Eight brilliant sales games for training and upskill

Sales games for training

A team’s sales performance not only determines your capabilities and efficiency – but it also says a lot about your contribution to the company. Not to mention, companies look at your sales performance to determine the bonus you’re going to get for the year.

In order to further advance your team’s sales skills and performance, this article will provide eight very effective sales games for your team’s perusal.

How can you improve your team’s sales skills?

The best way to improve a team’s sales skills and performance is continuous learning and development. However, training and skill-boosting don’t always have to be super tough and rigorous. It’s advisable to inject a little fun into any activity in order for it to be effective. This is where sales games come to the picture.

What are sales games?

Sales games apply the typical elements of game playing while training and skill-boosting. These games can be used by any team, no matter how small or big. Sales games can also be modified according to your company’s preferences and needs. And the best part is, you can create your own!

What are some effective sales games for training and skill-boosting?

Gamifying your tasks, training, and skill-boosting activities provide an enjoyable and productive way of promoting new learnings, as well as teamwork and collaboration. In gamification, we want to hit the right balance between fun and gaining new knowledge and skills.

Here are some effective sales games for training and skill development:


1. Gamified cold calls

In the age of social media marketing, we tend to forget the importance of phone calls. In sales, phone calls are still necessary, as it provides a human touch and customized customer service. However, cold calls may bring out pressure and nervousness to most salespeople. Almost everyone is afraid of rejection, after all.

Gamified cold calls are done through speakerphones. Participants will be making a sales call, while their manager and colleagues will listen and keep score. Points will be based on an agreed set of criteria, like scheduling a follow-up call or getting an email address. The participant with the most points wins.

2. The e-pitch tournaments

The elevator pitch (or e-pitch) tournament is a must, especially for new hire training. Participants will be given 30 to 60 seconds to talk to the person they’re selling to. Within this timeframe, the salesperson should make their case before the other person gets off the elevator.

E-pitch tournaments can also be regularly done for continued sales training and skills boosting. It challenges participants to work on their public speaking skills, persuasion, and conciseness, as well as quick thinking.

The e-pitch tournament
The e-pitch tournament

3. Make a commercial

This game is a fun way of promoting creativity and passion to your sales staff, all while learning all the benefits of the products you sell. Break your team to at least five people per group, and make them do a commercial that features your product.

The criteria of the game are the commercial has to be informative and exciting for the viewers. If someone was watching the commercial, they should be willing to go out and buy the product as soon as they can.

A panel of judges, or audience members, will decide which commercial is the most exciting and well-executed. 


4. Mr. David Schmidt

To teach your team the value of research and proactivity, play this game. Split your team into groups of three to four people, and introduce them to Mr. David Schmidt.

Mr. Schmidt is the CEO of a large multinational company. Each team will have to go and sell your products to this CEO and to his company. The players should come up with anything vital about the company and its employees.

Each team should find anything that might be useful when selling your products or services to this particular company. They can look up the company’s website, LinkedIn, and other social media to find additional relevant information.

This game promotes the importance of proper preparation, proactive research, and of course, teamwork.

5. Seat 4C

Seat 4C is more of an individual game but promotes sales-boosting skills nevertheless. In this game, participants should pretend that they are traveling for work, and they’ve just received a first-class upgrade to Seat 4C.

The lady in the Seat 4D sits down, and on her water bottle, you see the logo of a company that you are planning to approach for the business. The lady asks, “So what do you do?” 

Each participant should then craft an answer. This game should let every salesperson realize the importance of a good introduction. It also teaches them that they should always be prepared to make a new business contract. You never know when and where you’re going to meet your client!

Seat 4C
Seat 4C

6. Sell me this pen

You don’t have to be a “The Wolf of Wall Street” fan to be familiar with this game. Sell me this pen has become a very common question since, but it still surprises many. Answering this question will make the audience see your quick-thinking skills, as well as how you compose your answer, and how you close the deal.

Continuously practicing or coming up with better answers for this question expands a sales person’s sales strategy and boosts communication skills.

7. Pair selling

Pair selling is a simple game of teaming up the high and low performers on your team. The pair with the highest contracts or sales wins.

This game promotes camaraderie and mentorship. The low performer could learn a thing or two from the top performer, which will result in the overall performance of the team to go up.

8. Description jamboree

In description jamboree, all participants will be asked to form a huge circle. Pick a random object in the room, and everyone will pitch to the group on its notable and “sellable” features. 

You may modify the description requirements and say, for example, why that particular product is beneficial for a specific target audience. When someone can’t think of a new feature, they’re out. The last person standing wins the game.

This may be a straightforward game, but it hones a person’s creativity and promotes light fun and team-building as well.

Sell me this pen
Sell me this pen

How can we benefit from sales games?

As mentioned above, a lot of skills can be sharpened in a fun way through the help of sales games. How can we benefit from sales games?

1. It increases engagement and provides a fun way of learning

Work can be very busy, intense, and tiring. Sales games provide a different environment without sacrificing learning and development. Sales games also boost engagement, and having an engaged sales team is very vital on a sales floor.

2. It encourages friendly competition

It’s safe to say that people thrive on a dash of healthy competition. Combine it with instant rewards and a little break from the busy sales world, and your salespeople would be more likely to get more fired up to hit their targets faster.

3. Promotes open-communication and mentorship

Games can provide a chance for top performers to share their tips on how to work more efficiently, and low performers may feel more comfortable to ask any questions. Not just your team, but the whole company can benefit from increased communication, teamwork, and mentorship.

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