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Top 20 healthcare outsourcing companies in the United States

a woman healthcare provider in a residential home location

List of healthcare outsourcing companies in the United States

  1. Cognizant
  2. R1 RCM 
  3. GeBBS Healthcare Solutions
  4. Optum
  5. McKesson
  6. FinThrive
  7. Conifer Health Solutions
  8. Oracle Cerner
  9. Accenture
  10. Alorica
  11. MCI
  12. Change Healthcare
  13. WNS Global Services
  14. Concentrix
  15. Athenahealth
  16. Genpact
  17. Sagility Health
  18. Ensemble Health Partners
  19. Exela Technologies
  20. Vee Technologies

As the healthcare industry continues to be disrupted by technological advancements and rising costs, outsourcing has risen as a strategic approach. 

Outsourcing offers streamlined processes, improved efficiency, and cost-effective solutions. As the demand for these services grows, many healthcare outsourcing companies have emerged as industry leaders. 

This guide delves into the dynamic landscaping of healthcare outsourcing. 

We’ll shed some light on the state of American healthcare, the qualities of a good provider, and the top healthcare outsourcing companies in the United States.

The state of healthcare in the United States

The healthcare industry in the United States is at a critical juncture. Rising costs, an aging population, and ever-evolving regulations are all factors that must be considered. 

Despite being one of the world’s largest and most advanced healthcare systems, significant inefficiencies and gaps need to be addressed. 

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One of the key issues is the high cost of healthcare services. According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the US healthcare spending grew by 4.1%, amounting to $4.5 trillion in 2022. 

group of confident male and female healthcare professionals reach up while attending a healthcare conference
The state of healthcare in the United States

However, overall health indicators do not align with this expenditure level. This has put immense pressure on providers to find ways to deliver quality care while controlling costs. 

Additionally, the aging population has placed a strain on healthcare organizations. This comes coupled with a growing demand for care that providers must meet. 

Moreover, healthcare regulations and compliance requirements continue to evolve, posing further complexities. Keeping up with these regulations can be a daunting task. 

This intricate web of healthcare services, insurance systems, and government regulations has created an environment where outsourcing has emerged as a lifeline. 

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Choosing the best healthcare outsourcing company

Selecting the right healthcare outsourcing company can be a critical decision for healthcare providers. With so many choices, it’s important to take into account a few important aspects:

Expertise and services 

Look for a company that specializes in the areas relevant to your organization. Assess the range of services offered and determine if they align with your specific needs. 

Within the realm of healthcare outsourcing, you can seek a portfolio that demonstrates expertise in areas such as: 

Prospective healthcare outsourcing providers should also possess a proven track record of success in the industry. 

Compliance and security

The healthcare industry is subject to strict regulations and data privacy requirements. 

Ensure that the healthcare outsourcing company has robust compliance protocols in place. This most notably includes HIPAA compliance for protecting patient information. 

Evaluate their security measures, data encryption practices, and disaster recovery plans as well. This approach will mitigate any potential risks to security and confidentiality. 

Technology and infrastructure

Another crucial consideration is the technological infrastructure and innovation capabilities of the healthcare outsourcing company. A reliable infrastructure supports seamless integration with your existing systems and contributes to process optimization. 

Evaluate their technology capabilities, including the following:

  • Electronic health records (EHR) compatibility
  • Data analytics tools 
  • Telehealth platforms 

Furthermore, the flexibility and scalability of services offered should align with your evolving needs. The ability to adapt to changing settings and accommodate growth demonstrates a commitment to long-term partnership and success. 

Doctor Holding a Stethoscope in the hands and hospital background
Technology and infrastructure


Though it shouldn’t be the sole determining factor, cost is still important when choosing a top healthcare outsourcing company. 

Assess the firm’s pricing structure, including any additional fees or charges. Consider the value they offer in terms of improved efficiency, cost savings, and enhanced patient experience

A transparent pricing model and a solid understanding of the return on investment should guide your decision-making process. 

Client references and reputation

Client references and testimonials play a vital role in gauging the healthcare outsourcing company’s reputation and client satisfaction. 

A company with a strong history of positive client relationships is more likely to deliver consistent and reliable services. 

