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Top 20 tech companies in Minneapolis to watch out in 2024

List of tech companies in Minneapolis

  1. Optum
  2. 75F
  3. Perforce Software
  4. PCs for People
  5. DTN
  6. IRIS Consulting Corporation 
  7. SPS Commerce
  8. Digital River
  9. OATI
  10. Gravie
  11. Total Expert
  12. Mindset Consulting
  13. Horizontal Digital 
  14. Ascent Solutions
  15. OceanTech
  16. MentorMate
  17. phData
  18. Calabrio
  19. Qumu Corporation
  20. NetSP

Minneapolis, one of Minnesota’s largest tech hubs, has long demonstrated its contribution to the state and national economy. 

In terms of talent, more than 10,000 professionals graduate from Minneapolis each year. This indicates that the region’s IT sector can produce talent and is growing faster than other states. 

According to a report from Business Insider, Minneapolis was named one of the top 15 best US cities to launch a startup.

Minneapolis and its twin city, Wisconsin, saw an increase in startups and entrepreneurship of 81.34% in 2018 alone compared to the previous year. It makes the city a remarkable place to start a business, especially for the tech industry.

But these are made even more possible by top tech companies in Minneapolis that build attractive workplaces for skilled professionals at any level and field.

Minneapolis houses tech companies from web development, cybersecurity, FinTech, and aerospace research. These prime tech firms provide world-class services for local communities and international clients. 

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Why is Minneapolis a perfect place to start your tech business?

M25 has released its 2021 Best of the Midwest: Startup Cities Rankings. The annual Midwest Cities Rankings examines and ranks 59 cities, including Minneapolis, based on their performance in terms of:

  • Startup activity
  • Access to resources
  • Business climate

Recent research and studies recognize Minneapolis’ emerging tech industry and economic development.

In choosing a place for investment and startup, it is necessary to properly determine the level of its progression and how your business performs at present.

Minneapolis’ large number of tech professionals, including remote IT experts, has established strong support for its overall tech sector. This resulted in an incomparable curve to its economic development.

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Top 20 tech companies in Minneapolis 

Here we have today’s top tech companies in Minneapolis your businesses can collaborate with:

1. Optum

Location: Eden Prairie, Minneapolis

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Founded in: 2011

Optum is an international organization for healthcare technology and innovation under the company of the UnitedHealth Group enterprise with UnitedHealthcare. 

The company consists of more than 30,000 innovators and is one of the leading tech companies in Minneapolis. It modernizes the healthcare system through analytics, clinical expertise, innovative technologies, and experience in operational and clinical performance.

2. 75F

Located: Bloomington, Minneapolis

Founded in: 1887

75F is one of the leading tech companies in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to create energy-efficient and intelligent building solutions. In 2008, the United Nations launched a campaign to raise their secretariat building temperature from 70 to 75° F.

The reason is to reduce carbon footprints, and the inspiration from that thought started the 75F. The company uses IoT to create buildings that are sustainable, comfortable, energy-efficient, and positively impact the real estate sector. 

3. Perforce Software 

Location: First Avenue North, Minneapolis

Founded in: 1995

Perforce Software is one of the top tech companies in Minneapolis that provides highly scalable development and DevOps solutions. It delivers dynamic development, intelligent testing, risk management, and boundaryless collaboration. 

Its global experts bring insights, experience, and best practices to enterprises across many verticals. It serves as an advisor for leading companies on the following:

  • Automotive and semiconductor
  • Financial and medical services
  • Game development and virtual production
  • Retail/consumer packaged goods (CPG)
  • Travel, entertainment, and industrials  

4. PCs for People

Location: Saint Paul, Minneapolis

Founded in: 1998

PCs for People is a non-profit organization situated in Minneapolis that focuses on providing computer devices and broadband services at an affordable price.

Over the years, the firm served almost 155,000 clients with computers and internet requirements and recycled over 8 million pounds of electronic devices. PCs for People plays a vital role in digital inclusion and community building.

5. DTN

Location: Burnsville, Minnesota

Founded in: 1984

Data Transmission Network (DTN) helps partners become world leaders with its experience in various fields such as agriculture, energy, weather, financial analytics, and transportation. 

For this purpose, DTN delivers customer insights and analytics through internet connections. With detailed analytics, customers can make critical decisions and mitigate risks. 

DTN also centers on optimizing the business’s supply chain management.

6. IRIS Consulting Corporation

Location: Maple Grove, Minneapolis

Founded in: 1997

IRIS Consulting Corporation is a privately held IT staff augmentation and consulting organization supporting IT companies around Minneapolis to provide best-in-class talent and resources.

The company is committed to finding the best local talents through staffing solutions and is one of the top tech companies in Minneapolis. It understands the needs of a particular organization and provides tailored solutions.

7. SPS Commerce

Location: Minneapolis, Minneapolis

Founded in: 1987

SPS Commerce helps retail trading partners work better together. It empowers data collaboration in the retail supply chain with an expert team, proven processes, and industry-leading technology. 

The organization strengthens the global supply chain for customers. Its mission is to connect all retail trading partners through the easiest-to-join and use retail network.

8. Digital River

Location: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Founded in: 1994

Digital River is one of the leading tech companies in the Minneapolis region, focusing on Commerce-as-a-Service solutions. The organization provides SaaS commerce, payments, and marketing services for business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses. 

