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Top 20 recruitment companies in London

Top 20 recruitment companies in London

List of recruitment companies in London

  1. Huntress
  2. Opilio Recruitment 
  3. IT Recruitment UK
  4. Launch Lab
  5. DevsData 
  6. Lucky Hunters
  7. Whitecollars
  8. Tiger Recruitment
  9. Anderson Hoare
  10. Tupelo Teams
  11. Vivid Resourcing 
  12. Reed
  13. Berg Search
  14. Cavendish Professionals
  15. Avance Consulting
  16. Medecho
  17. Europe Solutions
  18. Rutherford
  19. Four Seasons
  20. Penna

Finding the best fit and highly competent people for your team is one of the most challenging parts of the recruitment process. 

An effective recruitment mechanism can be tedious, but the result will contribute to the overall success and effectiveness of the organization.

Businesses today continue to navigate through new working arrangements, resulting in many job opportunities opening in various work models.

It draws a positive employment curve rate to many high-performing cities like London in the United Kingdom. According to the EY’s 2024 UK regional economic forecast, the city is expected to have an increase of 1.5% employment rate annually.

The situation led top recruitment companies in London to innovate services and explore more ways to deal with clients. 

Let’s take a look at the top recruitment companies in London.

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What are the roles of recruitment companies in London?

Most companies today already have their human resource as part of their office department. However, many of us still wonder why some businesses prepare to hire top recruitment companies to do the hiring for them.

If we think deeper, there is more about the recruitment companies that we can consider than just the hiring of talents alone. Here are some of the roles of recruitment companies that can help businesses grow:

#1. Industry leaders and expert consultants 

Recruitment companies also hire top leaders and consultants from various sectors to ensure clients an intensified way of selecting candidates by fully understanding their capabilities.

A deeper selection process would entail more suitable candidates for job vacancies needed by the clients.

#2. Higher visibility and online reach

Recruitment firms invest in achieving higher visibility and online reach not only to attract partnerships but also to entice more job seekers to submit applications using their websites.

Today, top recruitment companies also hire remote workers through outsourcing to expand their services and collaborate with more client partners worldwide.

Higher visibility and online reach
What are the roles of recruitment companies in London?

#3. Technology-based recruitment process

Many recruitment companies are armed with the latest technologies to back their services. These innovations streamline the process of selecting candidates while ensuring that each of them possesses the qualifications and competencies needed.

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Aside from websites where job seekers can directly connect with recruitment companies, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms are also utilized to establish more connections with clients and job seekers.

Platforms usually contain navigations where job seekers can upload documentary requirements, take an online assessment, or even finish an onboarding session before employment.

Recruitment companies as drivers for upskilling talent acquisition 

As mentioned, top recruitment companies today are becoming more equipped and advanced with the help of tech innovations.

Recruitment leaders also boost their capabilities by keeping up-to-date with industry trends and best practices. They also study and conduct necessary research to help upskill and transform talent acquisition processes.

In London, firms seek the expertise of recruitment companies to provide them with the most competent workers to support their operations. No wonder the city is now home to so many recruitment companies.

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Top 20 recruitment companies in London 

Here’s an overview of the top recruitment companies in London to you can partner with:

1. Huntress

Founded: 2000

Location: Kingsway, Holborn, London, and multiple locations in England, UK

Specialty industries: Office Support, Accountancy and Finance, Marketing, Human Resource, Customer Service, Procurement and Supply

Huntress is one of the top recruitment companies in London. Composed of expert consultants from various industries, its services across the UK for both national and 

local businesses.

The company also partners with highly competent talents to perform support services, making it a trusted recruitment partner of many companies in London and across the UK today.

2. Opilio Recruitment 

Founded: 2010

Location: Paul Street, West Ham, London 

Specialty industries: Web Development, Mobile and Information Technology, Digital Media and Marketing

Opilio carved a name in the industry as one of the top recruitment companies providing highly competent and top-performing talents for digital media and technology support services. 

The team behind this company shares a passion for performing services in the digital space. Its specialists collaborate with high social media reach platforms, making them highly capable of assigning best-fit talents for various businesses.

3. IT Recruitment UK

Founded: 2009

Location: Wenlock Road, London, with multiple satellite operations in England, UK

Specialty industries: Information Technology Services 

This information technology recruitment company offers a wide range of service solutions for information technology services backed by recruitment consultants and highly competent IT professionals.

