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Business success essentials: outsource services

Not every business can afford to hire additional employees locally. SMEs and startups work on limited cash flow and need to be careful when spending on additional resources.

Outsourcing services is a great solution for this, especially with increasing customer demand in every aspect of the business. Small business owners eager to grow will be thrilled to learn that there are several commonly outsourced services they can take advantage of.

Even in 2024, the industry continues to grow as the demand for offshored teams increases.

List of outsourcing services in 2023

Customer serviceProvide your customers with the best user experience.
Virtual assistant servicesDelegate your tasks to professional assistants.
Web developmentHave an expert maintain your company website.
RecruitmentLet outsourced employees recruit, track, and onboard.
Human resourcesBenefit from the expertise of a remote HR team.
Payroll managementPrevent delays and errors by outsourcing your payroll services
Bookkeeping and accountingGet your books updated and taxes complied efficiently.
Lead generationGain an increased number of leads to grow your business.
Market researchOutsourced researchers can take care of this specialized task
Search engine optimizationBoost your SEO and enhance online brand reputation.
Writing servicesProvide informative content that your customers will love.
CreativesStand out with your unique graphics, images, layouts, and more.
Social media marketingAn outsourced social media marketing team can give you an edge.
Content marketingEnjoy improved content, writings, visuals, and links.
CAD design servicesLeverage high-quality CAD designers when you outsource.
TranscriptionYour outsourced staff can take this tedious task off your team.
IT infrastructureIncrease data security through IT outsourcing
Software developmentGet access to the latest tools and professional services
Beta testingFix any software products’ glitches and errors 
CybersecurityProtect your sensitive data with a top-notch cybersecurity team.

Outsourcing services – dedicated employees

Outsourcing is still a popular choice, even in the age of automation. More than 80% of service providers expect outsourcing services overall to grow significantly.

As per the Global Sourcing Association (GSA)’s report called ‘Outsourcing in 2020′, 70% of businesses who have outsourced before plan to outsource more services, while 35% plan to start.

Businesses continue to take advantage of outsourcing services due to the following reasons:

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Human interaction

Customers still prefer interacting with a physical employee than AI. While automation gives them a quicker and more customized approach to interaction, outsourcing customer service with a live agent gives them a warmer and more personalized service.

More hands-on approach

Businesses outsource services that need a more hands-on approach like in contact centers. Automated chatbots are mostly used for basic inquiries, while live agents still attend to more complicated concerns.

Cheaper than full automation

Outsourcing tasks is less expensive than going full automation. The latter’s operational costs still require equipment and the latest technology to handle.

Manpower to handle automated tasks

Over time, businesses invest in automating their process. Even with tech upgrades, they still need manpower to handle more complex aspects such as maintenance and logistics.

Outsourcing creative and complex tasks

Creative tasks can only be done by a person (so far). Businesses consider outsourcing their creatives to deliver a more affordable yet high-quality output.

Outsourcing services – dedicated employees

Outsourcing services list

Here we have the different types of outsourcing services:

Customer service

Outsourcing customer service helps to maintain and improve the business’s relationship with its customers and lets them know that their needs are being taken care of.

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Call centers are popular in managing customer service. Whether it is in email, live chat, or instant messages, they can handle different channels of communication to reach out to the customers and clients better.

Virtual assistant services

Business owners hire virtual assistants to help them delegate tasks and to serve as their henchmen. They help organize different business operations, from finances, marketing campaigns and designs to small tasks such as appointment booking and scheduling.

Unlike a secretary, virtual assistants can have a wide range of specialties aside from administrative duties.

Web development

Having an expert to work on creating and maintaining a company website is much better than DIY-ing it. Some aspects, such as domain hosting and web security, should be handled by a professional who knows how to apply more complex features.

Outsource web development to an IT company to better take care of maintaining a website and its features.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Businesses should outsource their hiring process when they handle too many applications or are new to recruiting more employees. Outsourced recruitment specialists can handle most tasks from pre-screening and selection and applicant tracking up to employee onboarding.

They will then compile their selection for the client business owner, who will then decide who gets hired. This ensures that employers get the best talents screened and recommended by an expert service provider in hiring and recruitment.

Human resources

Aside from hiring, businesses also benefit from outsourcing other human resource duties such as employee training and monitoring.

Outsourcing companies allow them to have a professional HR team handle their manpower so they can focus on growing the business and improving the satisfaction of their employees.

Payroll management

Employers that single-handedly manage their employee payroll are prone to delays and bigger errors in processing salaries, benefits, and taxes. Outsourcing payroll allows them to minimize these errors, ease their burden on repetitive tasks, and focus on core tasks to grow their business.

They can also give better benefits to their employees with additional packages they can avail themselves of from their HR firm.

Bookkeeping and accounting

Businesses consolidate and update their books of accounts to keep them updated with their cash flow and comply with tax filing and payment. Accounting and bookkeeping are some of the most utilized outsourcing services.

