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Top 20 VA companies in Costa Rica

Top 20 VA companies in Costa Rica

List of VA companies in Costa Rica

  1. My Costa Rica Virtual Assistant 
  2. Invercall
  3. iWantHelp
  4. Conexus Group
  5. Quid Solutions
  6. Russell Bedford CR
  7. The Goto Marketers
  8. NomadUX
  9. Mutar
  10. Asicon Consulting
  11. Simera
  12. Costa Rica Virtual
  13. Auxis
  14. Outsource Costa Rica
  15. Costa Rica Virtual Assistants (CRVA)
  16. NETCOM
  17. Crux Consultores
  18. Consultoria ECOS
  19. Horizons
  20. Logical Systems Inc. (LSI)

Hiring virtual assistants (VA) from countries all over the globe has become a new trend. At present, part of Costa Rica’s corporate districts are made up of top-of-the-line VA companies.

Providing VA services is made easy through technology and outsourcing. Virtual workers across the globe are also thriving as they ensure that their services offered are always exceptional.

Top VA companies in Costa Rica offer in-house training and hire dedicated virtual workers to support global clients.

From general administrative support tasks to complex IT-related services, VA workers are becoming more competent and adaptive to various industry vertical tasks that need support.

Why global companies acquire VA services in Costa Rica

Like other countries in the Central American region, the VA industry in Costa Rica has been steadily growing due to several factors:

Highly educated workforce

With the support of the government, the literacy rate in Costa Rica is high. Many young professionals are equipped with university degrees and specialized training, resulting in a higher level of professionalism and expertise in various fields.

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Top VA companies in the country hire thousands of talents performing general and technical support tasks to emerging businesses in industries.

Language skills

Costa Ricans are known to be fluent in English and Spanish. Many acquired a neutral accent, making them a top pick for customer service and other jobs that require efficient conversation with customers.

With the advantage of speaking the international language, Top VA companies in Costa Rica play a vital role in back-office support for both local and international firms.

Cultural affinity

Costa Rica shares culture and traditions with North America, specifically the United States. This connection and similarities bridge the gaps in providing sound interactions and understanding of its VA talents and clients from North America.

Today, VA talents in Costa Rica are well-recognized in terms of providing excellent customer service and creative techniques in handling conversation and support service tasks.

Access to technology and infrastructure

The country invested in upgrading its telecom and tech systems, introducing fast, reliable internet, and providing access to advanced communication tools.

It also recorded significant development in software platforms and data storage like cloud computing. It makes many businesses in Costa Rica more efficient by incorporating technology into their operations.

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Time zone compatibility

The central time zone (GMT-6) of Costa Rica overlaps the usual working hours of many North American countries, allowing VA talents to work on a friendly working schedule.

The matching time zones made communication easier between leading virtual assistant companies in Costa Rica and their clients. This maximized opportunities and reduced delays in taking action.

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Top 20 VA companies in Costa Rica

Here’s an overview of the top VA companies in Costa Rica where you can find expert talents to help your company:

1. My Costa Rica Virtual Assistant

My Costa Rica Virtual Assistant focuses on providing high-quality services in different areas of administrative and general support services tasks. It makes outsourcing even more accessible, with talents performing in remote locations.

Over the years, this VA company has recorded many successful partnerships from different industries globally. Its offerings also expanded from VA to other support functions, including:

  • Audio and video editing
  • Marketing and graphic design
  • Web development and social media engagement
  • General administrative

2. Invercall

Invercall offers quality VA services and customer-centric solutions for client partners. With the help of technology and a team of expert professionals, it performs exceptional support services for different companies, including the legal arena.

Its core services centers in technical support, customer service, and administrative tasks. It helps many companies achieve company growth through higher returns on investment.

3. iWantHelp

This company is dedicated to offering front and back-office functions and other VA services. As one of the top VA companies in Costa Rica, iWantHelp is also well-recognized for providing extraordinary customer service.

Its top-notch team help clients to stay on track with the competition. From BPO to customer service and retention, it is now one of the trusted partners of businesses in various industry verticals.

4. Conexus Group

Conexus Group tailors its offerings to help firms reach their goals. To increase customers’ loyalty, it develops ways to communicate more effectively through the use of technology and marketing tools.

Conexus Group aims to maintain its long-term viability by continuously enhancing its workforce’s capabilities and initiatives.

5. Quid Solutions

Quid Solutions provides clients a quality service experience through its technology-based solutions and digital transformation.

Servicing various industry verticals, this VA company in Costa Rica shares service expertise in the following areas of business operation:

  • Project conception
  • Project management and assessment
  • Software development
  • BPO services
  • IT service and security

6. Russell Bedford CR

Russel Bedford CR has been performing administrative services, including accounting and finance worldwide, for more than 20 years.

It offers high-quality support mechanisms that aim to help clients strengthen and sustain vital areas of their business operations. Its team is composed of industry experts from various fields who help sustain efficient and effective business processes.

