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Social media specialist salary around the world

Social media specialist salary around the world

Social media has become one of the most important marketing elements today, and it’s easy to see why. Online platforms have allowed companies to connect with their audiences, share information, and build their brands in real-time. 

This trend has resulted in the demand for social media specialists to manage online channels.

Due to the position’s high demand, a social media specialist salary can range even higher than the average employee’s income. However, this varies depending on location and experience.  

What does a social media specialist do? 

A social media specialist manages social media accounts, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Their duties can be as varied as the platforms they handle. 

Generally, social media specialists are responsible for managing their company’s social media presence

For social media specialists to succeed, they need a good understanding of how people use social networks and how content is shared in these channels. Excellent communication skills is also essential since they will be dealing with a wide range of stakeholders. 

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Some examples of the social media specialist task include:

  • Creating and implementing a social media strategy
  • Managing the company’s content calendar 
  • Posting relevant and engaging content regularly
  • Monitoring analytics to track engagement levels and improve performance 
  • Communicating with customers via social messaging tools 
  • Monitoring mentions of their company/employer so they can respond quickly when necessary
  • Post links to relevant blog posts or articles on the company website as well as other websites related to their business field or industry
  • Research trends in online behavior and follow what competitors are doing to tailor campaigns appropriately
What does a social media specialist do

Social media specialists in different industries 

Social media specialists are employed in a wide range of industries in many different capacities. If your business has any sort of marketing division, there is a place for a social media specialist. 

Some social media specialists work with large corporations, helping them to develop their social media strategies and manage their accounts. Others may work for small businesses or even independent contractors. 

Here are some examples of how social media specialists work across different industries:


Marketers use social media for lead generation and brand awareness campaigns. Social media specialists in marketing also manage the development of websites and blogs that serve as extensions of their corporate brands online. 

Advertising and public relations 

The advertising industry heavily relies on social media specialists to promote products and services. They help clients create ad campaigns that reach target audiences through paid posts. 

Accounting and finance 

Social media specialists increase visibility, connect with clients, and market their firm’s expertise in the accounting world. They can also drive sales by promoting special offers or discounts. 

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Architecture, engineering, and construction 

Companies in this industry can use social media specialists to find new clients and engage current ones with valuable information about their products, services, and projects. 

Banking and financial services 

Banks hire social media specialists to become more transparent about their products and services while increasing brand awareness among potential customers. 

Business-to-business (B2B) 

Within business-to-business relationships, social media specialists pave the way for networking events, trade shows, and online communities. They also create educational content for potential clients.  


A retail position for social media specialists requires an understanding of what people want and the best ways to present products on social media sites. 

Social media specialist roles range from recommending new products to helping customers find what they’re looking for online. 

Social media specialists in different industries

Customer service 

Social media specialists are important in the customer service industry. They gather customer feedback, engage with them, and listen for problems that need fixing or features that can be incorporated. 


The healthcare industry uses social media specialists to connect with patients and promote healthy living. They also create content about health conditions and treatments without being too technical. 

Automotive dealerships 

Automotive dealerships have used social media for years to build customer loyalty by offering discounts, promotions, and incentives. Social media specialists stay competitive by creating content for sales pitches. 

Social media specialist salary in selected countries 

Here’s a quick comparison of the social media specialist salaries in different countries:


The social media landscape in the Philippines is dynamic and growing. The country is home to 84.45 million social media users as of January 2023, equating to 72.5% of the total population. 

Filipinos are regularly online, and a social media specialist can help companies take advantage of that audience. 

P25,049/monthAverage salary based on 741 reports, updated March 31, 2023Indeed
P53,716/monthReported salary of top company for social media specialists based on 11 reports
P296,130/yearAverage base salary based on 38 salary profiles, updated March 20, 2023Payscale
P18,900/monthLowest reported average monthly salarySalary Explorer
P65,400/monthHighest reported average monthly salary

United States

The United States has caught on well to using social media specialists as a means to advance its marketing efforts. Facebook is particularly seen as a large market, with the platform leading in ROI among marketers.

$51,584/yearAverage median salary as of February 6, 2023Zippia
$60,436/yearSalary in highest paying city (Washington, DC)
$42,542/yearAverage salary in highest paying state (Hawaii)Zip Recruiter
$205,353/yearReported salary of top company for social media specialists based on 37 reportsIndeed


Germany may not be known as a prominent social media-friendly country, but its use is now growing, especially among the youth. According to The Global Statistics, Germany is reported to have over 72.60 million social media users out of its 83 million population in 2023. 

