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Top 30 recruitment companies in New Zealand

Top 30 recruitment companies in New Zealand

List of recruitment companies in New Zealand

  1. Expert360  
  2. LawsonWilliams
  3. Talent ID Recruitment
  4. FRENZ
  5. RobLawMax Recruitment
  6. Sheffield 
  7. Alpha Recruitment
  8. People Passion 
  9. Consult Recruitment
  10. Emergent NZ
  11. Adecco NZ
  12. Advanced Personnel 
  13. Drake New Zealand
  14. Enterprise Recruitment 
  15. Superior Personnel
  16. TradeStaff
  17. Accent Health Recruitment
  18. Fluid Recruitment
  20. Retailworld Recruitment
  21. Niche Recruitment
  22. The People Project
  23. Integrity1
  24. Ryan Recruitment Ltd
  25. HR Assured
  26. Kinetic Recruitment
  27. Beyond Recruitment
  28. Hospoworld
  29. Crescent Consulting
  30. Core HR

The recruitment industry in New Zealand has continuously progressed over the years. It embraces the power of cultivating creativity in meeting the needs of job seekers and employers.

Recruitment companies are getting smarter by using technology like digital media, virtual tests, and AI to improve their processes.

Top recruitment companies are continuously working to make hiring easier and improve the job search experience by learning more about different industries.

In New Zealand, emerging industries comprise niche sectors such as industrial and renewable energy, healthcare technology, digital marketing, and e-commerce. No wonder thousands of businesses look for top talents in these fields.

Recruitment firms provide out-of-the-box strategies, addressing the specific requirements and standards of the clients.

Learn more about the top recruitment companies in New Zealand as we go along to this article.

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How recruitment companies in New Zealand help global businesses

Recruitment companies play an integral part in shaping the hiring landscape of many businesses worldwide. Here’s how they help in achieving staffing objectives:

Access to a network of talent

Recruitment companies have extensive networks and databases of qualified offshore and onshore candidates for various industries. 

These companies continuously source top talents, including those who may not eagerly seek opportunities but possess highly technical skills and experience.

Streamlined recruitment process

The crucial challenges of many organizations lie in managing recruitment processes, especially those international companies that operate in different time zones and locations.

Top recruitment companies in New Zealand take this as an opportunity to adapt different innovative strategies to help clients streamline their hiring processes. Some of the notable roles of recruitment companies are:

  • Job advertising
  • Candidate screening
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Conducting reference checks

Local expertise

Recruitment agencies in New Zealand possess a deeper understanding and knowledge of the local job market, including:

  • Salary expectations
  • Labor laws and regulations
  • Cultural differences
  • Industry trends

This kind of expertise is vital to properly assist global businesses seeking top talents in the country to work and contribute to the success of their operations.

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Onboarding support services

Top recruitment firms in New Zealand are becoming more advanced, with some offering additional services, such as onboarding support services. 

They introduce and familiarize new hires with the dynamics and processes of the organization, which usually includes the following:

  • Orientation programs
  • Training initiatives
  • Learning and development
  • Workshops and activities

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Top 30 recruitment companies in New Zealand 

Here are the top recruitment companies in New Zealand to collaborate with:

1. Expert360

Founded: 2013

Location: Auckland, Wellington, New Zealand with multiple offices in Australia

Specialty industries: Retail, Financial Management, Information Technology, Digital Marketing

Expert360 is one of the top recruitment companies in New Zealand, with satellite operations in Australia. It provides clients with a network of talents backed by its end-to-end recruitment solutions.

It explores other aspects of recruitment, including outsourcing, technology, and project service delivery. Expert360 helps businesses to hire a smaller but more effective team to perform services.

2. LawsonWilliams

Founded: 1991

Location: Hamilton, Tauranga, Auckland, New Zealand

Specialty industries: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Transport and Logistics 

LawsonWilliams is named one of the top recruitment companies, offering one-stop-shop recruitment and human resource management support to various companies of different industry verticals.

Some of its well-known services are the HR partnership model, project support, and executive recruitment. The company is home to recruitment specialists with expertise in different fields and specializations. 

3. Talent ID Recruitment 

Founded: 2007

Location: Rotorua and Havelock North, New Zealand

Specialty industries: Digital Marketing and Information Technology Services 

As a talent management expert, this company provides highly competent personnel for its clients for temporary and permanent positions. It aims to offer human resource solutions more effectively and cost-effectively.

Talend ID Recruitment is home to well-experienced HR consultants who can handle different areas of human resource management and systems. It performs as an outsourced HR office for many of its clients.