7. The Goto Marketers

The Goto Marketers is a marketing and VA company in Costa Rica that caters to businesses for high-quality and standard BPO services locally and across the Philippines.

It highlights the capability and capacity of the BPO industry to elevate businesses and adapt to the ever-changing market trends and competition. Two of its well-recognized services are call center outsourcing and media marketing.

8. NomadUX

NomadUX is an industry leader and is one of the top VA companies in Costa Rica. It offers a unique and authentic outsourcing model that promotes cost-effectiveness.

With recorded successful services across Europe, this group of companies pulls off a revenue of more than 240 million dollars annually.

9. Mutare 

Mutare achieves global market expansion through B2B sales and marketing techniques. Its services yield excellent audiences on LinkedIn, sales-qualified leads, marketing-qualified leads, and scheduled business meetings.

Since 2017, its team has helped small and medium-sized businesses grow, bringing higher revenue income for clients in the process. It has established operations in Costa Rica and provided opportunities for many VA talents.

10. Asicon Consulting

This consulting company in Costa Rica offers VA services dedicated to designing advanced IT and administrative service solutions that are customizable based on the needs of its clients.

With its network of experienced professionals and industry leaders, Asicon Consulting delivers the highest level of service delivery in the following areas:

  • General and administrative services
  • Web and graphic design services
  • Software development and physical infrastructure
  • Cloud services and process optimization

11. Simera

Simera is determined to shape global landscapes and bridge barriers to break limitations in career advancement and provide exceptional VA services. Simera offers an AI-based marketplace for virtual employment.

With Simera, VA talents unlock access to global opportunities by having capabilities verified by a specialized AI system. The firm helps individuals through its courses to amplify their market standing.

12. Costa Rica Virtual

This web development specialist in Costa Rica also performs VA functions, providing customizable solutions to clients through the following:

  • Web application programming
  • Website design
  • Web consulting and graphic design

This VA company has focused on computers, networks, and programming systems since 1996. It utilizes programming databases and languages to create automated solutions for various applications.

13. Auxis

Auxis is a management consulting firm that also provides VA services. It is backed by more than 25 years of experience producing a variety of tailored methods.

Auxis’ VA talents enable businesses to become more innovative, scalable, and economical.

In fact, it has been named by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) eight times in a row as one of the Top 100 Global Outsourcing Providers.

14. Outsource Costa Rica

Businesses worldwide hire virtual assistants from Outsource Costa Rica. Many of its clients acquire support for their operations with activities including research, content development, and administrative support.

The company provides businesses all over the world with a range of outsourcing services, including VA talents. Among the services they provide are:

  • Software development
  • Web and mobile development
  • Online marketing and advertising
  • Quality assurance

15. Costa Rica Virtual Assistants (CRVA)

Costa Rica Virtual Assistants (CRVA) is a virtual staffing company providing solutions individuals and companies globally. Among the services it offers are:

  • Administrative support
  • Customer service
  • Social media management and content creation

This VA firm is committed to providing virtual staffing solutions customized for each client’s unique requirements. It strongly emphasizes service efficiency, dependability, and professionalism.


NETCOM is a business organization with offices in Costa Rica and a headquarters in Panama. Its VA staff are certified, well-trained, and have extensive knowledge of all the services and technology solutions to offer.

Its goal is to give clients a competitive edge by implementing cutting-edge contact center and telecommunications solutions and providing expert advising through the following service:

  • Customer service and collection management
  • Help desk and human talent solutions
  • Intelligent automation and telesales
  • Virtual contact center services

17. Crux Consultores

Crux Consultores is dedicated to providing high-quality information technology services that meet the demands of our clients while utilizing industry best practices.

The team and its VA talents help companies become technologically savvy and assist in making decisions that will lead to success. It strives to uphold a long-term vision for offered services and solutions, including the following:

  • Outsourcing and out-tasking
  • Software architecting and quality assurance
  • Project and solution development
  • Cognitive application and machine learning

18. Consultoria ECOS

This consulting company in Costa Rica also performs as one of the top VA companies in the country, home to expert talents from different industries. It focuses on providing occupational safety and environmental management consulting and training.

Consultoria ECOS offers various services, including management systems audits and occupational risk diagnosis. It also empowers virtual workers through its back office, customer service, and finance outsourcing services.

19. Horizons

As a leading global EOR provider, Horizons is changing how businesses bring in top VA talent from around the globe. It helps companies to recruit virtual partners anywhere through its cutting-edge platform.

Its VA talents perform various administrative and back office support for companies from different industry sectors. Today, Horizons amplifies its visibility and caters to client partners in more than 100 countries.

20. Bill Gosling Outsourcing

Since 1955, Bill Gosling Outsourcing has carved a name as a leader in outsourcing, accounts receivable management, and customer service. It focuses on live agent support, contact center technology, and other professional services.

This company is home to thousands of expert workers, including VAs, who provide exceptional service to its satellite operations in seven countries, including Costa Rica.

Some of its well-recognized services are:

  • Customer sales and acquisition
  • Contact center technology
  • Accounts receivables management
  • Business process outsourcing

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