Hiring a virtual bookkeeper and accountant through an outsourcing partner helps them organize their books properly and keep up with their tax compliances on time. They can also get expert advice on how to improve their cash flow and manage their finances better.

Lead generation

Sales calls are important since they make potential leads for businesses. The more potential customers an agent calls, the more leads they generate.

Outsourcing lead generation services can increase a business’s chance of reaching a more targeted audience and having its customer service and sales operations handled by professional telemarketers who will do more than cold-call clients.

Market research

Market research is a specialized task that expert researchers should handle since this is an evaluation of a company’s product or service.

Surveys from third-party researchers also give companies the chance to know their potential and existing customers. This information allows the company to improve the customer experience whenever they visit their site.

Search engine optimization

One thing a small business should not ignore is keyword research. To generate traffic on the website, moderators should know how to properly incorporate and use appropriate keywords in content and product copies.

Hiring SEO experts who will handle time-consuming tasks, from keyword research to studying analytics to implementing strategies to make search engines notice their website.

Writing and services

Writing content is more than putting words together to form an article. It takes a lot of planning, research, and coordination to create high-quality content for a website.

Unless the website already has a team of writers or has expertise in writing, this task should be outsourced to an expert in this field.

This allows them to gain different insights and writing styles from their team’s outputs, which can help improve their sites’ blog pages. Some legal services also outsource writing roles.


A presentable and functional website attracts a lot of visitors. The site visuals, such as layout, logo, and other graphics, are important since they contribute to the overall presentation.

Going DIY into a graphic design can be good, but it is not enough. Having a local in-house designer, meanwhile, can restrict a business from exploring even better outputs.

Outsourcing graphic design to an agency or a BPO company allows them to gain more insights on how they can make their website and campaigns better. They can also get the best input they can get at a fraction of an in-house employee.

Social media marketing

Social media has become more than a personal communication platform. Some commonly used platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, are now used for professional connections and product advertisements.

Outsourcing social media marketing gives a company an edge since expert marketers handle their social media pages properly.

With social media marketing, they can easily gain an overview of their audience reach through their advertisements and transition their followers into paying customers.

Content marketing

Before publishing content on a site, it must be reviewed by a content marketer. They combine writings, visuals, keywords, and links to improve content. In most cases, they also help in researching and writing an article.

Content marketers make sure that each article and copy published on a website is high-value to rank in search pages. Virtual assistants are also great content marketers since they are trained in different aspects of digital marketing.

CAD design services

Computer-aided designs (CAD) are not limited to floor plans and interior layouts anymore. They also apply to product placements. As part of customer experience, online stores now provide 3D versions of their products for virtual interaction.

Outsourcing CAD design gives them the quality and flexibility of hiring a designer for their current demand since hiring in-house might cost them a lot of resources such as equipment, office space, and salary for a short-term contract.


Transcription is essential as part of a written record from an audio file. Medical services providers and educational websites commonly use this service for medical reports and podcast transcriptions for their customers.

Transcribing and formatting single audio can be time-consuming. With this, businesses either use transcription sites or hire freelance transcribers to ease their burden and have high-quality output.

IT infrastructure

Increasing in-house teams and functions means increasing IT infrastructure, from network to cloud to databases to manpower who will manage these.

Outsourcing IT infrastructure helps businesses scale depending on their needs. This also gives them access to the latest hardware equipment used for their infrastructures.

Software development

Since this requires a lot of equipment and expert manpower, such as the ability to resolve bugs and issues, startup companies outsource software development to improve and enhance their products.

With this, they can get access to the latest tools and professional services that their third-party company provides for them.

Beta testing

Software products should be properly tested and checked before it gets released to the public. This can help the developers fix any glitches or errors that may happen when using the product.

It is better to outsource beta testing since its demand depends on the frequency of the company’s releases of versions or updates.

That way, companies can benefit from flexibly scaling their teams while retaining their core employees to monitor and supervise their team’s work.


In any business sector, cybersecurity is important to protect the sensitive data of both the business and its customers. IT companies ensure the top level of security for their clients by putting encryptions and security patches on their websites and applications.

Outsourcing cybersecurity duties to these companies also helps protect the business from possible data breaches that can affect their entire operation.

Outsourcing services list

How to access outsourcing services: selecting the right outsourcing services provider

Outsourcing can be done in different ways: hiring a freelancer, an agency, or through business process outsourcing.


Freelancing allows employers to hire an individual contractor for a short-term or long-term project. Freelancers offer a wide range of services, including virtual assistant services, graphic design, digital marketing, and software development.

