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Top 15 tech companies in Nevada

List of tech companies in Nevada 

  1. Switch
  2. Sierra Nevada
  3. Rimini Street
  4. Bigelow Aerospace
  5. Trane
  6. Tsi Corporation
  7. Ormat Technologies
  8. SkyDrop
  9. Tao Corporation
  10. Aristocrat
  11. JT3
  12. Attract Group
  13. SoluLab
  14. Optum
  15. GAN

Nevada, a well-known state for its barren lands mirrored with lively entertainment scenes, has secretly emerged as a thriving nucleus for the technology industry in the United States. 

The Silver State, predominantly connected with gambling venues and tourist attractions, currently houses increasing tech organizations stirring up colossal strides in diverse sectors. 

This guide highlights 15 of the top-ranking tech companies in Nevada and sheds some light on their innovations and contributions. We’ll also uncover factors that are transforming Nevada into this high-tech hub.

How Nevada became a tech industry center in the US

The transformation of Nevada into a high-profile technology center signifies not only adaptability but also a forward-thinking mindset.

While Silicon Valley remains unbeatable at the epicenter of the global tech market, Nevada has been tactfully carving out its distinct niche within this industry. 

Factors instrumental to transforming the state into such an influential technology center include:

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Business-friendly setup

Nevada boasts friendly policies like no state income tax and minimum regulatory barriers. These programs successfully led several businesses to establish a presence in an economically favorable setup.

Tax incentives to drive growth

Tech companies get access to a wide range of tax incentives and credits. These incentives encourage investments, resulting in faster business growth.

Top-notch tech infrastructure 

The region has placed a considerable amount of investment in constructing its infrastructure. Data hubs and superfast internet connectivity are seen as precursors for successful tech ventures.

Diversified tech campaigns 

Nevada acknowledges the need to venture beyond traditional tourism and gaming sectors. The state’s local government actively supports the expansion of technology segments by launching strategic campaigns.

Nevada as a tech industry center: FAQs

People always associate Nevada as a gambling hub. Some may not be aware of how the state’s tech industry thrives over the years.  

Here are a few FAQs about Nevada as a tech industry center:

  1. How did Nevada grow into a tech industry hub? 

Nevada’s emergence as a tech industry hotspot can be traced back to multiple factors, such as its:

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  • Pro-business environment
  • Tax incentives
  • Strategic positioning
  • Infrastructure advancement

The state also employs diversification efforts that extend beyond conventional sectors like tourism and gaming.

  1. Which industries contribute to Nevada’s booming tech sector?

Nevada boasts an array of computing domains including space and defense, data centers, software engineering, gaming technology, and clean energy initiatives among others.

  1. What impact does Nevada’s tech sector have on its economy?

The presence of the state’s vibrant tech domain significantly influences its economic landscape. Job creation opportunities attract significant investments while driving revenue diversification strategies beyond tourism-gaming-centric sources.

  1. What is Nevada’s role in the worldwide outsourcing market? 

Nevada houses numerous outsourcing establishments that extend a range of offerings to global businesses. These outsourcing firms commonly provide IT services, software development solutions as well and customer support.

  1. What makes Nevada an appealing choice for tech firms and start-ups?

Technology companies are enticed to expand their business to Nevada because of its:

  • Tax regulations favoring business
  • Ongoing infrastructure expansion and development
  • Availability of skilled workforce 
  • Strategic positioning within the western American region

As Nevada strives to nurture its growing technology ecosystem, it is poised to make even greater strides in the realms of global outsourcing industries. Nevada has indeed become a central hub for all things tech both within America and beyond.

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15 most prominent tech companies in Nevada

Hidden amidst the Nevada desert is an ever-growing tech scene. The state’s glitzy reputation belies the dynamic undercurrent of innovation quietly brewing here. 

Below we have 15 tech companies at the forefront of this burgeoning ecosystem:

1. Switch

Situated in Las Vegas, Switch stands tall as an international tech infrastructure organization specializing in data centers and colocation services.

It operates some of the world’s largest and most advanced data centers catering to diverse industries namely cloud computing, gaming, and retailing.

2. Sierra Nevada

Sierra Nevada is headquartered in Sparks, Nevada. This leading tech firm is a well-known entity with broad reach within several industries including aerospace, defense communications, and commerce.

3. Rimini Street

Rimini Street, headquartered in Las Vegas, is a reputable provider of third-party support services for enterprise software. 

It helps companies maximize the worth of their software investments while cutting down on expenditures. With a client base that spans the globe, Rimini Street has made its mark in the industry.

4. Bigelow Aerospace

Positioned in North Las Vegas, Bigelow Aerospace stands at the forefront of innovation with its breakthrough work in expandable space habitats.

Its cutting-edge technology has attracted worldwide attention and positioned it as an important contributor to space exploration and future colonization endeavors.

5. Trane

Trane, a subsidiary under Ingersoll Rand’s umbrella, boasts a strong foothold in Nevada. It provides heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions to clients across the globe. 

Trane’s know-how in energy-efficient HVAC systems is highly coveted.

6. Tsi Corporation

TSI Corporation is a technology firm specializing in high-precision measurement instruments and particle counters.

This tech company caters to businesses in the healthcare, environmental monitoring, and semiconductor manufacturing sectors around the globe.

7. Ormat Technologies

Ormat Technologies, headquartered within Reno, is an internationally recognized frontrunner in the geothermal and recovered energy power plants sector. 

Its innovative green power generation solutions are now deployed across numerous countries globally.

8. SkyDrop

SkyDrop, formerly known as Flirtey, is a leader in drone transportation technology. The organization’s cutting-edge advancements with autonomous drone logistics can potentially restructure last-mile delivery worldwide.

9. Tao Corporation

Tao Corp, situated in Las Vegas, offers a wide array of computing services that include software engineering, information security, and managed IT systems. 

It collaborates with clients from multiple sectors, pushing the advancement of technology outsourcing in Nevada.

10.  Aristocrat

With its headquarters in Las Vegas, Aristocrat is a dominant player in gaming device engineering renowned for exciting slot machines and gaming platforms. Its products are widely implemented across global casino markets.

11. JT3

JT3 provides specialized technical support to the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense. 

Its expertise encompasses aerospace technologies and experiments vital for national defense endeavors.

12. Attract Group

The Las Vegas office of Attract Group houses a software development organization providing web and mobile application construction facilities. Attract Group caters to global customers, contributing significantly towards the software outsourcing trend evolving within Nevada.

13. SoluLab

Las Vegas-based SoluLab specializes in evolving domains such as blockchain & IoT. It also specializes in crafting mobile applications aimed at assisting corporations globally to adopt ground-breaking technologies for enhancing their operations.

14. Optum

Optum, a subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, plays a substantial role in Nevada. The company leverages healthcare technology and services to enhance patient care and results across the globe.

15. GAN

GAN is a software business based in Las Vegas that specializes in creating online gambling and sports betting platforms. Its technology is used by many gambling companies and casinos throughout the world.

These outsourcing firms located in Nevada embody how the state has evolved into an influential force within the worldwide technology and outsourcing sectors. 

Their pioneering offerings are highly sought-after by enterprises across all continents, propelling Nevada’s image as a tech-centric destination.

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