Founded: 1998

Location: Auckland, New Zealand 

Specialty industries: Farming, Construction and Civil, Trade, Technical and Engineering

With over 25 years of industry experience, FRENZ has served and placed hundreds of farmers in New Zealand. It has now expanded to other emerging industries, including trade, construction, technical, and engineering.

FRENZ focuses on providing services with integrity and effective management with thorough and up-to-date recruitment mechanisms. The company helps clients take the right people to their teams for the short and long-term and outsourced staff.

5. RobLawMax Recruitment

Founded: 1985

Location: Multiple offices in New Zealand with office in Brisbane, Australia 

Specialty industries: Construction, Infrastructure, Engineering, and Energy 

Listed among the top recruitment companies in New Zealand, RoblawMax Recruitment has been performing partnership services for over 33 years. It runs with highly competent consultants who fully understand the recruitment and infrastructure industry.

The company aims to establish convenient ways for businesses to find the right people for their team. It also receives accreditation for Quality Management and Occupational Health and Safety.

6. Sheffield 

Founded: 1961

Location: Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch, New Zealand 

Specialty industries: Technology, Digital Media, Banking and Insurance

Founded in 1961, Sheffield has elevated its network and expertise with the help of trusted industry consultants from public and private sectors of various industry verticals.

It is one of the top recruitment companies in the country that has an extensive global reach and has proven recruitment solutions for the following service areas: 

  • Executive and non-search and selection  
  • Interim management 
  • Leadership and organizational development 
  • Psychometric assessment

7. Alpha Recruitment

Founded: 1988

Location: Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, and Christchurch, New Zealand

Specialty industries: Administration and Human Resource, Finance and Accounting, Information Technology, Healthcare, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, and Engineering

Alpha Recruitment has developed long-term relationships with clients and talents for over 30 years in the recruitment industry. It is a 100% New Zealand-owned firm and is one of the country’s top recruitment companies.

Started in business support, Alpha Recruitment expanded as a multi-brand with extensive capability in delivering professional consulting and staffing services for the public and government sectors.

8. People Passion 

Founded: 2001

Location: Auckland and Taranaki, New Zealand 

Specialty industries: Manufacturing, Trades, Logistics, Retailing, and Farming 

People Passion is a leading provider of human resource solutions in New Zealand. It customizes service packages depending on the clients’ needs, making the human resource department available to all businesses.

People Passion is also recognized as an HR and recruitment partner that uses a straightforward and no-jargon approach to finding the best talents.

9. Consult Recruitment

Founded: 2008

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Specialty industries: Accounting and Finance, IT and Digital, Sales and Marketing, Search and Leadership

Consult Recruitment has been recognized as a trusted recruitment and talent expert provider in New Zealand since its inception in 2008. It helps businesses achieve their goals by selecting the most compatible talents.

The company website’s design helps job seekers navigate easily and apply for vacant positions. Applicants will undergo a thorough screening and selection process to determine the best-fit candidates.

10. Emergent NZ

Founded: 2002

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Specialty industries: Information Technology, Finance, and Accounting

Emergent NZ is one of the country’s top recruitment companies, known for providing top employees for temporary, contractual, and permanent staffing roles. 

The company is also proud to be considered an All of Government (AOG) recruitment service provider. It establishes strong connections and partnerships with many of New Zealand’s government-participating agencies.

11. Adecco NZ

Founded: 1988

Location: Headquartered in Auckland Central with ten other satellite offices in New Zealand and operation in multiple countries worldwide

Specialty industries: Accounting and Finance, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Engineering, Industrial, Marketing, Information Technology

Adecco is a  world-renowned and one of the top recruitment companies operating in New Zealand. It has recorded over 300 people landing good jobs every year that were carefully screened for their client partners. 

Adecco also has a good track record of connecting highly qualified people to the ideal job vacancy position. It sets up an easy step for job seekers to access and apply using user-friendly navigations of their website.

12. Advanced Personnel 

Founded: 1987

Location: Head office in Christchurch with multiple branches in cities of New Zealand

Specialty industries: Engineering and Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Construction, Information Technology, Food Processing, Logistics, and Hospitality. 

Advanced Personnel is a 100% owned and operated recruitment company in New Zealand. As one of the top recruitment companies in the country, it established a nationwide and international database of clients and job seekers.

The company is also empowered by its consultants, who act as advisers because of their extensive knowledge and connections in the industry. Some of its notable services are the following:

  • Human resource management portal 
  • Referral program 
  • Staff resourcing 
  • Health and safety 
  • 24/7 customer care

13. Drake New Zealand

Founded: 1951

Location: Head office in Auckland with nine other branches in New Zealand and multiple global offices in other countries

Specialty industries: Head office in Auckland with nine other branches in New Zealand and multiple global offices in various countries

This company is an international leader in providing excellent HR and recruitment solutions. It performs support services to various businesses through flexible staffing, recruitment, behavioral assessment, and other unbundled offerings.

