Top 10 benefits of outsourced billing services

Top 10 benefits of outsourced billing services

Billing and coding are essential services for the modern healthcare provider. Yet, managing medical bills remains a tedious and time-consuming process. Accuracy in billing requires knowledge and expertise in medical codes that go along with it. Without it, medical bills would come out with errors, which could affect the quality of service you give to the customers.

Outsourced billing services are no longer just an option for healthcare businesses. This is because you would need help not just with manpower, but with the compliances that go along with it. If you rely on in-house teams, your medical business risks lagging. With several billing services in place, you can confidently take on competitors. 

Below are more reasons for embracing outsourced medical billing.

Eliminate Billing and Coding Errors

Without a dedicated, full-time team for billing, your practice is more prone to errors during claim submissions. When such errors are made, they are pushed into rejections or denials. Your healthcare business could be staring at unimaginable losses.

Why not cut out these errors by outsourcing your bills? Medical billing companies have experienced, fully-trained medical billers who specialize in billing and coding. The billers are always accountable and ensure accuracy and on-time submissions. They will review and edit claims before forwarding them to the payer.

Meet Compliance Standards

Government regulations in the healthcare industry constantly change. Sometimes, it might be challenging to keep up with the standards required. The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) lays down the rules on how medical entities can use personal health information.


An outsourcing company is likely to be familiar with such compliance needs. When you work with them, you can rest easy knowing compliance will be integrated into all your practice’s operations.

Boost Productivity

Third-party billers have more tools at their disposal to tackle medical data compared to your in-house team. They can effectively handle patient and staff databases and reveal patterns that can increase your productivity.

Outsourced billers also have the skill to manage and handle many bills at a go. You can therefore expect quicker collection and resubmission of claims.

More Time for Patient Responsibility

By outsourcing bills, your practice can focus on core functions like patient care and treatment. Since medical services are the primary responsibility, it makes sense to devote more time to them.

Besides, in-house staff will improve their specialization on health matters if they spend more time attending to patients. In the end, your healthcare business can provide quality patient care while the outsourcing company effectively handles medical billing.

More Time for Patient Responsibility
More Time for Patient Responsibility

Outsourced Billing Saves Money

The primary reason for outsourced medical billing is to save money. Through outsourcing, healthcare providers cut direct costs on salaries, training, furniture, office supply, and billing-related requirements. Your practice also saves time and effort used on printing, mailing, and keeping tabs on payments.

Medical billing vendors avail their services at relatively affordable prices. Most of them work with a flexible pricing model that allows you to choose a suitable option for your billing needs. You can then redirect any saved resources to other high-priority areas that affect patients.


Safeguard Patient Data

Personal data and information are always sought after by online hackers. Most healthcare providers have IT departments with savvy technicians. But how effective are such technicians against well-organized groups of hackers?

Outsourced billing teams have the skills and experience of protecting sensitive data. Your IT team can focus on the hospital’s technology matters while the billing team exclusively works and protects the privacy of billing data.

Improve Cash Flow

It isn’t unusual for patients to lag in their payments. Such situations can significantly hamper the daily running of your practice. You could employ more staff to follow up on payments, but that move will increase your overhead costs.

With outsourced billing services, you won’t encounter these issues. Medical billing companies send timely payment reminders to customers. In doing so, they maintain a consistent cash flow for healthcare providers.

Verify Patients’ Insurance Eligibility

Medical billing companies can help your practice verify insurance eligibility for patients automatically. You don’t have to waste resources on manual insurance checks. Outsourcing firms will display the insurance status instantaneously.

You can instantly know whether a patient has met a deductible, covered things, and any pre-authorization needed from the information.

Increase Revenue

Outsourced billing services can market your healthcare business by adding advertising messages to bills. This form of trans-promotional marketing is more effective since many individuals read medical bills.

You can market anything—from medical events to innovative vaccines to reminders and offers on treatment. Advertising through medical bills allows you to target a specific group of customers.

Increase Revenue
Increase Revenue

Outsourced medical billing from experts

Working with experts lowers the risk of denials on claims submitted. And you only get such professionals in outsourced billing companies. Such companies recruit the best billing and coding experts. They spend vast amounts of money training and educating the mentioned individuals.

In-house billers fall short when compared to experts. Most in-house billers are less equipped with emerging insurance policies. It will also be a gruesome experience if regular health practitioners juggle between administrative duties and patient treatment.

Don’t wait till your account receivables are affected by late payments. Outsource your billing processes and enjoy the benefits listed above.

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