The company believes that excellent partnership with clients is an integral element of success. It ensures that clients get the utmost services that cover the totality of the IT industry, including:

  • Internet, development and programming
  • Professional management
  • Telecommunications and network
  • Microsoft infrastructure
  • Training and support services

4. Launch Lab

Founded: 2021

Location: Margaret Street, London, UK

Specialty industries: Entertainment, Consumer Products, Government, Information Technology, Manufacturing

Launch Lab is an internationally renowned collaborator for various firms and tech companies in London, sharing world-class talents in the IT industry.

Its unique fractional hiring manager service backed with the traditional recruitment mechanism gives a full cycle assessment on behalf of its business partners. 

Launch Lab also caters to firms outside the UK through its offshore partner network.

5. DevsData

Founded: 2016

Location: London, UK, USA, and Spain 

Specialty industries: Business and Financial Services, Government and Legal, Technology

DevsData is one of the top recruitment companies in London for the IT and software development industry. It serves as a premium technology partner that also operates in Poland, the USA, and Spain.

The company ensures excellent service delivery with its top-tier engineers and network of expert field contractors. They perform various technological requirements like DevOps, cloud infrastructure, and technology consulting.

6. Lucky Hunter 

Founded: 2017

Location: London, UK, with operations in Armenia, Kazakhstan, and UAE 

Specialty industries: Information Technology, Business Services, Gaming, Retail and E-commerce

As a leading global IT recruitment agency, Lucky Hunter shares high-quality services for a wide range of client needs, leading to a remarkable collaboration with well-known companies like CloudLinux, SemRush, and Playrix. 

It has industry knowledge and experience in sourcing highly competent individuals to perform jobs in tech sectors like SaaS development, cyber security, cloud computing, and digital marketing, to name a few.

7. Whitecollars 

Founded: 2018

Location: London, UK and Cairo, Egypt

Specialty industries: Advertising and Marketing, Information Technology, E-commerce, Hospitality and Natural Resources, Real Estate

Whitecollars is an international HR consulting and recruitment agency providing affordable operational support services and solutions.

Its innovative recruitment mechanisms help firms achieve organizational resilience. Whitecollars helped them cultivate an empire of extraordinary employees.

8. Tiger Recruitment

Founded: 2001

Location: London, Bristol, Manchester, UK, and satellite offices in New York, Dublin, Zurich, and Dubai

Specialty industries: Business Support, Virtual Assistant, HR, Finance and Accounting, Digital Technology

Tiger Recruitment is included in the lists of top recruitment companies in London, providing exceptional staff for private individuals and businesses that can work in an in-house and virtual setting.

It caters to various firms, including areas of administrative support, human resources, and digital roles. Tiger’s consultants collaborate with high-caliber talents, performing outstanding support services.

9. Anderson Hoare

Founded: 1992

Location: Victoria, London, UK

Specialty industries: Manufacturing, Business and Financial Services, Information Technology, Retail

Anderson Hoare is one of the top recruitment companies in London. For almost two decades, it has specialized in full-service executive staff support services. 

As a boutique-style recruitment partner, Anderson is a trusted company that places highly competent staff for temporary and permanent status at all levels of business needs.

10. Tupelo Teams

Founded: 2018

Location: London, UK

Specialty industries: Technology Services, Gaming, Medical Technology

This recruitment company based in London is home to highly experienced technical leaders. It serves as a boutique technology consulting partner of various clients in different industry verticals.

Tupelo Taems manages and builds software teams for scaleup and startup enterprises across the UK, Europe, and UAE clients, offering services on the following:

  • Health-tech
  • E-commerce and Marketplace
  • Sports Gaming
  • Digital Media

11. Vivid Resourcing

Founded: 2009

Location: London, UK, Scotland, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands

Specialty industries: Government and Information Technology 

This award-winning and one of the top recruitment companies based in London provides dedicated and high-performing support talents for engineering, technology, public sectors, and life sciences. 

Its world-class service offers resulted in the expansion of its network and reach in niche markets at an international level across the UK and Europe. 

12. Reed 

Founded: 1960

Location: London, UK, with offices across Europe, the USA, the Middle East, and East Asia.

