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Ep 137 Alex Garcia

In this episode, Derek is joined by Alex Garcia.  He is a Virtual Assistant for a Real Estate Investor.  Join us as Derek talks about Alex’s journey and deep dives into the business that he has built himself.



  • Alex was a licensed teacher before he decided to venture into the BPO industry and become a call center agent.
  • The average salary of a licensed teacher before was $200/month according to Alex.
  • Alex shares that BPO’s offering to be in call centers is a much higher salary.
  • Alex is raised in Davao and he knows the pros and cons of living there.
  • He mentioned that the mindset of the Filipino are lacking of creating something that can be beneficial to our community or to our society.
  • When Alex started in the VA industry, he was oriented with Real Estate and noticed that there is a constant need of VA’s.
  • Alex talks about more of VA4REI business structure.


Key Points

  • There are more opportunities due to easy access to the internet and the industry is now more saturated with different type of niches.
  • VA4REI have around hundred investors across the US and VA’s is about 50-70 Virtual Assistant and all of them are home-based.




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