Seek references from other healthcare organizations that have partnered with the outsourcing company. Research their reputation, including their client retention rate, awards, and recognition. 

Top 20 healthcare outsourcing companies in the United States

Here is our compilation of the top healthcare outsourcing companies in the United States: 

1. Cognizant

Headquarters: Teaneck, New Jersey

Cognizant is a global technology company that offers a range of services, including healthcare outsourcing. With a focus on intuition engineering and human insight, Cognizant helps businesses harness technology to transform their operations. 

In the healthcare sector, Cognizant provides outsourcing solutions that enable providers to streamline their processes, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care.

You may read a further review of Cognizant here

2. R1 RCM 

Headquarters: Salt Lake City, Utah

R1 RCM is a leading revenue cycle management company that offers comprehensive healthcare outsourcing solutions. It optimizes the entire revenue cycle for hospitals, health systems, and physician groups. 

By combining its tenured domain expertise, proven processes, and integrated technology, R1 RCM ensures a true revenue cycle transformation.  

You may read a further review of R1 RCM here

3. GeBBS Healthcare Solutions 

Headquarters: Culver City, California

GeBBS Healthcare Solutions is a leading healthcare outsourcing company. It specializes in revenue cycle management, medical coding, and risk adjustment solutions. 

With a strong focus on compliance and quality, GeBBS ensures it meets regulatory standards. Its team of specialized professionals and expert auditors promises and delivers comprehensive services that help you achieve enhanced operational efficiency. 

You may read a further review of GeBBS Healthcare Solutions here

4. Optum 

Headquarters: Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Optum, a leading health services and innovation company, is at the forefront of transforming the healthcare landscape in the United States. 

As a key subsidiary of UnitedHealth Group, one of the largest and most diversified healthcare companies globally, Optum plays a crucial role in addressing complex challenges. 

It offers healthcare outsourcing services under its Optum360 umbrella. These encompass a suite of solutions that span revenue cycle management, medical coding and billing, and administrative support. 

You may read a further review of Optum here

5. McKesson

Headquarters: Irving, Texas

McKesson is a global healthcare company that provides solutions for a variety of healthcare settings. The company assists its clients in balancing customer care with operational efficiency and business growth. 

McKesson is a comprehensive healthcare firm with various outsourcing solutions that help organizations improve patient care and outcomes. 

6. FinThrive

Headquarters: Plano, Texas

FinThrive is a healthcare company that offers end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions. It develops technology solutions that adapt to the changing healthcare landscape and streamline processes for healthcare providers. 

FinThrive takes a unique approach by addressing revenue management holistically. Using its single platform, it has earned the trust of healthcare organizations across the country. 

You may read a further review of FinThrive here

7. Conifer Health Solutions

Headquarters: Frisco, Texas

Conifer Health Solutions is a leading provider of healthcare outsourcing solutions. The company offers a range of comprehensive revenue cycle management services and value-based care solutions. 

Conifer recognizes the challenges faced by healthcare organizations in terms of revenue optimization and improving overall business outcomes. To that end, it leverages technology and innovation to deliver tailored healthcare outsourcing services. 

8. Oracle Cerner 

Headquarters: North Kansas City, Missouri

Oracle Cerner is a global leader in healthcare outsourcing solutions. It enables innovation and provides state-of-the-art healthcare for over 700 million patients worldwide. 

Oracle Cerner’s healthcare outsourcing services are designed to help clients with revenue cycle processes, document management, and EHR optimization. 

The company is dedicated to empowering healthcare organizations with the resources they need to provide excellent patient care. 

9. Accenture

Headquarters: New York City, New York

Accenture stands as a powerhouse in driving innovation across industries, including healthcare. With a robust presence in over 120 countries, Accenture brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the challenges faced by healthcare providers. 

The company’s healthcare outsourcing services are designed to optimize operations, enhance patient experiences, and improve overall outcomes. 

Accenture’s commitment to innovation and digital transformation ensures that healthcare clients benefit from scalable and efficient solutions. 

You may read a further review of Accenture here

10. Alorica

Headquarters: Irvine, California

Alorica is a leading digital customer experience company offering comprehensive healthcare outsourcing solutions. 

