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Top 10 tech companies in Budapest, Hungary

Top 10 tech companies in Budapest, Hungary

List of tech companies in Budapest, Hungary

  1. Pulilab
  2. WebOrigo
  3. Adroit Group
  4. Lexunit
  5. Tappointment
  6. Inspiro Studio
  7. VividMind
  8. Scriptide
  9. Codebuild
  10. SnapSoft

Budapest is one of Europe’s richest and most culturally diverse cities. Not only is it a great place for tourism, but there are a lot of opportunities for business, specifically in the tech outsourcing industry.

This city is home to some of the most reputable companies where clients can outsource technology and IT services.

This article goes further into why Budapest is such a great place for outsourcing and the different companies to choose from. We’ll also outline ten of the top tech companies in Budapest, Hungary. 

Why consider outsourcing to Budapest?

Budapest is a well-known hotspot for several tech industries, such as fintech, healthtech, ICT, and data services, making it an ideal city for tech workers and startups.

Why consider outsourcing to Budapest
Why consider outsourcing to Budapest

There are many reasons to say yes to outsourcing technology to Budapest. Here are some of the advantages to consider:


One area where Budapest thrives is its cost of living. According to Mercer’s 2022 Cost of Living City Ranking, out of 227 cities, Budapest is ranked the 161th most expensive city to live in. 

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That is a considerable amount you can save compared to other cities, like London (17th) or Paris (35th).

Budapest’s affordability makes it easier for companies to invest and outsource as they can save a significant amount of money that would otherwise be spent on more important matters.

Investment opportunities

Budapest’s technology sector is expected to grow even more from the previous year.

Seedtable reported that startups in Budapest raised around $170 million in capital, a 20 million increase from 2021. In 2023, that number increased by another 23 million.

As you can see, companies in Budapest continue to outperform themselves and open the door for more tech experts and job opportunities.

Large tech talent pool

Budapest is a goldmine when it comes to finding talented tech developers. Its large talent pool is attributed to the reliable education system. Hungary continues to produce IT graduates from some of the top universities and institutions.

This leads to an increase in new job opportunities in the tech sector. The Global Innovation Index of 2022 reported that Hungary is among the top 50 most developed countries in technology and science.

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Large tech talent pool

Low attrition rates

Not only are people from Budapest proficient in technology, but they are also loyal to the companies they work for, securing low employee churn rates and increased satisfaction.

Companies that have lower attrition rates are more attractive to do outsourcing business with. It shows that these companies take care of their employees and make an effort to retain them.

Convenient time zone

Countries that have a large time difference have a more difficult time doing business with each other. However, Hungary’s time zone makes it convenient for neighboring countries.

Hungary is in the Central European Time zone, meaning its time difference from that of other Central and Eastern European countries is only a few hours. This means it’s easier for neighboring countries to coordinate business.

To compare, Hungary’s time difference from the United States is six hours, which is still an acceptable difference.

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Top 10 tech companies in Budapest, Hungary

This list goes through ten highly acclaimed tech companies based in Budapest, Hungary:

1. Pulillab

Pulilab is one of the top full-service software design and development agencies in Budapest. It is a company trusted by healthcare industry leaders who have benefited from their solutions.

It has a wide range of tech services plus specialties in business analytics, user insights, and technological advancements used to aid some of the world’s biggest healthcare companies.

One of its biggest accomplishments is creating the Digital Health Atlas. This is a technology platform used by WHO to improve digital health investments, coordination between organizations, and institutionalization.

2. WebOrigo

Since its inception in 2015, WebOrigo has been able to serve corporations of all sizes. Its unique cloud-based solutions ensure a business’ security, efficiency, and stability.

WebOrigo’s personalization and commitment has earned it the reputation as one of the most trusted partners in Europe, with 12 countries and over 100 partners profiting from its services.

Even though its is mainly a software development company, its solutions expand to other fields, such as marketing, corporate management, and hosting services.

