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Outsourcing software development the right way

Outsourcing software development the right way

Unknown to many, it is now possible to outsource developer jobs. As an entrepreneur, you can outsource the whole function of IT development, so that you can focus on your companies’ core competencies. Outsourcing is highly advisable especially if you are not adept with web, mobile and software development.

Here’s why you should consider outsourcing.

Why outsource web, mobile and software development

Outsource or do it in-house?

Hiring an experienced developer can be expensive, particularly for residents of a First World country. Aside from the salary, you also spend on recruiting costs, onboarding, employee benefits, and continuous training. Furthermore, your developer needs his office space, table, chair, computer, and other equipment.

If you have a big project, you need to hire many developers and a project manager to supervise the entire development project. However, the expense doesn’t stop there as development costs can skyrocket, eat up a big slice of your budget, and even lower your net profits.

Why outsource web, mobile and software development

Web or mobile development

Plus, that’s only just the basic components of development. Depending on what needs to be developed — web, mobile, or software — you may need to hire other specialists, purchase a specific set of equipment and tools, and spend a more considerable sum of money.

Aside from the developers, there’s also the need to hire a quality assurance expert, business consultant, and UX specialist — who are experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled. Do take note that when it comes to hiring people with a higher level of experience and skills, the cost such as salary and benefits goes up.

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Once, you do decide to build an in-house team of developers, a considerable amount of your time will be spent in screening job applicants who have the expertise and skill set that you need.

Hiring alone takes a huge chunk of your time, and even if you’ve got a department to take care of the process — you, as the company owner, always end up making the final decision.

The challenges don’t stop there because once you start hiring experienced professionals, there’s another job of monitoring their work, giving feedback, testing and making sure that app, web, or software development strictly follows the set schedule.

Also, there’s the job of ensuring that development is still within the budget. More often than not, development costs exceed the limit because of revisions and glitches.

Going through hiring and monitoring a development team, to purchasing all the equipment needed can be taxing on your part as a business owner. Apparently, you spend a lot of time in this department alone that you neglect the core activities of your company.

Outsourcing software development

Managing development projects can eat up much of your time as you need to become as hands-on as possible. Chances are, you spend less time on activities that are vital to the growth of the company such as searching for new leads and closing more business deals.

As the business owner, you need to focus on matters that are more important — and the most vital task of all is managing the entire company, not just one department.

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Rather than opting to create an in-house development team, choose to outsource it to a proficient IT company. Outsourcing web, mobile, and software development have become quite the norm, all thanks to the advent of the Internet.

Plus, by outsourcing, there’s more time to work on strengthening your business’ vision, realizing its goals, improving its services, and creating better products for your clients.

Outsourcing your business’s software development needs to reputable firms like Arcanys will give you many advantages. These advantages are discussed below.

Outsourcing software development

Advantages to outsourcing web, mobile and software development

  • Up to 70% savings
  • Certified App Developers
  • English Proficient
  • WordPress Experts
  • UI/UX Specialists
  • Process Engineers
  • Website Optimization
  • CRM, CMS, ERP Solutions
  • Enterprise Softwares
  • Java, Python, C#, PHP Coders
  • Android/iOS Developers
  • High-quality Programming
  • Database Architecture

Outsourced web, mobile and software development jobs, and roles

· Mobile app developer

The market for a mobile app is growing; thus, the demand for developers is growing faster. There is a growing number of mobile app developers that you can hire for your project. Many of these developers have the skills and experience to develop your mobile app.

A mobile application developer knows various platforms for tablets and smartphones. Moreover, this is someone who is adept at using different operating systems, has an excellent understanding of multiple computer languages, and can cooperate with computer engineers and analysts to create and develop a mobile app.

Among the responsibilities and duties of an app developer is to create, install, and maintain the source code.  Also, the app developer can design prototypes, help the app development team in planning, and providing the unit structure.

· Game developer

A game developer designs and creates video games for consoles and computers, and is someone who conceptualizes and executes game creation. At the very least, a game developer must have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, computer science, or any related field.

As someone adept in all aspects of game creation, such as conceptualization, story writing, coding, and programming, a game developer should have experience in visual arts, production, design, and audio.

Game developers must also be able to create storylines and biographies of characters, conduct design reviews, and design role-play mechanics, as well as develop prototypes — all while documenting the entire process.

· Software developer

A software developer handles the design, testing, installation, and maintenance of software systems.

In addition, a software developer writes and codes individual programs, and provides an entire resource for new software. This guy ensures that the programs you use for your business are efficient and error-free.

If you want to outsource software development, you must ensure that the developer reviews your current systems first. After the review, system improvements are suggested before work is done with designers and IT analysts.

The outsourced software developer produces specifications in detail and writes program codes. Other tasks include testing software application before it goes live, preparing the user manual, and maintaining the system to ensure that it is up and running.

· iOS developer

The iOS developer handles the creation and maintenance of applications for Apple devices, and ensures quality, performance, and responsiveness of applications. In addition, this is someone who can develop iOS apps and integrate them with back-end services.

Like other roles in development, an iOS developer works with other engineers on various infrastructure layers. The collaborate in the creation result to quality applications.

Among the skills required of an iOS developer are Swift, Objective-C, and Cocoa Touch skills. The developer must have experience with Core Animation, Core Data, and other iOS frameworks. Besides, iOS developers must have experience in performance tuning, threading, and offline storage, and must be familiar with RESTful APIs, UI/UX standards, and other web technologies.

· Android developer

An Android developer is someone who can design and develop applications for the Android platform. As a “full stack” developer, this developer takes charge of the project from the design phase to the submission phase. With an understanding of UI/UX trends, android developers can easily incorporate this in the application.