It provides services from small to mid-sized companies of  various industry verticals, including the following:

  • Software and consumer electronics
  • Computer games and publishing
  • Travel, music, and video games
  • Electronic toys 


Location: Technology Drive, Minneapolis

Founded in: 1995

For the energy industry, OATI offers software solutions for smart grid, power and gas management, and transmission and reliability management. 

The company focuses on developing strategies to reduce North American energy usage. OATI has expressed interest in implementing the newest trends in the energy industry, from electric vehicle (EV) charging to microgrids.  

10. Gravie

Location: Northeast, Minneapolis

Founded in: 2013

Gravie is part of the list of leading tech companies for healthcare, insurance, digital health solutions, and employer benefits. It is a marketplace to buy health insurance and manage healthcare-related expenses. 

The organization is working towards filling the gaps in the healthcare industry and has helped over 1,500 employees and 100,000 clients from the North American region. It has partnered with various brokers to improve healthcare access.

11. Total Expert

Location: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Founded in: 2012

Total Expert is a SaaS-based organization offering an enterprise-grade marketing operating system (MOS) for financial services. The organization promotes automated solutions to retain customers by re-humanizing complex financial decisions. 

The solutions aim to bring marketing, sales, and compliance on a central platform for clients to build their brands. 

Total Expert supports the banking industry and lenders through a human-first approach to global financial services. 

12. Mindset Consulting

Location: Washington Ave, Minneapolis

Founded in: 2010

Mindset Consulting leverages the power of System Application and Product (SAP) to unlock the potential of employees in the IT sector. It shares understanding with people by making them the center of the SAP-driven ecosystem. 

The organization focuses on transforming enterprise organizations by refining their business processes. Some of the most popular solutions of Mindset Consulting are the following: 

  • SAP HANA Cloud Migration
  • SAP on Amazon Cloud
  • SAP Fiori Implementation
  • Custom HTML5 apps
  • SAP Consulting and Staffing 

13. Horizontal Digital 

Located: Minnetonka, Minnesota

Founded in: 2003

Horizontal Digital is an IT organization that focuses on crafting solutions that solve customer experience and promote loyalty. It includes the following services:

  • Digital marketing solutions
  • Customer relationship management tools
  • E-commerce platforms
  • Data analytics platforms

The organization also develops websites or mobile applications to cover every digital touchpoint that customers engage in. 

Horizontal Digital is one of the top tech companies in Minneapolis, working towards crafting connected experiences and conversation channels. 

14. Ascent Solutions 

Located: Washington Ave, Minneapolis

Founded in: 2008

Ascent Solutions is one of the innovative tech companies in Minneapolis focused on providing consulting services in cloud computing and cybersecurity. 

The organization aims to solve technology-related business challenges by understanding the client’s business methodologies. Ascent can provide related consulting and implement strategic IT solutions by overcoming cybersecurity challenges. 

15. OceanTech      

Location: Northeast, Minneapolis

Founded in: 2005

OceanTech is one of the global leaders in IT asset disposition (ITAD), data center decommissioning, and environmentally responsible electronics recycling. From small to large-scale enterprises, OceanTech provides cost-effective services to all. 

It recycles and re-creates out-of-date electronic devices no longer needed in computer systems. The ultimate aim of OceanTech is to provide the most value from unused electronic resources by following responsible recycling standards.

16. MentorMate

Located: Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis

Founded in : 2001

MentorMate is one of the finest software development companies in Minneapolis. The company provides services related to the following:

  • Web development
  • Enterprise architecture and development
  • Cloud, DevOps, and UI/UX design
  • Staff augmentation

MentorMate has worked with various clients across the globe and solved the most complex business problems in industries like education, manufacturing, medical, finance, and retail.

17. phData 

Location: South 4th Street, Minneapolis

Founded in: 2014

phData solves real-world business data and analytics problems with cloud platforms and products. With modern data platforms like Kafka, Cloudera, Hortonworks, and Kubernetes, phData delivers world-class solutions. 

The organization also utilizes data science, machine learning, and interactive analytics to provide more value to its clients. It is a premier provider of big data solutions that help refine overall business workflow and data pipelines.

18. Calabrio     

Location: North 5th Ave, Minneapolis

Founded in: 2007

Calabrio delivers workforce optimization and analytics solutions. Its primary aim is to enhance customer experience and boost business growth. It allows partners to align activities that can handle multichannel customer demands. 

The organization has developed an integrated software suite called Calabrio One. It covers services like call recording, quality control, workforce management, and analytics solutions in one place. 

19. Qumu Corporation 

Located: North First Ave, Minneapolis

Founded in: 2005

Qumu Corporation crafts software solutions that help create, manage, and publish live and on-demand video streaming content. 

The organization aims to deliver a best-in-class video streaming experience for a global community that allows the clients to create deeper engagement with their audience. It has produced some of the finest video streaming experiences worldwide.

20. NetSPI

Located: Washington Ave, Minneapolis

Founded in: 2001

NetSPI focuses on delivering application and network security solutions to enterprises across the globe. 

It helps organizations scale and streamline security operations with its workforce of networks and cyber security experts. It combines managed services, application assessment, network assessment, and advisory services. 

NetSPI delivers 360-degree security solutions that detect and prevent common security threats and protect the organization’s most critical asset. 

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