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3 Reasons why voice support is a vital inbound call center solution

With the emergence of omni-channel solutions, many businesses believe that voice support isn’t relevant anymore. They’re wrong. Inbound call center solutions are still as significant as it was before the omni-channel came to be. KMC Solutions, a leading Philippines outsourcing supplier, shares their insights on this topic.

The role of business answering service in omni-channel customer care

Streamlining communications operations is a significant struggle. A business answering service provides value for the business, as well as optimizes the communication channels. It can save money for the company and free up an employee’s time. Moreover, it is a way to provide improved customer service.

Here are three reasons why you still need voice support in omni-channel customer care:

1. An outsourced tech support team better relays instructions using voice

It is troublesome and tedious to solve any IT issue. Customers have endless problems, and they want resolutions fast. Sometimes, tech support needs to deal with a vague phone call that he needs to ferret to get the real IT problem.

Uncovering the real technical issue isn’t merely asking a question from a list of 20 queries. The tech support representative needs to ask the correct questions if he needs to know the root issue quickly. He needs to talk and listen carefully or sometimes take notes to uncover the problem. Then he can proceed with the typical questions that require a yes or no answer.

After learning about the problem, the tech support person can try to fix the problem based on his findings. Solving a particular IT issue needs instructions that the caller needs to follow. Through a phone conversation, the tech person can easily instruct the customer to try some contact center solutions. Sometimes, the customer isn’t a technical person. He needs guidance from the tech support personnel, who then gives systematic instructions through the phone.

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2. Voice can introduce a different perspective on data mining and lead generation

Call centers can monitor, record, and review inbound calls because they have a speech analytics system. They have a wealth of information about the customers. In just a typical interaction, the company can generate so much information about customer demographics, buying history, and even past inbound contact center calls. Through data mining, it can have actionable and valuable information.

Data mining, through the speech analytics solution, can tap large databases and generate new information. It can provide extreme inferential powers because the company can connect the dots and have a solid understanding of the whole picture. Moreover, data mining can be a tool to adjust internal procedures and policies that will save time and money.

3. Customer service experience is more enhanced and personalized with voice support

Incoming calls embody all business aspects, as well as its products and services. Each customer service representative is an ambassador of the business. As such, he doesn’t only address the questions and concerns of the customer. He also nurtures the business-customer relationship.

Through voice support, the business can maintain a positive conversation with the customer, even though it can’t provide what the latter exactly wants. The customer service representative can offer alternatives without the customer feeling duped. Also, he can give information about the product or service so that the customer understands the proposed resolution. He can explain what the business can and will do with the customer’s problem.

The call center agent can provide accurate information and will go the extra mile to help the customer. Many customers will understand any delay in the delivery or other undesirables if they get the right information that they can use to plan accordingly. No customer will trust a company if it provides inaccurate information.

In voice support, the business is in control of the call. The customer support representative will maintain focus on the issue with minimal deviations. He does so without being disrespectful or rude. If the call control is active, the customer won’t even realize that the customer service representative is controlling the flow of conversation.

Many call centers have an excellent quality control program to ensure that customer service representatives provide service in a timely and professional manner while giving the right information. While each person may have his way of ensuring quality, the call center still monitors each inbound call to ensure that it hits every point identified in the program.

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The role of business answering service in omni-channel customer care
The role of business answering service in omni-channel customer care

Phone calls are still the simplest means of communication

In 2017, according to the Edelman Trust Barometer, trust dropped by 5% in US-based companies. These businesses must restore customer loyalty and satisfaction, which requires perseverance and time. They must approach every situation and customer with care.

To improve relationships with customers, communication through phone calls is still the most straightforward way. Through phone conversations, the company can’t ignore any irate customer because doing so will only harm its reputation. It is best to approach the problem with an open mind and genuine concern. Customers have questions and issues that they expect the business to answer and resolve.

Thus, when they call the company, the customer service representative must show genuine interest in their issues. If he resolves it in the customer’s favor, he increases the chance of having repeat business by 70%. By spending time talking to customers for a few minutes, he can retain them.

Through phone calls, the company can answer questions and concerns promptly. It can prove to the caller that his interests are essential to the business. Therefore, having a system that concentrates on customer service is the best way to show that the company cares. This system can’t be operational overnight. It takes planning and preparation.

Inbound call center solutions are a two-way street. It is a way for the customer and the business to have a dialogue. Both parties can discuss concerns and questions immediately.

Phone calls are still the simplest means of communication
Phone calls are still the simplest means of communication

Voice support: still an indispensable customer service medium

Voice support still plays a significant part in customer service. It is indispensable as relevant technology makes its evolution possible. Even with the emergence of other vital channels, the phone is still the preferred and most used method for reaching customer service representatives.

Therefore, the onset of omni-channel doesn’t mean the end of voice support. On the contrary, customers demand a great deal from it. Phone channels are the fastest way to resolve any customer issue. Often, a customer initially uses another channel, only to raise the issue to a phone call because the problem may be too complicated to resolve using other means. Outsourced phone support is a fallback when other methods fail.

KMC Solutions is a leading outsourcing supplier, specialising in customer service as well as other verticals.

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