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Outsourcing Summit 2020 Replay

Outsourcing Summit 2020 Outsource Accelerator


North American Edition  |  8 October 2020

Welcome to the OS2020 Replay! Below is an overview of the event, and then a recording of each of the six sessions.

Sessions guide

Exploring offshore staffing & how it can transform your business. A unique full-day immersive virtual event

The Outsourcing Summit 2020 connects you and your business to the outsourcing industry.

  • See how you can access low-cost globalised employment and tap the vast executive experience of the Philippine outsourcing sector.
  • See how your business can save 70% on staff costs whilst improving quality and boosting revenues.
  • Bust common misconceptions, avoid common disappointments and meet the industry’s key players.

Offshore staffing – for your business

If you are in any way involved in outsourcing, or interested in exploring it, then you need to attend the Outsourcing Summit 2020.

The OS2020 is a unique full-day immersive virtual event which helps explore offshore staffing & how it can transform your business.


Outsourcing Summit 2020 Outsource Accelerator Replay
Outsourcing Summit 2020 Replay


Unparalleled access

OS2020 connects you and your business to the outsourcing industry. The Summit covers remote work, call centers, offshore staffing, virtual assistants, all offshore professions & specialisms and more.

We deconstruct the outsourcing industry and explore how your business can leverage the global workforce for savings, growth & recovery. OS2020 offers unparalleled insight into an under-appreciated and often misunderstood industry.

Unique immersive event

There are ZERO tedious Zoom calls at OS2020. Join us for 6 unique and immersive live events. Meet industry leaders, go behind the scenes of the outsourcing industry and join in live Q&A with industry experts.

In-studio expert panels

Join us for three expert panels including with speakers including dignitaries, industry leaders, major industry participants and CEOs.

Outsourcing facility in-person tours

Visit 3 world-leading outsourcing facilities. We interview the CEOs, take a guided tour around the facilities, and speak with staff and clients of three world-leading outsourcing companies. We’ll discuss how outsourcing works, cover the different pricing models, and cover what you need to know to get outsourcing working for your business.



OS2020: Outsourcing Partners
OS2020: Outsourcing Partners





Outsourcing: a high tech industry poised for global prominence

SPEAKERS: Jeff Williams (HIMAP) | Alvin Juban (GDAP) | Kieran Martin (Index Asia) | Derek Gallimore (Outsource Accelerator)

Exploring the rise of remote work and outsourcing globally; and how the Philippines is staying on top of the ever-evolving offshore staffing sector. We discuss the provision of sophisticated professional service solutions and the increasing focus on skilled professions and advanced infrastructure.




The technology tools & infrastructure enabling global workforces

SPEAKERS: Alvin Dan Velasco (Payoneer) | Morgan Mcgilvray (Santos Knight Frank) | Atty. Marie Christine Duran-Schulze, M.B.A., J.D. (Filepino) | Derek Gallimore (Outsource Accelerator)

Working online, remote and in the cloud has only been possible for the last 20 years. We explore the tools and advanced infrastructure that are facilitating smooth globalised work and how they are reducing common friction points.





Cloudstaff Modern Workforce

Innovating on the Globalised Workforce

SPEAKERS: Lloyd Ernst, CEO, Cloudstaff; plus operations manager, staff and clients

Lloyd Ernst of Cloudstaff introduces the modern workforce and discusses the future of globalised professional services. Lloyd will then give a tour of their facility, see some incredible work being done and we get to chat to some of the staff and senior management.





Telework PH

Adaptable services for any company profile

SPEAKERS: Marge Aviso, CEO, Telework PH; plus operations manager, staff and clients

We talk to Marge Aviso about Telework PH and what people need to know to ensure they get the best out of outsourcing. We discuss offshoring for different sectors, roles and professions. We then take a tour around the facilities, see what they’re working on and chat with some of the staff.





EMAPTA Versatile Services

The technology and tools enabling global workforces

SPEAKERS: Tim Vorbach, CEO, EMAPTA; plus operations manager, staff and clients

Tim Vorbach of EMAPTA discusses flexible enterprise-level offshore staffing solutions, the various business models, costs and tips for getting the best outcomes. We will then have a tour around their facility, talk to some staff, clients and senior management.





Outsourcing Deconstructed: know what you need to know

Outsourcing leaders open forum and Q&A

SPEAKERS: Marge Aviso: CEO, TeleworkPH | Tim Vorbach: CEO, EMAPTA | Lloyd Ernst: CEO, Cloudstaff | Derek Gallimore: CEO, Outsource Accelerator

The CEOs share their vast experience in core outsourcing topics and what you need to know to master offshore staffing for your business. We will get the CEOs confronting some of the tough issues around offshoring, and also open up the forum to your questions and feedback.




Business & staffing solutions for SMBs & enterprise

We hope you enjoyed the outsourcing Summit 2020.  Please give us any feedback, and let us know if you want to know more about outsourcing.

We will soon be hosting OS2021 and be rolling out other time zones (US, Europe & Australasia), as well as specific verticals (accounting, digital, healthcare etc).  Stay tuned.


Outsourcing Summit 20202 Outsource Accelerator Replay


OS2020: Outsourcing Partners
OS2020: Outsourcing Partners

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