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3 main advantages of outsourcing medical transcription

medical transcription outsourcing

Business process outsourcing is not just exclusively for a few institutions anymore. More and more medical services today are now also being outsourced to third-parties. This has been made possible through the continuous tech advancement in the healthcare industry.

Among the leading services in healthcare BPO today is outsourcing medical transcription. Farming out this job function has played a significant role for medical professionals in meeting the needs of their patients. 

Outsourcing in the healthcare sector is readily available in the Philippines. Healthcare facilities from anywhere in the globe have thousands of highly qualified BPO companies to choose from in the country. 

More so, these outsourcing companies’ offered services are not only limited to medical transcription roles alone. They also offer a range of outsourcing functions such as revenue cycle management, claims processing and billing, to name a few. 

EMAPTA, a leading Philippines outsourcing supplier, shares their insights on this topic.

Outsourcing medical transcription

Outsourcing medical transcription happens when a healthcare establishment hires a third party for medical transcription services. 

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During the process of outsourcing medical transcription, medical providers will send audio files to their chosen healthcare outsourcing provider. The outsourced medical transcriptionist will then convert the audio files into transcripts. 

The converted files are accurate transcripts that are formatted according to the client’s requirements. 

Outsourcing medical transcription

Three notable advantages of outsourcing medical transcription

Here are 3 undeniable advantages of medical transcription outsourcing:

1. Outsourcing medical transcription helps ease out medical documentation consolidation

Having an outsourcing provider can be of big help in consolidating medical documents. Data and information in the medical field should always be accurate and error-free. 

Why? Because they serve as the basis for the patients’ treatments, both in the short-term and long-term.

Patient history and diagnosis

History and diagnosis are needed during the entire process of a patient’s treatment. Keeping a good monitoring system for the patients and their diagnosis is important, but keeping tons of physical files can be an additional task for your team.

A centralized system for all these data and information would be the most convenient way in keeping an updated database for all your patients.

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Learning materials

The data from medical transcriptions can be a great tool to develop learning materials. This also helps support specific medical research and in training your healthcare employees as well. 

Thus, through the use of the internet, these documents can be easily accessed more conveniently by the employees. 

People can open the files and learn from anywhere. Whether at home, while on their way to work, or at work, even on break times, and whenever they could. Making use of this technology saves a lot of energy and time.

Medical research interviews

Through outsourcing medical transcription services, your research interviews can now be transcribed quickly and efficiently. 

Important research information can also be acquired from patient interviews. As a medical practitioner, documenting them yourself is one meticulous task. 

You can outsource this function so you can focus on patient diagnosis without missing out on important and relevant data from your patient sessions.

In addition, it is just difficult if you have to keep an entire library of medical research interviews in your office. Medical research interviews should be well-kept and updated in a centralized database system.

2. Outsourcing medical transcription comes with flexible services and packages

Outsourcing is a fixed job based on contracts between the client and the service provider. Because of this, medical transcription outsourcing projects can come in various costs and packages. 

Now, how can you benefit from it? You get to choose the kind of activities you want to be done for a certain period. Of course, without compromising your budget and operational expenses for the company.

Medical transcription services

Medical transcription services pertain to different types of businesses in the healthcare industry such as hospitals, healthcare institutions or physician practitioners from across the globe.

Outsourcing medical transcription: BPO providers in the Philippines 

There are many effective and affordable medical transcription outsourcing companies in the Philippines. All you have to do is to find the best one that matches your business model and work culture environment.

Three notable advantages of outsourcing medical transcription

3. Less hassle: in-house recruitment and retention programs

Outsourcing medical transcription services could help you focus on the more important tasks you need to accomplish. 

Hiring in-house staff requires stable monthly expenses for salaries, resources, office space and training. Outsourcing medical transcription takes away the burden of having to spend more, put in more time in training newly hired employees, and efforts to retain them. 

You can be more efficient by outsourcing medical transcription services. This will also give you and your team more time to spend in improving your facilities and services for your patients’ well-being.

To help you more on your search, you may also check out Outsource Accelerator’s BPO Directory page. We currently have over 900 outsourcing partners readily available specifically in medical transcription services. 

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