A social media specialist in Germany would create a strategy of localizing content for maximum impact. 

47.450 € (EUR)/yearAverage base salarySalary Expert
34.418 € (EUR)/yearAverage entry-level salary
58.264 € (EUR)/yearAverage senior-level salary
1670 € (EUR)/monthLowest reported monthly salarySalary Explorer
5760 € (EUR)/monthHighest reported monthly salary


While two of the biggest social media platforms, Facebook and Twitter, have been losing followers in Canada, this has only created a vacuum. TikTok has started to gain a lead in the country, especially among younger audiences. 

Canada has a number of social media specialist firms that leverage this new trend. 

$59,899/yearAverage annual salary based on 356 reportsTalent.com
$97,556/yearReported salary in highest-paying region (Quebec)
$119,584/yearReported salary in top company for social media specialists based on seven reportsIndeed


Mexico has a powerful and dynamic digital market for e-commerce. A significant percentage of the population is online and on social media, producing a lucrative scene for social media specialists to do what they do best. 

$13,798/yearMedian annual salaryPilot
196,000 MXN/yearLowest reported annual salarySalary Explorer
576,000 MXN/yearHighest reported annual salary
222,300 MXN/yearAverage entry-level salaryWorld Salaries
538.600 MXN/yearAverage senior-level salary
Social media specialist salary in selected countries


Spain was reported to have more than 25 million social media users, equating to 85.5% of the population between the ages of 16-65. 

Among the four main countries targeted when breaking into the European market, Spain may be the smallest in population (after France, Germany, and Italy), but it boasts the greatest engagement.

€23,949/yearAverage base salaryPayscale
€15,900/yearLowest reported salarySalary Explorer
€50,800/yearHighest reported salary
€19,360/yearReported salary for entry-level social media specialistWorld Salaries
€45,720/yearReported salary for senior-level social media specialist


As the home of one of the world’s most prominent hubs for IT outsourcing, India also has a wide social media presence. 

Statista revealed that India has over 467 million social media users in 2022, equating to 32.8% of the total population. 

₹ 4.1 LPAAverage annual salary based on 711 reportsAmbitionBox
₹ 266,250/yearAverage salary for entry-level social media specialistsTalent.com
₹ 700,000/yearAverage salary for senior-level social media specialists
₹4,72,821/yearReported salary of top company for social media specialists based on 18 reportsIndeed


As per Statista’s 2022 study, Australia hosts 21.45 million social media users. Social media usage in Australia is at least as prolific as in the United States. 

This may pose as a challenge for social media specialists as they often have trouble identifying which channel to focus on. 

SalaryNotes Source
$89,836/yearAverage annual salaries based on 72 reportsTalent.com
$75,000/yearAverage salary for entry-level social media specialists
$106,842/yearAverage salary for senior-level social media specialists
$121,372/yearReported salary in top company for social media specialists based on five reportsIndeed
$48,500/yearLowest reported annual salarySalary Explorer
$143,000/yearHighest reported annual salary

Saudi Arabia 

Social media is flourishing in Saudi Arabia, especially among the younger generations. Businesses are also using it for their marketing efforts. 

Global Media Insight revealed that 28.8 million Indians use social media, equalling 79.3% of the country’s population.  

$10,941/yearMedian annual salaryPilot
87,100 SAR/yearLowest reported annual salarySalary Explorer
277,000 SAR/yearHighest reported annual salary
96,723 SAR/yearAverage annual salary for entry-level social media specialistSalary Expert
163,737 SAR/yearAverage annual salary for senior-level social media specialist


Even with its aging population, Japan is still a powerful country in the digital market. As of January 2023, the country had 94 million active social media users. 

Influencer marketing, in particular, is on the rise in Instagram and TikTok. 

SalaryNotes Source
5,980,000 JPY/yearReported average annual salary Salary Explorer
2,930,000 JPY/yearLowest reported average annual salary
9,330,000 JPY/yearHighest reported average annual salary
3,746,912 JPY/yearReported salary for entry-level social media specialistSalary Expert
6,342,949 JPY/yearReported salary for senior-level social media specialist

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