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SAP Philippines Inc.


About SAP Philippines Inc.

“SAP Software and Solutions is the world’s foremost provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software systems in the world. The company provides a plethora of products to clients across various industries to deploy, improve and create business processes with the goal of providing enhanced efficiency and superior ROI. SAP Philippines Inc. is the Philippine division of the company. Formed in 1975, the company is has created numerous innovations in the field of computer-assisted business process management across the globe. The company has global revenue of over 22 billion euros, and an estimated 84,000 employees, spread all over the world.

The core products of the company are service-oriented enterprise architecture and enterprise resource planning software solutions. With its service-oriented architecture, SAP Software and Solutions provide its clients not just with hardware and software, but creates a tightly integrated system built along the specifications and requirements of the client. The company boasts of an envious clientele, with a large number of Fortune 500 organizations using its services across business process outsourcing, manufacturing, energy production, oil and gas procurement, retail, telecommunications, aerospace, media and defense and security. The company has provides solutions for business data analytics, customer relationship management, data warehousing and mining, financial management, supply chain management and human capital management, to name a few.