The Outsourcing Week in Review: Thursday, May 8, 2019

Outsourcing week in review

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With the Labor Day holiday falling in the middle of last week, much of the news was understandably relating to employment issues. The good news is that employment growth continues to be robust. According to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the fourth quarter of 2018 saw hiring growth remain positive, slowing slightly to 8%, down from 9.5% the previous year. Meanwhile, online recruitment for the month of March this year rose 13% on the year, with the BPO sector achieving a solid 12% growth for the period, the recently-released Monster Employment Index revealed.

At the same time, union pressure is growing for a daily minimum daily wage of about P750 in Manila, and a complete end to contractualization. Labor groups such as Kilusang Mayo Uno, the BPO Industry Employees Network, Kilos na Manggagawa, the Metal Workers Alliance of the Philippines, and the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines; were all active during the week lobbying for changes. Government has countered. Progress has been made, says the Department of Labor and Employment, which claims that nearly half a million workers have been regularized since President Rodrigo Duterte signed an executive order putting a stop to contractualization on Labor Day last year. The PSA also claims that according to its calculations, P750is rather more than is needed to support a Metro Manila family of five daily.

The outlook for the economy also continues to look good. With its major infrastructure overhaul, tax reforms, and young workforce, the Philippines is poised to become the fastest-growing economy in Asia, according to the Asian Development Bank. Research agency IHS Markit, is also bullish on the country’s outlook in its latest report, predicting that annual GDP could exceed US$1 trillion by 2032.

The week also saw a number of high profile deals in the sector. The Ang-Hortaleza Corporation has agreed to sell 100% of its stake in the personal care unit of Splash Corporation to Wipro Consumer Care. Philippine firms Udenna Corporation and Chelsea Logistics signed a US$5.4 billion investment agreement with China Telecom to improve Philippine telecommunications services. Accenture is buying Zielpuls, a German technology consultancy that designs smart products and services for different industries. Mohit Joshi, president of Infosys said the firm is looking at making more strategic investments this year. Infosys also announced that it is losing another top manager. Suryaprakash Kareenahalli, a senior vice-president who headed the firm’s India software delivery verticals, will be joining the New York-based Institute of Personal Leadership. Kareenahalli’s exit is Infosys’ sixth top-level resignation since CEO Salil Parekh was appointed in January 2018.

In other news, Startek and Aegis, providers of customer experience management solutions worldwide, have been included on the 2019 Best of the Global Outsourcing 100 list released by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals. Google has announced that it is opening the second edition of its Indie Games Accelerator program to game developers in the Philippines, and other countries that were not part of its initial run.


And a reminder that BPO life is not all work and no play. The Sykes Philippines team gave a strong showing in the inter-BPO basketball tournaments in Manila and Cebu, winning the title against IQVIA, and beating top-seeded Accenture, respectively.


Wednesday, May 8, 2019


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