Some of the most popular freelance platforms in the market include:

  • FreeUpWhat makes the platform different is that it offers pre-vetted freelancers to its clients. They only need to sign a request form for their preferred roles. The system will then match them to a qualified applicant that they can interview or hire right away.
  • UpworkEmployers here can browse different freelancer profiles according to the roles or skills that they need. They can also post job offers to attract applicants and then interview and hire them directly.
  • FiverrIn this platform, employers “buy” a freelancer’s service for a minimum of $5. Once interested, they can contact the freelancer through the platform and hire them right away to start working.
  • FreelancerThe platform works the same as UpWork. Here, employers can browse freelancer profiles or post job offers.
  • PeoplePerHourEmployers hire freelancers on this platform based on their hourly rates. Most of them are virtual assistants who perform general business tasks.


Businesses usually hire agencies for short-term projects. These agencies usually offer accounting, IT, and marketing services, to name a few.

Some of the most popular agency platforms in the market include:

  • UpWork AgenciesAside from being a freelance marketplace, UpWork is also a platform for hiring agencies. It has a wide range of agencies listed on the site, most of them specializing in web design and digital marketing.
  • Clutch.co. Clutch. co is one of the leading review sites for B2B agencies. They conduct their own research on these agencies and rank them according to client reviews and price range.
  • The ManifestA sister company of Clutch, The Manifest is a comprehensive guide and how-to website mostly for small businesses. It features top agencies listed on Clutch and ranks them according to the site’s research methodology.
  • Agency SpotterAgency Spotter, meanwhile, lists different digital marketing agencies in the United States. Its listings include the contact details, locations, client reviews, and price range of each agency.
  • HubSpot Agencies. HubSpot also has a directory of thousands of partner agencies in marketing and sales on their website. They rank their agencies according to their use of the site’s platform and the quality of service they offer to their clients.

Business process outsourcing (BPO)

Lastly, business process outsourcing involves outsourcing tasks to a third-party company. This company will set up a dedicated team for its clients, train the team, and implement the client’s standards in its operations.

BPO companies will also cover the required resources for the team, such as the latest hardware, office space, and salaries and benefits of each employee. Check out the top 40 BPO companies in the Philippines to find out more.

In the end, the goal of an outsourcing service is to scale the business and get the best quality of work for less cost. It goes beyond saying money and aims to put into place a business strategy to boost the quality of service.

Plan what to outsource, where, and what company to consider to avoid its risks and outsource properly this year.

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Evolution of outsourcing services

Offshore staffing outsourcing has been happening for about 30 years now. The industry started with simple administrative tasks and mono-thematic call center functions.

Now, 30 years later, the types of outsourcing services have broadened and gotten infinitely more sophisticated.

Outsourcing services now cover the full spectrum of professional roles and business processes. Virtually every function within a business, including sales, marketing, admin, and customer service, can potentially be offloaded to an outsourcing company.

The scope of outsourcing services is now limited only by your imagination. Browse our BPO directory to find the right outsourcing company for you.

Outsourcing services FAQ

Which is the best example of outsourcing?

Outsourcing can be seen in concrete examples in business and our daily life. For instance, restaurants use DoorDash and UberEats to help you order and deliver your food on time. Several websites and apps are also available for hiring utility persons to maintain your home and take care of your pets while you’re away. Small agencies hire a virtual assistant to arrange schedules and appointments of their personnel.

Companies such as Zara and Ikea also outsource manufacturing to factories in Asian countries for mass production worldwide. This helps them keep up with their demand and maintain the low prices of their products. 

What are the types of outsourcing services?

Outsourcing is categorized in different types. IT outsourcing, the most common type, deals with outsourcing IT network management. Business process outsourcing, meanwhile, covers repetitive, basic tasks integral to a company’s operation. Manufacturing outsourcing is for product manufacturing, usually for global distribution. 

Businesses can also outsource high-value services (knowledge process outsourcing) and short-term projects (project outsourcing) to keep up with their demand. Process outsourcing, meanwhile, covers mostly legalities and back end operations such as recruitment, HR, and litigation. Transferring an entire department to a different country (offshoring) is also allowed, depending on the terms of their service providers.

What are the advantages of outsourcing?

Outsourcing helps businesses achieve great benefits. For instance, outsourcing helps businesses save on staffing costs by hiring high-quality employees offshore. At an affordable price, offshore companies also cover the expenses for a class-A quality office, optimal data storage and security, and high-speed connection for the team.

Outsourcing also helps them focus on the core management of their company. This eases the burden of repetitive, complex, and time-consuming tasks on their hand to give them more time to think about strategies on expanding their company and improving their services. It also is a good strategy for business continuity in case force majeure happens in their home country.

What is outsourcing in simple words?

Simply put, outsourcing is delegating a task, project, or an entire department to another company in a different city or country. Instead of creating an internal team, companies hire a service provider to do projects for them.

Usually, repetitive tasks such as customer service, data entry, and administrative duties are outsourced to several companies in the Philippines and India. Companies also delegate complex duties such as accounting and IT to help them cut on costs and scale their employees depending on their demand.

Solopreneurs with e-commerce sites also outsource virtual assistance for booking management, scheduling, and email inquiries.

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