Specialty industries: Business and Consumer Product Services

Industry experts at Reed help firms screen and recruit best-fit workers for over 20 sectors, from interim to permanent roles. Its process includes hiring talents, scaling, and providing learning and development interventions.

Since its inception in 1960, Reed became a pioneer in recruitment, specializing in sourcing knowledgeable and skilled professionals with connections to the UK’s widest talent database of various global sectors.

13. Berg Search 

Founded: 2023

Location: London, UK and Athens, Greece

Specialty industries: Consumer products, Financial Services, Information Technology 

Berg Search centers on the context that hiring the right people will ensure business success and achieve organizational growth. It provides flexible talent solutions, including talent as a service and short-term hiring.

As one of the top recruitment companies in London, Berg Search is committed to supporting as many thriving companies to transform from good to great. 

14. Cavendish Professionals

Founded: 2009

Location: London, UK 

Specialty industries: Information Technology, Construction and Engineering, Rail Services

Cavendish Professional is a well-recognized recruitment company stationed in London for the construction, rail, and technology sectors. It focuses on building relationships and connects clients with highly competent candidates.

Over the years, the company became a recruiter of choice for many leading companies in the global market. It is composed of dedicated teams sharing extensive industry knowledge and experiences.

15. Avance Consulting

Founded: 2007

Location: London, UK with satellite offices across Europe, North America, Oceana, and Asia

Specialty industries: Construction and Logistics, Healthcare, Banking and Finance, Technology, Manufacturing, Life Sciences

Avance Consulting offers different ways of hiring and selecting support candidates to assist its client partners. It varies depending on the requirement and the nature of the task, comprising the following services:

  • Permanent and Remote Hiring
  • Contract and Freelancers
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing 
  • Managed Service Provider

With a dedicated team of almost 700 industry leaders, Avance Consulting was recognized by the EcoVadis Medal for exceptional Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards by promoting environmental sustainability backed with ethical standards.

16. Medecho 

Founded: 2014 

Location: London, UK

Specialty industries: Medical Services

Medecho is a market-leading and top recruitment company for doctors and nurses. It provides locum jobs to candidate doctors and healthcare professionals within the National Health Service (NHS) and private sectors.

With the exigency and demand of this sector, Modecho continuously works to acquire a deeper understanding of the practices of medical professionals and use it to strengthen recruitment capability.

17. Europe Solutions

Founded: 2006 

Location: London, UK and Warsaw, Poland

Specialty industries: Business Services, Retail, Information Technology, Engineering and Manufacturing

Europe Solutions has supported over 400 businesses by placing competent support staff since its inception in 2006. It focuses on addressing challenges on time-to-hire and ensures the availability of critical staff.

Listed among the top recruitment companies operating in London, Europe Solutions expanded its operation and manages recruitment projects to find service professionals in the following sectors:

  • Information Technology
  • Engineering and Construction 
  • Creatives and Marketing
  • Business, retail, and Manufacturing

18. Rutherford

Founded: 2011 

Location: London, UK and New York, USA

Specialty industries: Financial Services, Legal, Cybersecurity, Business Support Services

Rutherford collaborates with clients of different firms in financial sectors. It focuses on providing staff support and eliminating the risk of financial-related crimes, cyber security, and risk in business operations.

As the demand for financial services continuously grows, Rutherford adaptively innovates its recruitment capability to help clients achieve the standards of both domestic and international regulators.

19.  Four Seasons

Founded: 1981

Location: Wimpole Street, London, UK 

Specialty industries: Retail, Marketing and Digital Services, Technical and Production Services

Four Seasons is among the top recruitment companies in London that works as a boutique recruitment leader for luxury and fashion retail sectors.

The company invests in establishing firm relationships and continuously works towards understanding the sectors of its clients. It is to ensure the achievement of the expectations and requirements of each organization.

20.  Penna

Founded: 1974

Location: Spitalfields, London, UK 

Specialty industries: Automotives, Consumer Products, Financial Services, Government

Penna performs different service areas of recruitment from assessment to candidate management and sourcing. The company always shares its best effort to find the most qualified candidates for its clients.

Completing the list of top recruitment companies operating in London, Penna has a track record for exceptional collaborations, providing high-performing talents for permanent, interim, and executive levels.

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