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6 reasons why you need offshore staffing

Save 70% on staff costs

This cannot be overstated – offshore staffing can save you serious money! Cash is king right now, and offshore staffing allows you to save 50%-80% on your all-in staffing costs.

Remote & WFH enabled

COVID-19 has shown the world that there are alternatives to traditional local-staffing in-office solutions. The outsourcing industry is fully WFH enabled and optimised.

Instant teams - auxiliary and core roles

Offshore staffing allows you to build either your core team of staff (operations), or auxiliary support teams (customer support, logistics).

Flexible & scalable workforce

You can avoid all of your local employment red-tape and bureaucracy. You can focus on your core business while the staff are taken care of.

Affordable external expertise

Outsourcing is not just about low-level back office support roles. Access the expertise to guide your business through challenging times—from sales, marketing, technical, and leadership roles.

Highly qualified and dedicated people

The Philippines has 650,000 university graduates every year. English is the primary language of the country, and they have a Western aligned culture.

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Outsourcing for any role, any sector

Admin and customer support

Outsourcing admin and CS roles is a great way to support your business - whilst saving 70% on costs.

Some back office services:
  • — Data entry & processing
  • — Customer support
  • — Transcription
  • — HR & recruitment
IT and Web Development

Outsourcing IT and web development roles can secure top talent for your business - without the hefty price tag.

Some IT & developer services:
  • — Web Developers
  • — Eccommerce, CRM & automation
  • — IT & network management
  • — Technical support
Marketing and Sales

Hiring marketing and sales experts will help take your business to the next level - minus the scary overhead.

Some marketing & sales services:
  • — Digital marketing
  • — Media planners
  • — Copywriters
  • — Sales agents & ISA
Finance and Accounting

Finance and bookeeping roles is a grea way to get your books, tax, and analysis done with ease - and save!

Some finance & accounting services:
  • — Bookkeeping & reporting
  • — Accountants & CPA
  • — Invoice management (AR, AP)
  • — CFO & strategy

You’re in the right hands

We’re the leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) marketplace for businesses across the globe, and aligned with our mission to transform businesses with fully-managed expert solutions, we provide the trusted independent resource for those seeking to know more about their outsourcing options in the Philippines.

750 world-leading companies
1.5m professionals employed
$25bn sector revenues
650k graduates annually

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Some marketing & sales services:
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The outsourcing authority

Outsource Accelerator offers the world’s leading aggregator marketplace for offshore staffing services. The OA platform provides the conduit between Philippine outsourcing suppliers and the businesses – clients – across the globe.

Outsource Accelerator is the leading outsourcing advisory for the Philippines, as well as offering a full spectrum of brokerage, incubation and co-management services.

Confidential, transparent, and fair

The process is completely confidential for the you, the client, and transparent and fair for all parties. It is critical for our mission that we remain a trusted intermediary by both the clients and the outsourcing suppliers.

We do not sell nor share your information with any third parties - other than three verified BPO partners with which you have been matched. We do not charge any commissions or make any margins if you proceed with outsourcing.

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in the Philippines are typically 70% less than its Western counterparts

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Outsourcing salary comparison chart. All amounts are in U.S. dollars per annum

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