Drake helps job seekers succeed in landing good jobs and providing business partners with effective and customizable HR and staffing solutions.

14. Enterprise Recruitment 

Founded: 1972

Location: Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, and  Invercargill, New Zealand 

Specialty industries: Construction, Engineering, Trades and Information Technology Services

Enterprise Recruitment started over 50 years ago with its vision to improve the lives of its clients, job seekers, and team members. Its services center on honesty, engagement expertise, responsiveness, and the value of partnerships.

Enterprise Recruitment takes its candidates to a new level of support mechanism through its candidate care and health and safety program. 

15. Superior Personnel

Founded: 1997

Location: Auckland, Rangiora, and Hamilton, New Zealand

Specialty industries: Transport, Specialized Trades, Engineering and Infrastructure, Manufacturing

Since its inception in 1997, Superior Personnel has been guided by its motto that great people build great businesses. It provides highly-qualified staff for either temporary and permanent positions in various industries.

The company, with its skilled team and connections in New Zealand, creates innovative recruitment solutions. This includes exServices, which supports former military, fire, and police personnel in transitioning to civilian roles.

16. Tradestaff

Founded: 2014 

Location: Headquarters in Auckland with 10 other satellite operations across New Zealand

Specialty industries:Construction, Electrical, Landscaping, Manufacturing, Plumbing, Traffic Management, Transport, Marketing and Hospitality

Tradestaff specializes in placing temporary and permanent staff for private and industrial clients. It offers comprehensive solutions for staff, management, and recruitment services. 

For almost three decades, Trades staff was able to carve a name as one of the top recruitment companies in the country, especially in trades and industrial businesses. 

17. Accent Health Recruitment

Founded: 2004 

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand 

Specialty industries: Allied Health and Medical Services

Accent Health Recruitment has transformed to become one of the trusted and top recruitment companies in New Zealand specializing in medical recruitment. 

Its services are bundled with the insider knowledge that an aspiring candidate can acquire, mainly about trends and innovations in the healthcare profession. It also established highly effective services for employment search and relocation.

18. Fluid Recruitment

Founded: 2009 

Location: Multiple offices across New Zealand with operations in Sydney, Australia

Specialty industries: Information Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Accounting and Finance, Planning, Administration, human resources, Sales and Marketing

Fluid Recruitment has a strong track record of successful service delivery using its innovative, up-to-date, and thorough sourcing methods, leading to a well-driven service to its clients.

Its consultants are committed to delivering just, informed, and full support engagements for talented candidates, helping many of them to land jobs related to the following services:

  • Fluid Engineering 
  • Fluid Legal
  • Fluid Finance
  • Fluid Commercial


Founded: 1946

Location: Auckland, Wellington, Napier, and Christchurch, New Zealand

Specialty industries: Information Technology, Government, Professional Services, Management and Executive

Since its inception in 1946, PERSOLKELLY has continuously evolved by taking fresh and innovative approaches in the everchanging ways and trends in the recruitment industry. 

The company is known to be one of the largest providers of workforce solutions in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. Over the years, it developed tailored and flexible recruitment solutions to suit and meet the requirements of the business.

20.  Retailworld Recruitment

Founded: 2001

Location: Multiple Offices in New Zealand and Australia 

Specialty industries: Retail, Executive and Office Management, Finance and Sales, E-commerce, Human Resource, Information Technology, Transport 

Retailworld Recruitment is guided by the creative minds of a well-experienced and highly knowledgeable team. These specialists share career consultation and connects aspiring job seekers to their next retail job.

With established networks and connections in New Zealand and Australia, businesses and candidates are offered a wide portfolio of employers, job opportunities, retail brands, and a user-friendly website.

21. Niche Recruitment

Founded: 1994

Location: Auckland and Wellington, New Zealand

Specialty industries: Leadership and Governance, Legal, Finance and Accounting, Business, Government and Corporate Management, Information Technology

Niche Recruitment made history by connecting highly competent people to specialist roles for almost 30 years. It has the mastery of putting the right people for senior leadership and executive positions.

In 2012, it was recognized as the first panel for All-of-Government External Recruitment Services, attributed to its work towards talent acquisition services for permanent, contract, and temporary recruitment.

22. The People Project

Founded: 2018

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Specialty industries: Manufacturing, FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods), Technology, Financial Service, Government 

The People Project aims to make a significant impact on businesses. Its energetic team is modernizing and redefining traditional HR practices with innovative approaches.

