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Top 20 BPO companies in Fiji

After almost two years of living through this COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns are still in place. Thus, every country is still in the process of mitigating the spread of the virus while slowly trying to gain economic recovery. 

The past few years were tough for everyone around the world, especially for the business industry. Every organization has to look for ways to keep day-to-day operations running smoothly, while working-from-home. 

It was also during this time where more and more business leaders turned to outsourcing to keep their companies afloat. The global outsourcing sector is one of the few industries that is continuously thriving even with COVID-19. 

Aside from BPO powerhouses like India and the Philippines, there are also other countries that are slowly becoming well-known in terms of outsourcing. Fiji is among the emerging outsourcing destinations in the Pacific.

In fact, it has become a preferred nearshoring location for foreign companies in Australia and New Zealand. 

In this article, get to know the top 20 BPO companies in Fiji as well as its current outsourcing state. Along with it, we’ll also discuss why a lot of companies are opting to delegate parts of their daily operations in the country.  

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Top 20 BPO companies in Fiji

  1. Mindpearl
  2. Packleader BPO
  3. Bula Outsourcing
  4. Greymouse Virtual Workforce
  5. Centrecom
  6. Our Pacific Office
  7. E-Business
  8. RCL Services Pte Limited
  9. GEM IT Solutions
  10. Tech360 (Fiji) Pte Ltd
  11. GDC Communications
  12. Infosys Fiji Ltd
  13. Datec Fiji Pte Ltd
  14. VT Solutions
  15. Infotech Consultants
  16. Web Pacific Information Technology
  17. ZILLIONe Systems Solutions
  18. The Digital Group
  20. Telnet Networks Inc.

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Tapping into Fiji’s outsourcing sector

Fiji is a country located in the South Pacific. It is famously known for its tropical islands and very friendly people. As for vacationing tourists, they have over 300 breathtaking islands to choose from. 

It’s a known fact that the country is a perfect holiday destination for people who are looking to relax and unwind.

What many are not aware of, Fiji is more than its tourist attractions. Over the recent years, global companies have started recognizing the many advantages of outsourcing in the country. 

In fact, the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector in Fiji has now become a significant  segment of the country’s economy. 

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Tapping into Fiji’s outsourcing sector

Fiji’s BPO council

A BPO council was also established last year, September 2020. The said council is composed of a number of distinguished multinational companies, including the following:

  • DHL Express
  • Mindpearl
  • Vodafone
  • Investment Fiji
  • Packleader Group
  • BTR Fiji Ltd
  • ANZ Bank
  • RCL Services PTE Limited
  • Centrecom
  • Greymouse

The council aims to help foster and strengthen the growth of the outsourcing industry in the country. 

These council members are within the voice technology, call center, back office operations, airline reservation, building and infrastructure, worldwide and freight shipping, insurance, banking and finance, government, telecommunications, human resource and debt collection industries. 

Part of the council’s initiatives is to further promote Fiji’s BPO globally. More so, partner with different government bodies on regulations, training, and its regulatory frameworks. 

They are also working with several universities in the country to implement courses that will prepare the students for various outsourcing roles. 

Fiji as an emerging nearshoring destination for New Zealand and Australian companies

Fiji has become a nearshoring destination for companies based in Australia and Zealand. More and more businesses from these countries have been contracting out contact center services in Fiji. In connection to that, the country has also been recently hailed as the “contact center industry’s best kept secret”. 

What makes Fiji a very attractive outsourcing location is its highly skilled locals. Fijians friendly and welcoming culture make them excellent candidates for customer service roles. They are also fluent in speaking the English language and they have a neutral accent. 

Fiji as an emerging nearshoring destination for New Zealand and Australian companies

Fiji’s literacy rate is 99.08% and 50% of the population in the country is below the age of 27. It is also one of the few countries that were successful in containing the spread of the COVID-19 virus. 

Besides contact center services, Fijians are highly skilled and competitive in other outsourcing roles. This includes, HR, accounting, digital marketing, and IT-related services.   

Top 20 BPO companies in Fiji

Here are the top 20 BPO companies located in Fiji:

1.  Mindpearl

Mindpearl is backed with twenty years of professional experience in the outsourcing industry. Besides Suva, this BPO company is also operating in Peru and South Africa. 

Mindpearl is known for providing multilingual contact center services with customized solutions according to their clients needs. 

2. Packleader BPO

Packleader specializes in contact center center solutions. This outsourcing company has two headquarters located in Suva and Melbourne, Australia. Its contact center services include inbound and outbound calls, live chat and more. 