Its services include:

  • End-to-end revenue cycle management
  • Patient access and engagement
  • Financial solutions
  • Community management
  • Content moderation

Alorica has over 20 years of experience and a global presence in 17 countries. It allows healthcare organizations to navigate challenges and enhance their performances.  

You may read a further review of Alorica here

11. MCI

Headquarters: McLean, Virginia

MCI is a global leader in business process outsourcing solutions, along with offering healthcare outsourcing solutions. With over 20 years of experience, MCI provides a wide range of services that streamline healthcare operations and drive improved performance. 

MCI’s healthcare outsourcing services encompass various aspects of the healthcare industry. It leverages advanced technology, analytics, and industry expertise to enhance the patient experience. 

You may read a further review of MCI here

12. Change Healthcare

Headquarters: Nashville, Tennessee

Change Healthcare is a leading healthcare technology and business solutions company. Its services are designed to help providers improve operational efficiencies and enhance patient experiences. 

With a focus on driving positive outcomes, Change Healthcare is a trusted partner for organizations seeking to enhance their overall healthcare delivery. 

13. WNS Global Services

Headquarters: Houston, Texas

WNS Global Services is a leading business process management company catering to the healthcare industry. With its deep understanding of the sector, WNS provides end-to-end solutions to global healthcare payers, providers, and life sciences organizations. 

The company leverages its domain expertise, technology capabilities, and process excellence to deliver value-based healthcare solutions. 

You may read a further review of WNS here

14. Concentrix 

Headquarters: Fremont, California

Concentrix is a globally recognized leader in providing digital customer experience solutions, including specialized services for the healthcare industry. 

Its healthcare outsourcing encompasses customized solutions for customer engagement tailored to meet unique needs. It harnesses the power of data and insights to implement game-changing patient journeys. 

You may read a further review of Concentrix here

15. Athenahealth

Headquarters: Boston, Massachusetts

Athenahealth is a prominent healthcare technology company that offers cloud-based solutions and services to healthcare organizations. Its healthcare outsourcing aims to improve clinical workflows, revenue cycle management, and patient engagement. 

Athenahealth enables organizations to seamlessly coordinate care, deliver virtual service, and extend their capabilities through differentiated apps and clinical data exchange. 

You may read a further review of Athenahealth here

16. Genpact

Headquarters: New York City, New York

Genpact has positioned itself as a leader in driving digital transformation and business process management, including in healthcare. Genpact provides tailored solutions for critical healthcare functions. 

Genpact’s healthcare outsourcing goes beyond traditional approaches. It incorporates cutting-edge technologies to drive cost-effective solutions.

The company’s commitment to continuous improvement underscores its role as a strategic partner to healthcare organizations. 

You may read a further review of Genpact here.  

17. Sagility Health

Headquarters: Westminster, Colorado

Sagility Health is a US-based tech-enabled healthcare business process management. It supports payers, providers, and their partners to deliver best-in-class operations. 

Sagility Health utilizes technologies like machine learning and automation to provide operational efficiencies and enhance satisfaction. Its holistic cloud-based approach improves healthcare processes while allowing clients to focus on their business priorities.  

You may read a further review of Sagility here

18. Ensemble Health Partners

Headquarters: Cincinnati, Ohio

Ensemble Health Partners is a tech-driven revenue cycle management company that offers comprehensive healthcare outsourcing. This outsourcing company uses its expertise and unique approach to:

  • Identify gaps
  • Develop targeted solutions
  • Implement proven best practices

Ensemble Health Partners has gained recognition for its highly skilled team, unmatched commitment to client service, and industry-leading performance.

19. Exela Technologies

Headquarters: Irving, Texas

Exela Technologies is a global leader in business process management and automation. It strongly focuses on healthcare outsourcing, providing innovative services to healthcare payers. 

Its proven track record of success sets it apart as a trusted partner for healthcare outsourcing. Its suite of services enables healthcare organizations to achieve better financial and care outcomes. 

You may read a further review of Exela Technologies here

20. Vee Technologies

Headquarters: New York City, New York

Vee Technologies is a global technology-enabled professional services company specializing in healthcare outsourcing. 

With a wide range of services and solutions, Vee Technologies helps organizations accelerate cash flow and achieve faster revenue realization. 

It stands out as a trusted and expert partner in the healthcare industry. 

You may read a further review of Vee Technologies here

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