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Top 10 medical billing companies in the UK

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List of medical billing companies in the UK

  1. The Coding Company
  2. Civica 
  3. Medical Coder
  4. Medserv
  5. Premium Medical Billing
  6. Bill Medical
  7. MediAccounts
  8. Medical Billing Direct
  9. Nightingales Medical Billing Services
  10. Patient Billing

The medical and healthcare industry utilizes outsourcing to cover several processes, including medical billing.

Delegating medical billing to a third-party company allows businesses to focus on their core operations while minimizing potential errors.

Because of this, medical billing companies in countries like the United Kingdom have allowed businesses to save on costs and leave the process up to the professionals.

Here is a breakdown of the top ten medical billing companies in the UK.

What is medical billing?

Medical billing is the process of submitting a claim to a patient’s insurance company as a form of reimbursement for a healthcare provider’s services.

While the healthcare providers would normally do the process themselves, it is typically outsourced to external companies based in offshore locations.

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What is medical billing

Benefits of outsourcing medical billing

Outsourcing medical billing services offers a lot of benefits, including the following:

Minimizes errors

Billing errors, inaccurate information, or other mistakes can have some inconvenient setbacks that could delay the payment process. It could even lead to a denied claim.

Outsourcing medical billing ensures that the process of collecting this information is smooth and error-free, as it is in the hands of experts and specialists in the field.

Faster payments

In relation, having fewer errors in the billing process leads to faster insurance payments. 

Medical billing companies help simplify the process so that insurance companies receive their payments sooner. 

Increased efficiency

Healthcare providers have to perform a lot of different operations and repetitive tasks, which could take a toll on their staff, and that includes those involved in medical billing.

This is especially true if there is a sudden increase of patients, and therefore, an increase in claims to file.

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Fortunately, reputable medical billing companies help shoulder this burden by having a team of experts lighten the load and allowing healthcare providers to focus on more important tasks.

Increased transparency

Third-party medical billing companies must comply with the healthcare providers’ policies, obligating them to be transparent and provide insight into their progress.

These companies are responsible for reporting back to the healthcare provider of any concerns or updates. Doing so builds trust between the two parties and ensures that information remains accurate.

Lower costs

Outsourcing in general is less expensive to manage than in-house teams, and medical billing is no exception. 

Healthcare providers do not have to shell out costs for salaries, benefits, insurance, or other overhead costs for outsourced medical billers.

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Benefits of outsourcing medical billing

Top global outsourcing lists

Outsource Accelerator is the world’s leading outsourcing marketplace and advisory. We list over 3,800+ BPO firms located across the globe in our global directory, and we provide detailed information, price guides, and reviews.

Whether you’re a solopreneur, SME owner, or corporate executive, we can help you find the most suitable outsourcing provider for your business.

Explore our outsourcing directory now. You may also check out our lists of top medical billing companies per country here:

Top 10 medical billing companies in the UK

If you are based in the United Kingdom, there are several medical billing companies for you to partner with. 

Here are ten of the best ones:

1. The Coding Company

The Coding Company is an industry leader in providing specialized medical billing services with over 20 years of achieving excellence in the medical and healthcare industry.

It aims to promote and elevate the standards of Health Information Management through utilizing advanced software and providing healthcare consultations and revenue cycle management.

Throughout the years, The Coding Company was able to service companies of all sizes, from small healthcare facilities to large corporations and insurance companies.

2. Civica

Civica’s medical billing services are the ideal choice for private clinics and hospitals, and its large client base of over 4000 is a testament to its top-tier services.

Healthcare providers can focus on treating and caring for their patients while Civica handles the tedious work of medical billing.

Civica’s robust procedures help streamline the entire process, eliminating debts and delays in payment while keeping cash flow steady.

3. Medical Coder

The people at Medical Coder are true professionals when it comes to medical billing. Its team of highly-skilled medical practitioners ensures that no piece of medical data gets lost.

They put a lot of importance on delivering the correct and accurate data, which will result in faster payments, increased cash flow, and lesser chances of your claims being denied.

4. Medserv

Since its establishment in 2005, Medserv has continued to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction while maintaining strong relationships with its clients.

Medserv combines advanced technology with professionals from different backgrounds to bring customers outstanding medical billing services.

It is one of the biggest companies in the UK and Ireland, with an extensive client base of hospitals of all specialties and major health insurers. Medserv even has ties with government agencies like the Health and Safety Executive and the National Health Service.

5. Premium Medical Billing

Premium Medical Billing is committed to providing customized billing services to the private health sector by offering cost-effective and accurate billing solutions.

One of its strengths is a streamlined, same-day invoicing process using the latest e-billing technologies to ensure payments are made smoothly and without error.

The company has a clean track record of increasing revenue and profitability with low levels of bad debt. You can trust that healthcare professionals are in good hands.

6. Bill Medical

Bill Medical is a no-nonsense medical billing company that offers smooth and secure solutions. 

Its same-day invoicing ensures that billing gets done quickly and debts are reduced by 30%, thanks to optimized cash flow and collection.

New companies will not have to endure the hassle of billing and debt recovery, as they can benefit from Bill Medical’s seamless and personalized services.

7. MediAccounts

MediAccounts is an award-winning medical service company that ensures timely billing, collection, and reconciliation. It is devoted to ensuring that every doctor gets what they are due for their services.

With over 150 successful clients, this firm’s model has proven effective as it can provide complete services.

8. Medical Billing Direct

Medical Billing Direct is backed by experience, advanced technology, and high-security systems in its arsenal. It guarantees speedy and accurate medical billing results, ensuring that payments are made in minutes.

This instant transaction opens the door for faster and improved cash flow and reduced costs and debts. Not only can you trust Medical Billing Direct’s experts to do the heavy lifting for you, but you can trust them to do it well and quickly.

9. Nightingales Medical Billing Services

The medical billing process can be time-consuming and tedious, but the people at Nightingales Medical Billing Services make everything simpler.

For over 25 years, they have provided dependable and efficient billing services with detailed reporting and steady cash flow.

10. Patient Billing

Patient Billing’s core values include putting the patient first, employing innovative strategies, and delivering exceptional customer service. All of this comes into play when providing excellent medical billing services.

Patient Billing’s solutions are fast, secure, and efficient, ensuring timely payments. Clients can focus on non-administrative work, all while entrusting cash flow and collection to the professionals. 

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