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Synergy Business Consultancy


About Synergy Business Consultancy

Synergy Business Consultancy “Synergy is a Filipino research company that has over 15 years of experience and cutting edge thinking expertise. This helps the employees imagine the possibilities for their clients and turn those imaginations into reality. Synergy designs studies and study the availability of customers, online, social, or on other secondary data. These insights help make the clients make informed decisions and build a competitive edge that helps them connect to their customers better. Synergy helps find important clues from the research and data and piece them together to help their clients with recommendations and ways for competitive expansion.

Services Provided

Synergy provides a strategic market research ecosystem and approach to their clients

Primary data collection and analytics by the following methods:

• Qualitative method

• Focus group discussions
• One-on-one interviews
• Ethnographic research

• Quantitative Method

• House-to-house interviews
• Intercept interviews
• Central location tests
• Telemarketing
• Online research
• Mobile research

Digital platforms, Company “Datafied” Sources, secondary data collection and analysis

• Statistical Data modelling and predictive analysis
• Company Datasets/database analysis and processing
• Digital and social media analysis

Synergy also helps their clients by providing seminars, workshops and mentoring to the clients.

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