Furthermore, the Android developer performs unit testing to ensure robustness and usability, conducts testing for general reliability and edge cases, and works with outside data sources and APIs.

Like an iOS developer, an Android developer provides improved performance and error fixing, and evaluates, discovers, and implements new technologies to maximize the app efficiency.

· Website developer

Adept in computer programming and graphic design, the web developer designs, codes, and layouts your website depending on your specifications. After creating your site, a website developer assists, maintains, and upkeeps it; and has experience in planning and delivery of applications across different platforms.

With a working knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML/XHTML, a website developer must be an efficient coder to be able to create websites using standard practices.

As someone who works with web programmers and designers, a website developer should be able to properly communicate with other stakeholders to be able to develop and deploy content.

Furthermore, the developer must know server architecture and server-side frameworks like ASP.NET, ASP, Java, PHP, Ruby, and python.

Website developers are also tasked with researching new technologies and maintaining software documentation. Moreover, in case of the website down times, a developer must always have a contingency plan.

· CRM developer

A CRM developer deploys, customizes, and integrates CRM in the business. Moreover, this type of developer creates and maintains the platform map, customizes the system to ensure the business meets its needs, and can integrate existing services and systems into the CRM architecture.

Like app and web developers, the CRM developer collaborates with business analysts, other application developers, IT professionals, and software architects.

CRM developers must have a degree in Computer Science or other related disciplines. In addition, this developer is proficient and experienced in developing, customizing, deploying and integrating CRM with other business systems; and has experience in installation and deployment of CRM.

· Full stack developer

A full stack developer handles both front and back-end development of the website. So, a full understanding of the different programming languages and databases such as PHP, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript is necessary.

The full stack developer has experience in converting graphic designs to virtual element, and is someone who understands and implements security and data protection. Moreover, this developer is knowledgeable in all web development stages and works with other developers and engineers.

Capable of designing the web application architecture, a full stack developer ensures responsiveness and maintains website quality. Furthermore, a full stack developer works well with the entire engineering team in the design, as well as the launch of new website features.

· WordPress developer

If you want to outsource your WordPress development, you must find someone who can create WordPress themes and plugins.

This person must be able to handle front-end and back-end development, and has experience and expertise in various programming languages like PHO, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. Moreover, a WordPress developer should be knowledgeable of website aesthetics.

Part of the duties and responsibilities of a WordPress Developer include the design and implementation of new functionality and features. Your chosen developer must be able to guide and establish the architecture of the website, and ensure availability and high performance of CMS technical aspects.

A WordPress developer helps in formulating a responsive and practical design, and transforms it into a working plugin and theme.

· Backend developer

If you are looking for a back-end web developer, you need to search for someone who can integrate front-end functionalities with server-side web logic.

The backend developer writes APIs and web services used by mobile app and front-end developers, focuses on the development of all server-side definition and logic, and maintains the central database.

An efficient back-end developer integrates the server-side logic and the user-interface elements, creates reusable libraries and codes, and optimizes the application for scalability and speed. Also, this developer ensures data protection and security, as well as designs and implements data storage solutions.

Apart from working on the backend development, this developer ensures responsiveness to front-end requests and high performance, and integrates front-end elements into the application.

When it comes to web, mobile and software development, there are different jobs and roles that you can outsource so that you can focus on activities that can boost your business. For all IT-related applications for your business, now is the time to outsource.

Embracing white label WordPress development services can significantly streamline your web project workflows, allowing you to offer customized solutions under your brand without the overhead of managing a development team in-house.

· SaaS developer

A good SaaS developer is someone who is adept at web technology. He develops cloud-hosted applications that people can use. The software can be an accounting application or a CRM application.

It can also be a content management platform or a collaboration tool. Whatever the application is, the SaaS developer can develop it.

If you want to outsource your SaaS development, you need to search for someone who can design, code and set up the software. This person must be able to debug procedures and perform routine testing as required.

However, you need to keep in mind that SaaS development differs from your regular programming. An experienced SaaS developer knows scalability, software architecture, security, service, and dynamic infrastructure.

The following skills are essential to an excellent SaaS developer:

  • advanced IT Skills
  • attention to detail
  • application support and maintenance
  • innovation
  • problem-solving
  • organizational skills
  • software knowledge
  • trend awareness
  • time management

· UI/UX specialist

If you are searching for a UI/UX Specialist, you need to find one who has the appropriate work experience. He must have a college diploma in Computer Science, Design, or any related field. =

In addition, a UI/UX Specialist must have a portfolio of design projects, excellent time management skills, strong communication skills, knowledge of wireframe tools, and updated knowledge of design software.

A UI/UX Designer gathers and evaluates user requirements, and collaborates with product engineers and managers. He illustrates his design ideas through sitemaps, process flows, and storyboards.

Furthermore, a UI/UX designer should be good at designing elements of graphic user interfaces such as widgets, tabs, and menus. He should also be capable of making software that’s easy-to-use and creating appealing and functional application features.

· Process Engineers

A Software Process Engineer has a deep understanding of tools, practices, and concepts used in software development. He works with other stakeholders in identifying opportunities and issues to support the development team.

The Software Engineer creates well-scoped and clear problem statements and pursues projects to completion. Moreover, he facilitates the adaption of content, standards, and processes within the organization.

If you are looking for a Software Process Engineer, you must search for one who has strong leadership ability, technical expertise, creativity, communication skills, and initiative.

This person must have at least a college diploma in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or any related field. He has professional experience in software development and a demonstrated ability to communicate and collaborate with other teams.

When it comes to web, mobile and software development, there are different jobs and roles that you can outsource so that you can focus on activities that can boost your business. For all IT-related applications for your business, now is the time to outsource. Trusted firms like OP360 provides a better way to outsource — feel free to connect with them today.

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