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Top 15 best coworking spaces in Southeast Asia

Top 15 best coworking spaces in Southeast Asia

There is a certain charm to coworking spaces—the ambiance, the sense of community, the bright and airy spaces. 

It’s not a surprise that people of different professions flock to these places to be more productive. They provide a solace away from stuffy offices while still effectively boosting productivity amongst its patrons. 

That said, the best coworking spaces in Southeast Asia, from the Philippines to Indonesia, Singapore, and Thailand, provide both an air of professionalism and a relaxing atmosphere—a concept often hard to put into motion.

List of the 15 best coworking spaces in Southeast Asia

  1. WeWork (Philippines)
  2. Outpost (Indonesia)
  3. CoCre8 (Singapore)
  4. KoHub (Thailand)
  5. Dojo Bali (Indonesia)
  6. BeacHub (Thailand)
  7. Found8 (Malaysia)
  8. The Desk Coworking Space (Cambodia)
  9. TohLao (Laos)
  10. Acceler8 (Philippines)
  11. SPICED (Vietnam)
  12. Greenhouse at the Penthouse (Indonesia)
  13. The Working Capitol (Singapore)
  14. Dreamplex (Vietnam)
  15. WeRemote (Philippines) 

Defining coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are community hubs that provide working spaces and amenities for professionals. They aim to be as comfortable as coffee shops and public libraries but still have the professional atmosphere of traditional office spaces.

The best coworking spaces often cater to digital nomads, freelancers, and remote teams.

Why employees are more productive in coworking spaces

Why employees are more productive in coworking spaces

Spaces that integrate both wellness and productivity are so much more effective in making people be more present. This is one of the reasons why the best coworking spaces have facilities such as nap rooms, pantries, gaming lounges, and more.

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Arguably, some offices do have these facilities but remember that these hubs are catered for freelancers and those who don’t have a traditional office space.

We’ve also tackled in detail the factors that allow workers to thrive in another list of the best coworking spaces in Metro Manila, Philippines.

How coworking spaces help digital nomads and remote-first companies

Digital nomads and remote workers operate out of their own homes as they usually don’t have a designated office space.

Some of them have a dedicated working space in their homes, but some prefer to work somewhere else. There are a plethora of reasons why others would prefer to work outside of their homes, be it for the lack of space, no privacy, noises, and others.

The best coworking spaces are free from distractions yet aren’t as limiting as traditional working environments.

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The best coworking spaces in Southeast Asia

Aside from their main attraction, these hubs are well-known for their proximity to the biggest central business districts (CBD) in the respective countries in Southeast Asia.

1. WeWork (Philippines)

Location/s: Makati City & Bonifacio Global City

Rate per day: Contact for quotation

Amenities: WiFi connection, workspaces, mother’s room, parking, event spaces, conference rooms

WeWork Philippines is one of the most popular coworking hubs in Metro Manila. Most days, you can see freelancers and remote teams working up a storm in one of their spaces in Makati and BGC. 

Its close proximity to these CBDs has helped WeWork reach its elite status, along with its amazing facilities on site. 

2. Outpost (Indonesia)

Location/s: Canggu; Ubud; and Ubud Penestanan in Bali

Rate per day: Contact for quotation

Amenities: Coliving spaces with an internet connection, private rooms, workshop spaces, ergonomic workspaces, A/C controlled rooms

If you are a true-blue digital nomad, working in one of the greatest vacation destinations in the world must’ve popped up in your mind. 

Outpost is a coliving and coworking hub situated in Bali, Indonesia—arguably one of the most popular destinations for digital nomads ever.

As a remote employee, you’d still need a productive workstation and internet connection in order to do your job, and Outpost has that and so much more.

3. CoCre8 (Singapore)

Location/s: Orchard Road

Rate per day: Starts at SGD 45

Amenities: Meeting rooms, internet connection, mailing address, 24/7 operations, ergonomically designed workspaces

CoCre8 is one of the most popular coworking destinations in Singapore. With rates that start from as low as SGD 45, patrons can enjoy the facilities from 9 AM to 6 PM. 

The starting rate covers everything from pantry access, high-speed internet, and phone booths to meeting rooms.

4. KoHub (Thailand)

Location/s: Koh Lanta

Rate per day: Starts at THB 295

Amenities: Coliving spaces, beachfront, meeting rooms, high-speed internet, climate-controlled spaces, equipment rental

KoHub’s facilities are just too good not to mention. They’re situated in Koh Lanta, dubbed as one of the most livable islands in Thailand.

Remote workers who love the beach life are welcomed here for a change of scenery. With their beachfront amenities and coliving+coworking spaces, everyone who comes for work can also find their zen.

Note: As of writing, KoHub is temporarily closed for safety reasons until November 2022.

5. Dojo Bali (Indonesia)

Location/s: Echo Beach, Canggu

Rate per day: Starts at IDR 700,000

Amenities: Coliving facilities, restaurants, beachfront, ergonomic working spaces, zen gardens, high-speed internet connection

Here’s another beachfront coworking hub in Southeast Asia: Dojo Bali. Located in one of the top destinations in Indonesia, this collaborative community prides itself on reinventing the island life.

With its amazing facilities, just a stone throw’s away from the beach, remote workers feel even more productive and enthusiastic day in and day out.

