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What defines a good customer service

What defines a good customer service

Customer service refers to the act of taking care of a customer, especially after purchase. 

Customer service specialists are a brand’s first point of contact—somewhat akin to a brand ambassador. They assist customers with their issues, problems, inquiries about a brand’s products or services.

Customer service campaigns are divided into three sections: voice, non-voice, and blended campaigns.

For employees

Good customer service is of utmost importance. For an agent, it’s not only because it is the biggest part of their responsibilities but also because they serve as the face of a company.

Customer service specialists act as brand ambassadors. They’re the first people that customers see and reach out to whenever they have questions or issues with a product or service.

For consumers

Customers naturally expect high-quality products and services alongside top-notch customer service.

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If things go sideways and the customer has purchased a defective product or availed of a service that is not performing as it should, they are most likely to reach out to a customer service hotline.

If the customer support expert was apathetic, unhelpful, and snobbish, the customer would likely turn to competitors. But if the customer service agent is empathetic, helpful, and understanding, customers will feel valued and appreciated.

For consumers

For the company

Good customer service retains repeat customers and attracts new ones. Equipped with product and service knowledge, customer support experts are the backbone of the company.

Why good customer service is important

Good customer service is important to any business for a plethora of reasons, but it all boils down to this: happy customers lead to a happier business.

Customer service, alongside the brand, products, and services, will make a lasting impact on your customers, both existing and new.

What are the 7 qualities of good customer service?

Everyone in the workforce knows that upon the initial interview, most (if not all) recruiters and HR officers evaluate applicants’ soft skills. If the role is a bit more technical, recruiters may request the applicant to go through a series of tests.

If you’re an aspiring customer service specialist, take note of these qualities HR professionals are looking for.

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Problem-solving skills

A big part of the role is assisting customers through issues, inquiries, and any other concerns they may have. A good customer service specialist makes sure that the issue is resolved in a timely manner.

Further, an excellent customer service specialist makes sure that the problem is fixed and the customer won’t encounter them again in the future.


Dealing with irate customers is a part of a customer service agent’s daily routine, so knowing how to empathize goes a long way.

Customer service agents need to be open and empathetic towards customers. Not only does empathy make the job easier, but it’s also a great way to calm a customer down when things get heated over the phone. 

Active listening

Active listening is an essential life skill. In and out of the office, active listening is important to be aware of situations and to engage in conversations. 

Customer service agents need to be engaged meaningfully in conversations with customers. It helps them be more proactive in addressing issues and resolving customer’s concerns. 

Strong product and service knowledge

Having a strong product and service knowledge equips customer service specialists. From minor issues to escalating bigger problems, competent agents with a strong sense of self and unshakeable product knowledge are capable of tackling anything.

Team player

Working with others—mainly with the rest of the team, managers, clients, and customers—should be a customer service agent’s strongest asset. Without a functioning team, customer specialists will have a hard time navigating customer complaints, questions, and internal issues.

What are the 7 qualities of good customer service

Above-average communication skills

No matter what campaign it is (voice, non-voice, or blended), a customer care professional should have above-average communication skills. How else would they be conversing with the team, clients, and customers if the message will be bungled across? This is why companies provide communications training for new hires.

Positive attitude

Some days will be hard and will make agents count the seconds until their shift is over. Having a positive attitude will help them survive these phases. Not only does it lift the team’s morale but their attitude will also influence customers to feel great about the service they receive.

How to handle difficult customers

To put it simply, handling a difficult customer boils down to three factors: listening, empathizing, and de-escalating.

Listen beyond the discouraging words customers are saying and try to veer the conversation to the issue at hand.

Empathize with how they’re feeling. Customers are angry, confused, and frustrated because they have unresolved issues they expect you to help them with.

De-escalate the situation. Tension starts with you: stay calm and respond professionally. 

It’s also important not to take things personally. At the end of the day, customers need help. Assure them that their concerns are valid and that solutions are available.

If you need help, feel free to seek the help of external customer service providers. Employees in BPO firms like MVP Asia Pacific can manage difficult customers with smiles on their faces.

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