtual, telephone, and company services. 

29. Liberty Poland Call Center

This distinguished Call Center Outsourcing company partnered with Polkomtel Sp. z o.o (Plus Network Operator) and Cyfrowy Polsat SA Group (part of the largest media telecommunications group in Europe).

In addition, Liberty Poland Call Center has over 24 years of experience with service lines focused on providing clients with effective and efficient voice services. 

30. Mellon Poland

Mellon Poland is a member of the Mellon Group and a subsidiary of Mellon Technologies. Its wide range of outsourcing functions is in line with technology solutions, contact center, and other outsourcing services.

The firm’s clients hail from several industry sectors like Insurance, Retail, Banking, Telecommunications, and Utilities. 

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