In 2019, the company rebranded from its original name, EightySixHR, to The People Project. This signifies a more modern, commercial, and smart approach. Its core services include project management and outsourced HR services.

23. Integrity1

Founded: 2015

Location: Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand

Specialty industries: Healthcare and Medical, Manufacturing, Retail, Corporate, and Hospitality

Integrity1 specializes in payroll and HR services and offers hands-on system support and management, streamlining payroll processes, and ensuring long-term serviceability.

Serving as a partner of businesses to handle payroll effectively, Integrity1 monitors audit complex setups, identifies challenges, and integrates new HR systems to ensure smooth operation.

24. Ryan Recruitment Ltd

Founded: 1986

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Specialty industries: Accounting and Finance, Customer Service, Administration, Engineering, Transport and Logistics, Manufacturing, Production, Sales, and Technology

Director Felicity Ryan founded Ryan Recruitment Ltd in 1988, bringing over 30 years of recruitment industry experience. This expertise has led many businesses to choose Ryan Recruitment Ltd as their recruitment service partner.

Ryan Recruitment is honored to share its market reputation for strong ethics and exemplary services. The company is also a member of various human resource organizations, including Human Resource New Zealand (HRNZ).

25. HR Assured

Founded: 2015

Location: Multiple Offices in New Zealand and Australia

Specialty industries: Retail, Franchise, Allied Health, Construction & Infrastructure, Professional Services, Growing Startup, Sports, Fitness & Lifestyle

HR Assured is a one-stop-shop workplace relation service provider that helps optimize the human resource management processes for its client partners.

It is committed to handling the challenging parts of human resource management, helping organizations work smarter, and establishing a rich and ideal workplace culture. It helps in transforming businesses to be as efficient as possible. 

26. Kinetic Recruitment

Founded: 1997

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Specialty industries: Information Technology, Medical, Corporate, Production, Transport and Logistics, Manufacturing

Kinetic Recruitment empowers clients by optimizing workforce management with its 360-degree recruitment process. It drives cost-effectiveness and efficiency, allowing clients to focus on other core business areas.

Its specialized and customizable contract recruitment solutions provide flexible staffing arrangements that meet the requirements of the firms, including short-term projects, with efficiency and success.

27. Beyond Recruitment

Founded: 2003

Location: Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton, Tauranga, and Christchurch, New Zealand

Specialty industries: Information Technology, Digital Media, Engineering, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, Supply Chain, Corporate and Government Services

Beyond Recruitment is listed as one of the top recruitment companies in New Zealand across multiple specializations. The company is passionate about supporting employers and talents to meet and collaborate.

Its specialization comprises permanent, contract, and temporary staffing solutions, executive search, and recruitment.

28. Hospoworld

Founded: 2007

Location: Auckland and Christchurch, New Zealand with multiple offices in Australia

Specialty industries: Hospitality, Tourism, Events Management, Food and Beverages, Human Resources, Sales, Information Technology

Hospoworld is a well-recognized and among the top recruitment companies in New Zealand. It performs recruitment services in the hospitality industry for employers and job seekers in Australia and beyond.

The company’s expertise in hospitality and recruitment helps them understand industry needs better, leading to a more focused recruitment strategy to find the right candidates.

29. Crescent Consulting

Founded: 2014

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

Specialty industries: Banking and Finance, Construction, Administration Information Technology, Engineering, Human Resources

Crescent collaborates with clients to strategize and attract top talents. The cycle revolves around hearing the candidates’ stories and strong points and sharing them with the clients. 

Its specialists have extensive commercial experience and follow strict recruitment principles. They analyze global risks and challenges so that clients can find their root causes.

30. Core HR

Founded: 2017

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

Specialty industries: Hospitality, Retail, Healthcare, or Professional Services

Since its establishment in 2017, Core HR has persevered to have a name in the industry by provisioning a comprehensive range of HR Services to various organizations of different industry verticals.

Its mission involves bringing “humans” back into human resources, restrategizing the mass-employer approach. Core HR connects the business’s services and values to its senior leaders and employees.

New Zealand: A rising destination for recruitment services

Recognizing New Zealand as a new destination for business leaders looking for advanced and trusted recruitment services is well-deserved.

New Zealand has cultivated a highly educated and skilled workforce, earning global recognition for its education system’s ability to produce graduates with advanced technical skills and forward-thinking mindsets. 

It’s no wonder that many leading recruitment companies now choose to operate in New Zealand, drawn by both the government’s support for economic innovation and the country’s reputation for nurturing top talent. 

The country’s business-friendly regulations, strategic location, and high quality of life further entice business leaders to establish partnerships with New Zealand’s premier recruitment firms.

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