Kevin Thompson – Philippines: Creating Opportunities and Transcending Diversity

Ep 127 Kevin Thompson

Derek is joined today by Kevin Thompson of Open-Look. They will deep dive into Open-Look and discuss the services that they offer.



  • Kevin is originally from Southern California, then he moved to the Philippines back in 2010 for work.
  • Open-Look started in April 2012. Open-Look is focusing right now on clients from US and Canada. They have 250 employees and about seventy-percent sixty to seventy-percent are in their telemarketing department.
  • Open-Look’s services include; audience development work or telemarketing, graphic design, and data research.
  • Kevin mentioned that most of their clients come from business to business background. In these cases, subscribers have to qualify to receive the publication and it’s a qualification based on profession. They are then required to call these people to confirm and get their opt-in to receive the publication.
  • Kevin briefly discussed how Open-Look generally works and the overview of the prices of their services.
  • The biggest value that an offshore model provides is that it is very cost effective.
  • Kevin mentioned that they are looking into the idea of Open-Look producing its own publication because they see some opportunities in creating their own magazine. This will also further justify their business model


Key Points

  • According to Kevin, the benefit of the offshore model really is the price. It’s more cost-effective.
  • The beauty of the Philippines is that your businesses do not sacrifice much and that the cultural differences are not what many people would expect from a foreign country.
  • Their ambition as a company is creating opportunities. They also love the idea of being able to work with people that may not have other options.





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