3. Adroit Group

Adroit Group is the ideal partner for smaller, growing businesses. This tech firm is composed of a team of software developers dedicated to creating functional products, websites, and apps for your business.

The team at Adroit boasts a wide range of technological prowess, including product development, UI/UX design, front and back-end development, tech consulting, and web and mobile development.

These developers understand the various technological struggles that companies face, as they have experienced them too. Adroit’s mission is to ensure the success of every project, which is something they consistently deliver on.

4. Lexunit

With a team of startup founders, IT professionals, and academics, Lexunit helps make the impossible possible. Their combined efforts and proficiency in technology make for the perfect tech outsourcing partner.

With a strong background in software development and data analytics, Lexunit’s collaborative and high-quality services help guide your organization toward strong digital solutions.

Its wide range of expertise consists of product design, software engineering, data and AI analytics, and product lifecycle management. It is no wonder why Lexunit is one of the most highly-regarded firms with a wide client base from multiple industries.

5. Tappointment

Tappointment is an all-around company that can help you achieve your technology goals, regardless of what stage you are in. It can even help you come up with and validate new ideas and guide new businesses on where to start.

Tappointment consists of agile solutions and product delivery professionals. Not only do they do their job well, but they do it quickly while ensuring the success of the client.

They strive to drive and empower your team toward a digital transformation that will elevate your business. 

6. Inspiro Studio

Inspiro Studio has the right drive and innovation that your business needs to succeed. This company covers the whole nine yards of technological solutions, from ideation all the way to the launching process.

Inspiro Studio has an impressive suite of digital services that are guaranteed to drive business growth. This includes custom web development, digital product design, UX research and consultancy, and mobile app development.

Inspiro Studio’s multiple awards are a testament to its devotion to providing the best possible services to clients. It consistently delivers on its promise to provide results that grant long-term success and sustainability.

7. VividMind

As the company name suggests, VividMind not only has the mindfulness and innovation to create high-quality solutions but also the passion and drive to make sure its satisfies clients’ needs.

VividMind’s software development services and agile expertise are key in providing clear-cut and valuable solutions. They cover web and mobile application development, IoT solutions, and full-stack solutions.

The best part is that VividMind adjusts to what you need, giving the most cost-effective and flexible services possible.

8. Scriptide

Scriptide is a powerhouse company that uses its mastery of technology and IT to transform businesses. With a strong portfolio of projects and clients to back them up, Scriptide is fully devoted to the success of your company.

Scriptide has a hand in co-creating various software designs, focusing on user experience and growth potential. Every IT solution is perfectly tailored to match the client’s needs, guaranteeing long-term success and growth.

One of its strongest assets is its adaptability and outside-the-box thinking, which allow it to tackle any challenge and go beyond traditional software development solutions.

9. Codebuild

Codebuild is a digital product studio with over a decade of experience. Its highly skilled designers, developers, and project managers are just what you need to boost your technological needs.

These experts have experience designing websites and programs from the ground up, thanks to their strict, step-by-step process, which ensures smooth project flow and maintenance.

All you have to do is tell them what you want your project to be, and they will take care of all the heavy lifting. 

Codebuild has proven itself to be reliable and adept at creating various programs for many industries, with over 80 successful projects coming to life.

10. SnapSoft

SnapSoft is a real jack of all trades when it comes to technology. You can avail of any of its first-class services, from cloud migration and security to AI and machine learning analytics.

SnapSoft has earned the admiration of various clients, such as big-time names like Amazon Web Services. Thanks to its team’s commitment to agile methodologies and making the most out of their sprints. 

Together with its team of professionals, SnapSoft promises the best only for your brand. You can expect completed projects of the highest quality in the shortest amount of time.

Budapest as your next outsourcing destination

Budapest is a great choice for outsourcing your technology needs. This city is home to many noteworthy companies, with many of them boasting exceptional resumes in dealing with technological projects.

Its rich culture, competent workforce, and low costs only add to its appeal as an ideal outsourcing location. Regardless of where your company is based, Budapest is one of the best places to hire a firm that can manage diverse needs and exceed expectations.

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