5 Common sense ways to maximize your remote team’s productivity

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In a time where nothing seems impossible with technology, working together without actually having to be “together” is just one of the many innovations our time has come to realize. Working together remotely or virtually has truly been an advantage both for employers and employees alike.

But what does it really take to ensure your team performs adroitly and timely? We share with you quick and easy ways you can employ to make sure your team is always on the same page, up-to-speed, and working towards the same goal.

1. Know your remote team

Nothing worse when you do not know what your team members are capable of. When you manage a remote team, this can be easily neglected. I mean, as long as they deliver, they get paid, and the cycle continues. But if you know your gang and their complete skill set, who knows how else they can contribute apart from doing the work you hired them for (Keep in mind, of course, that they have to be compensated correspondingly)?

I also encourage my team members to get to know each other. Reach out, strike a conversation. Working remotely means working on your own at home or in a cafe, and it can get lonely for some. Meeting once in a while, if possible, can also be a good practice.

2. Always keep communication lines open

Not seeing your teammates face-to-face can cause a lot of miscommunication. It can range from an innocuous misunderstanding that can be easily fixed to being the devil’s own luck that could cost a huge setback to the business. Always make sure that your remote team is comfortable enough to ask questions when uncertain of how to proceed. Be “approachable”. Let them know that you are available to answer their questions or clarify things that are ambiguous.

3. Be time-specific

Let’s face it – not reporting to an office, working in the comforts of your home and in your jammies is a sure recipe for lazy team members. It’s true. So, when delegating tasks, make sure that your remote team is aware of the set timeline for all the tasks. This will also instill discipline in the team members. Also, do not forget to give a reasonable amount of time to your team members to complete their assignments.


One thing I always strive to teach my remote team is to do their part in a timely manner without sacrificing the quality and accuracy of the work delivered. It is do-able with proper time management and discipline.

4. Give credit where credit is due

Nothing is worse in the workplace than feeling unappreciated. Let your team members know when they do an awesome job. Let’s not be stingy with praise. But, please, mean it when you say it. You don’t want to loosely throw recognition around because you want it to encourage people and not just be something taken lightly.

5. Grow and learn – Ad infinitum

To venture into something unconventional, to go where little to no one has gone before means there will always be something yet to learn. As your remote team grows, do not forget that you, too, should evolve. Continuously find ways to improve yourself, your remote team, your team members, and even your workflow.

We can always find rooms for improvement – by we, I mean you are welcome to join us in continuously discovering new and effective ways from people who have successfully done it.



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