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12 key benefits of outsourcing

Outsourcing is the process of leasing skilled resources from third-party providers. It can be separated into two categories: onshore and offshore outsourcing.

While onshore outsourcing means outsourcing your business functions to a company in the same country where the business operates, offshore outsourcing means getting these outsourced jobs done from a far-off country.

Why should you outsource?

Offshore outsourcing has been the go-to move for businesses considering expansion, task delegation, and technology adoption for many years. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing companies to adapt and take more risks in order to survive, people are again looking at outsourcing as a saving grace.

The main reason why companies outsource is that outsourcing reduces employment costs and other overhead expenses by up to 70%. However, while you’re saving money, this doesn’t mean that you’ll settle for crappy outputs and performances.

Leading outsourcing providers like Cloudstaff ensures that your remote team will be made of excellent, skilled, and dedicated individuals that are perfectly suitable for their respective roles.

Why consider outsourcing

Key benefits of outsourcing

Saving on employment costs and delegating non-essential tasks to a dedicated outsourced staff are not the only benefits to cloud staffing. What makes outsourcing significant? Here are 12 other key advantages to outsourcing:

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Professional RecruitmentRemote staff will be hired and trained by experts.
Rapid deploymentAccess to a wide pool of qualified professionals
Western managementWestern management understands your needs even better.
FlexibilityFlexible and scalable solutions for any business
Custom technologyProvision of the right tools to ensure team productivity.
Scalable solutionsYour BPO company will evolve with you.
Modern workplacesProvision of a conducive working environment for your team.
Custom workplacesChoose your own services, security type, and branding options.
Code of Conduct and EthicsNo worries about violating labor laws and unethical workplaces.
Highly-skilled staffYou’ll get the right people for the job.
Continual trainingEmployees’ well-being and professional growth are prioritized.
Infrastructure and securityBPOs only use world-class and top-notch security equipment.

Professional recruitment

Professional outsourcing providers know the significance of finding and hiring the people to a team and organization’s productivity and success. Further, it is common knowledge that you can only get access to a skilled and competent workforce if they’re being recruited by professional recruiting experts.

Cloudstaff has developed specialized software and testing procedures to ensure that the candidates fit your requirements and company culture. As candidates undergo a comprehensive interview, examination, and training process, you’re sure that you’re getting more than you bargained for.

Rapid deployment

Some outsourcing processes may take two months from initial consultation to hire; but with Cloudstaff’s pool of highly-skilled candidates ready to join the workforce, you can have a team up and running with a week!

We understand that situations needing immediate solutions happen. Our account managers will work closely with you so you can meet and work with your team as soon as possible.

Western management

One of the concerns when it comes to offshore outsourcing is communication barriers and cultural differences. It is totally understandable. While we believe that our Filipino staff is fully experienced, skilled, and flexible, Cloudstaff has come up with a way to help Western companies easily transition and adjust to cloud staffing.

Our Western Account Managers are always available to lend a helping hand to provide rapid deployment and help integrate your local and remote teams. With Western management, concerns about communication and cultural differences can be put to rest.


Business needs will change over time, and cloud staffing provides the flexibility that growing companies need in order to easily adapt, adjust, and expand. Outsourcing providers create flexible solutions and packages to enable you to scale your team as required.

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Cloud staffing may not let you physically work alongside your team, but it still lets you be in full control.

Custom technology

With cloud staffing, your team will be provided with the right tools needed to ensure the utmost productivity and efficiency. For clients, Cloudstaff has developed a suite of custom applications designed to help manage, monitor, and communicate with your remote team.

These state-of-the-art custom technology and innovations make Cloudstaff stand out from its competitors. You will not only be connected with your team at all times. These technologies and tools are also conducive to remote team-building and other activities.

Custom technology

Scalable solutions

An evolving company like yours will have to change resourcing needs. With this, Cloudstaff is here to provide scalable solutions based on what you need RIGHT NOW. As your firm undergoes some changes and ups and downs, cloud staffing can easily and quickly scale your workforce up or down.

There’s no need to wait out a year-long or 10-person team contract when it’s not working. With Cloudstaff’s scalable solutions, your resourcing adjustments will be provided as you need it.

Modern workplaces

The value of a modern and fully-equipped workplace is often put at the bottom of the list of priorities when looking to outsource jobs. With cloud staffing, your remote team will be provided with a conducive working environment designed with productivity and relaxation in mind.

From meeting rooms, production suites, pantries, and other recreation areas, your remote team will surely find a home away from home.

Custom workplaces

One thing that Cloudstaff has focused on and has given priority to is flexibility and scalability – and that just doesn’t apply to staff packages and pricing solutions.

The firm’s abovementioned modern and fully-featured workspaces are highly configurable. That means you can choose the security you need, the services you want, and branding options that make the workspace your own.

Code of Conduct and Ethics

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to outsourcing or cloud staffing is that the employees are being overworked and severely underpaid. This is nowhere near the truth for legitimate business process outsourcing companies.

With Cloudstaff, there is no need to worry about violating labor laws and encouraging unethical workplace behavior. The company’s strict Code of Ethics and Behavior delivers working conditions that meet Western standards.

Cloudstaff’s upper management and HR team ensure that the company complies with all local labor and tax laws and that they’re providing a safe and healthy work environment for your staff.

Highly-skilled staff

Cloudstaff takes pride in its large pool of pre-screened candidates that are perfectly suitable for your company. With its professional recruitment team and expert hiring strategies, getting access to the right people for the job is not going to be a challenge.

The Cloudstaff HR team also works directly with educational facilities and to get first access to the country’s top talents.

Continual training

Continual training

Outsourcing firms encourage both personal and professional growth for their employees. Professionally, employee training goes past onboarding and compliance training.

Training opportunities for other skills are available because companies know that in a continuously-improving market, employees’ skills should also be constantly refreshed and updated in order to keep up.

BPO companies also invest in their employees’ well-being and personal growth and development. In Cloudstaff, workers are given free career and personal guidance for them to achieve their goals.

Infrastructure and security

We all want a safe and secure work environment, both physically and digitally. Cloudstaff’s offices include N+1 environmental systems, redundant power and connectivity, biometric and swipe card access, CCTV, and manned security stations.

These facilities are meant to safeguard employees, company equipment, and of course, confidential data. The company constantly improves its infrastructure and makes sure that it’s only using world-class and top-notch security equipment.

The global advantages of outsourcing

There are many positive consequences that can come out as you seek outsourcing to help with your staffing needs. While most of the advantages will directly affect your business, this business strategy can also affect the local economy, global economy, and the people you’ve provided jobs with.

Advantage of outsourcing to your company

When you hire an outsourcing provider for your staffing needs, you make day-to-day operations much easier for your in-house employees and team members.

Delegating non-core, tedious, and time-consuming duties to an offshore team will help your team focus on their main responsibilities. When employees are focused, they become efficient, more productive, and will produce much better output.

Advantage of outsourcing to the local economy

People who doubt outsourcing will have a hard time believing this. However, believe it or not, outsourcing has positive effects on your local economy.

Companies can save up to 70 per cent on employment costs due to outsourcing. Most businesses that outsource are able to thrive because of these savings. This then adds to the company’s profit, which will then have a “ripple effect” on the other sectors of the local economy.

As a result, the business is able to survive, pay its taxes, pay its in-house employees, contribute to charity or start their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts.

Advantage of outsourcing to the global economy

Offshore staffing is a win-win business strategy. It takes the load off your direct staff while providing jobs for competent employees in remote locations. Workers in leading offshore staffing destinations like the Philippines are grateful for the industry, as it helps them provide their family a comfortable life.

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