Advantages of outsourcing chat support functions

Advantages of outsourcing chat support functions

What is chat support?

Live chat support is a form of synchronous messaging that allows customers to communicate to a company’s customer support team via the web using a software. This efficient form of messaging is usually available on the company’s official website and other social media platforms like Facebook.

Who operates business’ live chat support programs?

Chat supports are usually manned by chat support agents. Most customer support providers prefer chat support agents, because after all, customers still prefer having the “human touch.” Chat support agents are also more able to anticipate other issues, understand customers’ concerns, and take care of customers much better.

Moreover, other companies make use of modern technology and let chatbots operate their live support programs. A chatbot is an artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate chats and answer pre-loaded questions in real-time through messaging applications. While chatbots are helpful, they can only offer limited services.

Most common mistakes when operating chat support

Here are the most common mistakes companies make with chat support:

  • Too much automation.

While technology is heaven-sent, there are still a lot of things that they can’t perform. Also, customers prefer talking to customer support providers with a human touch, not robotic ones.

  • Not operating 24/7

While this depends on every business, operating 24/7 is still the most ideal. This is also a very important thing to consider especially if you have clients in different geographical locations and varying time zones.

  • Untrained staff

Hiring and training staff for chat support seems easy on paper, but it takes time, effort, and a lot of training costs. To help with this, you can seek the services of top-notch outsourcing providers like SixEleven.

Six Eleven gives businesses access to flexible and scalable solutions to fit your specific needs. The firm promises quality excellence. Plus, clients can rely on Six Eleven’s ability to anticipate solutions and design strategies efficiently.

Outsourcing your chat support functions

Outsourcing your chat support and other back office functions to offshore providers in the Philippines is not a trend – it is a business strategy that has paid off for thousands of companies (big or small) who have done it.

Convincing businesses to consider outsourcing their business functions is not a problem. After all, it is common knowledge that there are so many key benefits in outsourcing. The concern most businesses have is which outsourcing provider to trust their back office functions to.

SixEleven BPO

SixEleven BPO is a standout amongst the business process outsourcing (BPO) services provider in the Philippines. It is the first Davao-based solution-oriented contact center. Additionally, the firm provides an unparalleled class of service, and boasts over 15 years of business expertise.


The firm provides a diverse pool of dedicated professionals for your various back office functions: including professional email and chat support services. SixEleven’s efficient and professionally-trained chat support agents will be more than happy to assist your customers and take care of their concerns, queries, and complaints in the quickest possible time. With a compassionate Filipino staff, you’re assured that your customers’ needs are all taken care of.

To get a free quote of SixEleven’s services, visit their website here. 

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