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White Widget


About White Widget

When it comes to progressive indie establishments that foster creativity in ways never even thought possible, White Widget is definitely a dominant player in the industry in that field. An indie game and web development company that is for everyone, whether they prefer an iOS, Android, web or desktop platform, White Widget is the embodiment of eclectic ideas. With a surprising number of 11- 50 employees, White Widget is one of the most dynamic enterprises in the industry and is perfect for someone who is always coming up with ideas. Whatever mobile idea it is, they encourage it! The company was founded in the year 2012.

White Widget has a plethora of services to offer, including App and Game Development, Graphic Design, Web Development, Sound, Game Design, and Publishing. They create great and lasting applications for every kind of software. There are also a diverse set of user interfaces and experiences that they design to cater to the needs of the clients with optimum efficiency. They believe in providing the most efficient web development services in the industry and producing and implementing a diverse and novel set of ideas, fostering true creativity. They have delivered with consistency since their inception.


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