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2024 guide to digital marketer salary around the world

Digital marketer salary in 5 countries worldwide

  1. Australia
  2. Canada
  3. Colombia
  4. Philippines
  5. US

Digital marketing has become an increasingly important aspect of businesses. With over 5.1 billion people using the internet globally, using the world wide web as a marketing platform is a foregone conclusion for companies.

As specialists in online marketing, the global demand for digital marketers has increased in recent years. Digital marketing professionals help businesses in many ways, such as:

  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Improving the effectiveness of online marketing
  • Increasing online visibility
  • Analyzing trends 
  • Developing digital marketing strategies

Digital marketing is a broad term encompassing different areas of specialization. These fields include:

  • Social media management
  • Content marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

Despite focusing on different areas, digital marketers from these fields share a common goal: helping their clients succeed through digital solutions.

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Different roles under digital marketing

As stated earlier, digital marketers can specialize in different roles under the umbrella of digital marketing.

Take a look at some of these areas of specialization:

Social media manager

Social media managers are responsible for managing and monitoring businesses’ social media presence. Their responsibilities include listening to feedback from customer feedback and complaints.

These social media specialists create shareable content on relevant social media platforms (e.g., Facebook and LinkedIn) that could interest their client’s customers.

As the persons in charge of a business’s social media profile, managing the social media content calendar also falls on them.

Content marketing manager

Content marketing managers oversee the overarching content strategy of businesses. As such, they often work closely with a company’s social media manager or have the latter’s responsibilities merged with theirs.

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Many companies often post blog articles on their websites to show customers that they are authorities in their industries. 

Content marketing managers are responsible for curating these contents (and other written or video materials) and distributing them on other platforms.

Different roles under digital marketing

Email marketing manager

Email marketing managers, as the title suggests, are responsible for managing the email marketing campaign of a company.

Their primary responsibilities include:

  • Sending emails to the company’s subscribers, customers, and potential leads
  • Analyzing data from previous email campaigns
  • Developing email marketing strategies

Email marketers work closely with content managers to ensure the content of the company’s email campaigns will be well-received and optimized.

SEO manager

Search engine optimization specialists help businesses become more visible online. SEO managers are primarily responsible for creating strategies to increase traffic, conversions, and, ultimately, revenue.

One of the primary goals of SEO managers is to have their business’s website land on the first pages of search engine results pages (SERPs). 

As SEO often relies on organic content to drive traffic, SEO managers work closely with content managers and social media marketers.

Comparison of digital marketer salaries around the world

Digital marketers are in high demand globally. These specialists’ salaries vary depending on their specialization and where they work (or for remote workers, where their employers are located).

The tables below will help give you an idea of digital marketer salary ranges from Western countries to South America and Asia.


Australia continues to embrace and strengthen the country’s digital economy through robust investments in its tech sector. The Australian government recently increased its investment in the country’s digital future by an additional AUD 1.2 billion through its 2021 Digital Economy Strategy.

Thus, the country will undoubtedly continue to have a healthy labor market for digital marketing professionals.

SpecializationAnnual salary
Social media managerAUD 77,002 (USD 52,231)
Content marketing managerAUD 95,518 (USD 64,756)
Email marketing managerAUD 107,031 (USD 72,561)
SEO managerAUD 83,283 (USD 56,461)

*The salaries listed in this table are averages from the salary ranges from employment websites Glassdoor, Payscale, Talent, and Seek.


Canada has one of the highest internet penetration rates globally. This means that the majority of its citizens have access to and consistently use the Internet.

A Statista report showed that the country’s online advertising spending had been poised to increase by at least 11 percent and hit a record  CAD 12.3 billion in 2022.

SpecializationAnnual salary
Social media managerCAD 57,413 (USD 43,084)
Content marketing managerCAD 101,177 (USD 75,926)
Email marketing managerCAD 98,285 (USD 73,756)
SEO managerCAD 75,401 (USD 56,583)

*The salaries listed in this table are averages from the salary ranges from employment websites Glassdoor, Payscale, Talent, and the Economic Research Institute.

Comparison of digital marketer salaries around the world


Colombia is an emerging outsourcing hub in the South American region. The country’s proximity to the US makes it an ideal nearshoring destination to its North American neighbors.

The significantly lower labor costs in the country make it an attractive outsourcing destination for US and Canadian companies wanting to cut costs.

SpecializationAnnual salary
Social media managerCOP 56,563,704 (USD 12,798)
Content marketing managerCOP 90,564,687 (USD 20,491)
Email marketing managerCOP 23,147,300 (USD 5,237)
SEO managerCOP 34,995,422 (USD 7,918)

*The salaries listed in this table are averages from HR and payroll solutions provider Pilot and HR and recruitment solutions provider Talentup.


The Philippines has been a well-known outsourcing destination for over four decades. The country’s viability and strategic value as an offshoring hub has earned it the title “outsourcing capital of the world.”

Like Colombia, the Philippines has a significantly cheaper labor market compared to Western countries or even some of its Southeast Asian neighbors.

SpecializationAnnual salary
Social media managerPHP 409,489 (USD 7,410)
Content marketing managerPHP 512,000 (USD 9,266)
Email marketing managerPHP 606,204 (USD 10,971)
SEO managerPHP 442,390 (USD 8,006)

*The salaries listed in this table are averages from the salary ranges from employment websites Glassdoor, Payscale, Talent, and Jobstreet. These figures are based on reported salaries from the National Capital Region (NCR), which are considerably higher than the rest of the country.


Comparison of digital marketer salaries around the world

The US has a robust digital marketing landscape and has a 91.8% internet penetration rate as of 2024. The country also has one of the largest populations of internet users, with a recorded almost 299 million users.

With a digital-savvy populace, the US’s digital advertising market is projected to reach USD 271 billion this year.

Search advertising remains the largest segment of the US’s digital advertising market, with a market value of USD 118 billion in 2024.

SpecializationAnnual salary
Social media managerUSD 58,818
Content marketing managerUSD 75,078
Email marketing managerUSD 80,227
SEO managerUSD 84,124

*The salaries listed in this table are averages from the salary ranges from employment websites Glassdoor, Payscale, Talent, and Built In

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