6. BeacHub (Thailand)

Location/s: Koh Phangan

Rate per day: Contact for quotation

Amenities: Beachfront coliving, ergonomically designed workspaces, fiber optic internet

Yet another beachfront entry to our list of the best coworking spaces in Southeast Asia is BeacHub. While their rates aren’t officially posted, their facilities are pretty much the same with other collaborative hubs situated on the beach.

7. Found8 (Malaysia)

Location/s: Kuala Lumpur

Rate per day: Starts at MYR 90

Amenities: Private offices, hotdesks, private booths, event spaces, meeting rooms

Found yourself in the Southeast Asian city of Kuala Lumpur? Found8 Malaysia can help you get settled right in—when it comes to coworking spaces.

The hub itself is very accessible, as it’s situated close to the city’s biggest transportation system. Anyone who needs a hotdesk for a day, a week, or a month can easily find the Found8 space.

8. The Desk Coworking Space (Cambodia)

Location/s: Phnom Penh

Rate per month: Starts at USD 60

Amenities: Private desks, team rooms, conference booths, lobby area, WiFi connection

The Desk Cambodia aligns itself with the likes of solopreneurs, micro-businesses, freelancers, and remote workers. Their mission and vision revolve around ensuring that they provide a productive and inclusive space for these people.

9. TohLao (Laos)

Location/s: Vientiane

Rate per day: Starts at KIP 20,000

Amenities: Meeting hubs, private rooms, workspaces, high-speed internet connection, beverages

TohLao has everything you need from a coworking space. Aside from the shared and private working space, they have a bigger range of services. It includes documentation facilities, personal assistant services, and even business matching services.

10. Acceler8 (Philippines)

Location/s: Makati City

Rate per day: Starts at PHP 300

Amenities: Dedicated desks, serviced offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms, event spaces

Acceler8 spans across four countries in Southeast Asia: from Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand to the Philippines. 

They provide spaces that are more than just somewhere to work. They ensure that these spaces mimic the sense of creativity and community even outside of the traditional workspaces.

11. SPICED (Vietnam)

Location/s: Ho Chi Minh City

Rate per month: Starts at VND 160,000

Amenities: 12-hour access (day pass), ergonomically designed workspaces, private meeting rooms, swimming pool access

If you’re looking for a community that provides a vibrant, fresh, and creative environment, look no further than SPICED.

Situated in the city of Ho Chi Minh, the hub offers convenient access to main transportation modes and other amenities in the heart of the city.

12. Greenhouse (Indonesia)

Location/s: 25F Multivision Tower, Kuningan, Jakarta

Rate per day: Starts at IDR 1,500,000

Amenities: Hotdesks, zen garden, workshop spaces, meeting rooms, virtual offices

The Multivision Tower in Kuningan is one of the most prominent buildings in the city, and it houses one of the most picturesque coworking spaces that’s sure to get your creative juices flowing.

If you need a view of the city while working, the Greenhouse is your best bet.

13. The Working Capitol (Singapore)

Location/s: Singapore

Rate per month: Starts at ​​SGD 79

Amenities: Private desks, conference rooms, booths, mail handling services

Inclusivity, compassion, and collaboration are the priorities in The Working Capitol. This is one of the more inexpensive hubs around Singapore. But even then, their amenities match up to their more premium counterparts.

14. Dreamplex (Vietnam)

Location/s: Ngo Quang Huy; Tran Quang Khai; Nguyen Trung Ngan; Dien Bien Phu; The Campus, District 4 (December 2021); Nguyen U Di (December 2021)

Rate per day: Contact for quotation

Amenities: Private offices, serviced and branded suites, meeting rooms, unlimited coworking desks

Looking for a collaborative space in Vietnam? Look no further than Dreamplex. With four locations across the country and two more on the way, you’ll never get tired of working in just one office. 

Signing up as a member allows you to jump from location to location as much as your heart desires. 

15. WeRemote (Philippines)

Location/s: Pasig City

Rate per day: Starts at PHP 499

Amenities: Common areas, hotdesks, equipment rental, business registration assistance

Flocked by freelancers and remote teams, WeRemote promotes productivity and efficiency even outside of traditional working spaces. 

Most Philippine-based companies are yet to fully commit to remote working. And hubs like WeRemote aims to reinvent that kind of thinking for the employees and employers alike.

How coworking is revolutionizing industries

The pandemic has convinced more and more companies that some jobs and responsibilities can be done remotely. Major players like LinkedIn and Spotify have mandated their employees to “work anywhere” to sustain their productivity.

Coworking is one of the factors that allow employees to stay motivated throughout their days. They cultivate a place with a sense of community even though most coworkers are practically strangers. 

How coworking is revolutionizing industries

To an extent, having like-minded people around you can influence your productivity and efficiency while working or studying. This is one of the reasons why the best coworking spaces thrive alongside remote-first companies.

There are a lot of reasons that can affect a company’s mode of working:

  • Lack of probable office space
  • Distributed workforce
  • Employees not wanting to go to the office
  • International employees in different offices and headquarters
  • Lack of budget

It may be true that coworking spaces emerged to accommodate the growing population of remote workers and freelancers. They will not necessarily replace office jobs; these traditional work setups will be around for a long time. 

However, coworking hubs complement industries to allow more flexible work setups and different professionals to thrive. This is especially true in the tech and creative sectors, where workers perform with just a laptop and an internet connection.

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