3. Bula Outsourcing

Bula outsourcing is another viable nearshoring destination for businesses situated in Australia and New Zealand. This BPO provider has two physical offices that are found in Suva, Fiji and Australia. 

Examples of its wide array of outsourcing functions are – quality assurance, loan processing, marketing, broker servicing, management services, back office and support roles. 

4. Greymouse Virtual Workforce

Greymouse Virtual Workforce was established in Suva, in the year 2002. Later on, in 2013, this BPO company also stretched its global services and opened another physical location in the Philippines.

Its featured services include IT virtual teams, virtual assistant, virtual receptionist, marketing and accounting processes. 

5. Centrecom

Centrecom is a renowned BPO services provider that was founded in the year 1989. It has its global headquarters in Suva, Malta and Australia. It specializes in a range of B2B and B2C Solutions for various industries.

Among its featured roles are contact center services, back-office services and specialized airline services. 

6. Our Pacific Office

Our Pacific Office has been serving its global clients, specifically Australian companies over the last few years since its inception. 

Among its featured services are customer service, back-office, appointment setting and sales services. The BPO company also provides HR services, bookkeeping and payroll processing. 

7. E-Business

E-business is considered as a full service online digital media and software development company that is based in Suva. This outsourcing company is ISO 9001 and Six Sigma certified. 

Its services are software development, ERP/CRM/MRP analytics, web design and development, mobile app development and digital marketing. 

8.  RCL Services Pte Limited

RCL Services Pte Limited is a part of Recoveries Corporation Group Limited. This is a BPO firm that specializes in contact center and other business services. Among its featured outsourcing processes are debt recovery and insurance claims recovery services. 

9.  GEM IT Solutions

The Founders of GEM IT Solutions have been in the IT industry, serving clients in different sectors since 1972. Its headquarters is located in Suva and Nadi. This privately owned BPO company offers software, hardware, IT consulting, training, and implementation services. 

10. Tech 360 (Fiji) Pte Ltd 

Tech 360 Pte Ltd has an array of technical services from IT consulting, technical writing and editing, and tech support and other web services. This BPO firm also offers IT products such as biometrics systems, cash registers and more. 

11. GDC Communications

General Data Cabling (GDC) and Communication Limited was established in 2004. Since inception the company has been providing data networking solutions, telephone systems, structured cabling and fiber optic cabling. 

12. Infosys Fiji Ltd

Infosys is a multinational BPO company that offers a plethora of outsourcing services from digital marketing process to different IT roles. Over the years, it has also stretched its global presence to several countries around the world. 

13. Datec Fiji Ltd

Datec Fiji Limited is an IT outsourcing company with over thirty-five years of IT professional experience. Besides its wide range of IT solutions and services, this outsourcing firm also offers IT short courses and professional training for IT candidates. 

14. VT Solutions

VT Solutions is another IT outsourcing agency that can be found in Suva. This IT outsourcing provider was founded in 2003. 

Its featured services include mobile tech support, helpdesk, ICT strategy and solutions, cabling solutions, network and cyber security, and other IT managed services. 

15. Infotech Consultants

Infotech consultants the parent company of Media. This full service digital media outsourcing firm is headquartered in Suva. Among its featured processes include online and offline integrated support, marketing tools and SaaS services. 

16.  Web Pacific Information Technology 

Web Pacific Information Technology is an IT solutions company that is found in Suva. It is partnered with Information Nest Solutions Fiji (INEST). Its offered services are web development, hardware and IT support, mobile app development, custom app development, and more. 

This IT outsourcing company also provides CCTV and Network solutions, personalized mugs and T-shirts, business cards and rubber stands to different establishments in Fiji. 

17. ZILLIONe Systems Solutions

ZILLIONe is an international BPO company with headquarters in Suva, Australia, Maldives and Sri Lanka. This BPO company has been catering to global clients since it was founded in 1979.

Examples of its specialized services are HR solutions, cloud and information security, custom software development, and maintenance & tech support. 

18.  The Digital Group

The Digital Group is an Information Technology (IT) services and solutions provider. This IT outsourcing provider has five locations – two in New Jersey, Canada, US, and in Suva. 

Its IT specialized services are software development, software testing, managed infrastructure, managed support, and corporate training services.


YANDEX LLC is a world class BPO company that can be found in over seventy locations in different parts of the world. It specializes in IT-related service and other business process outsourcing roles. 

20. Telnet Networks Inc.

Telnet Networks Inc is an IT outsourcing solutions firm with over sixty-four physical locations scattered across the globe. Examples of its range of services include GPS time servers, contact center testing, network security and network management.


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