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RPO trends to look out for in 2024

RPO trends to look out for in 2022

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) trends often dictate how the industry would do in the foreseeable future. There are factors, both internal and external, that will change the course, and RPO experts are ready for any change that may come.

In recent years, the pandemic greatly shaped the RPO trends and some of the changes were drastic. Businesses were driven to enforce continuity plans, with the pandemic hitting every imaginable industry.

Two years later, economic experts think that we are on our way to recovery and growth. For businesses in recruitment and talent acquisition, we’ve listed down the RPO trends to look out for in 2024.

What is RPO and how does it help companies?

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is the process of outsourcing hiring and onboarding activities to service providers. These companies work to hire and onboard employees per the demands of the client.

Some clients only sign a seasonal contract, while some sign for a longer-term. The project’s scope and timeframe rely entirely on what the vendor and the client agreed upon.

Recruitment is a time-consuming process, and it’s resource-heavy from start to finish. That said, RPO companies like The Remote Group assist in bringing in more talented individuals to a company for a fraction of the price. With the help of these service providers, organizations can expand without much effort.

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What is RPO and how does it help companies

8 RPO trends to kickstart 2024 right

For both RPO vendors and clients, being aware of the latest trends that impact the industry will help ensure smooth sailing in challenging times. We’ve listed all the top trends in 2024 below.

1. Diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI)

Recruiters from RPO companies are familiar with DEI as an important facet in maintaining a healthy workplace. It creates a healthy, functional, and fair system, driving inclusivity in the workplace. Some say this is beyond just an RPO trend—they are right.

Along with an equal employment opportunities (EEO) policy, these are put into place so all parties involved can protect themselves inside the organization.

2. Upskilling

The market is becoming more and more competitive, and it is essential not only to find people with the right skills and talents. 

RPO specialists should be capable of identifying skill gaps that need to be filled to strengthen a company’s workforce. RPOs can utilize their data to develop upskilling strategies for clients.

8 RPO trends to kickstart 2024 right

3. Next-generation technology

Another RPO trend on the list is next-gen technology. With SaaS companies everywhere, the outsourced recruitment industry has been taking advantage of emerging and tried-and-tested technologies such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) and job boards and websites.

Recruiters from all over the world are familiar with these technologies, they are a company’s best bet in hiring talented individuals.

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4. Candidate care

Candidate care is another RPO trend that has been on the rise. This entails how recruiters work with their candidates and past hires. Most recruiters, whether in-house or outsourced, work very closely with their candidates, but some don’t.

Headhunters from outsourced recruitment firms are trained to be as professional as possible. One important facet of their job is to connect candidates with jobs that match their skill sets and work style.

5. Remote hiring and onboarding

Online hiring and onboarding have been the norm in remote-first companies. This RPO trend came into view in mid-2020, just as businesses started to bring in more employees. 

Recruiters from traditional companies are quick to get on board to cater to the demand for more employees. Online hiring wouldn’t fizzle out anytime soon, not with companies turning into a hybrid of working onsite and remotely.

6. Reaching remote-only employees

This RPO trend has seen a steady rise since the work-from-home mandates were introduced in early 2020. Due to the advantages of working from home, more and more candidates are actively looking for remote work. 

With the help of outsourced recruitment companies, it’s easier to find the perfect fit for remote teams and reach remote-only candidates. 

7. Global recruiting experience

RPOs with experience and capabilities in global recruitment are sure to gain an edge in the market as global talents grow in demand. Overseas recruiting specialists have skills that are up to par or even better than local headhunters. 

They also help shape a more diverse and inclusive workforce and ensure the quality of skills especially for remote teams.

8. Future-proof recruitment

No matter the scale of the business, RPO is a sustainable solution for every company’s growing needs. 

Technological developments show no sign of slowing down, and recruiting teams should be able to work harmoniously with these changes in order to stay relevant.

Advantages of hiring an RPO company

Having a firm dedicated to providing hiring services is already an advantage of its own. This means that the client company can focus more on its core activities, which is a great way to introduce growth in the company.

Quality hires

Outsourced recruitment companies have extensive training programs to ensure that their recruiters are ready and well-equipped to deliver quality services. 

With vast talent tools, RPO vendors can ensure low-cost quality hires by implementing different strategies to scour through candidates locally and abroad.

Advantages of hiring an RPO company

Less overhead costs

As with any branch of outsourcing, the advantage of lessening overhead costs is already a given. 

Partnering with a service provider that stays on top of RPO trends will lessen the need for in-house recruiters. While there’s nothing wrong with insourcing and hiring in-house employees, they can cost more compared to outsourcing.

Two heads are better than one

Working with an outsourced recruitment company doesn’t mean that businesses have to let go of their in-house recruiters. These organizations come up with a system that both benefits in-house and outsourced staff—a blended work setup.

A blended work setup means that both in-house and outsourced employees work together. The delegation of projects and roles don’t differ unless needed. The only difference is that one team works directly for the company and the other is a third party.

How the RPO industry handled the Great Resignation of 2021

The Great Resignation Movement was a phenomenon in 2021, wherein groups of employees resigned from their respective employers. The reasons for resignation varied— from wanting higher compensation and better benefits to pursuing their passion. 

Employers can’t say no—technically and legally, employees are free to terminate their contracts. All that’s left to do for companies is to serve a counterproposal or to accept the employee’s resignation. 

With businesses on the verge of being severely understaffed, outsourcing recruitment firms have stepped up to assist them.

The RPO industry has seen a steady stream of candidates looking for a stable career and businesses looking for new hires to grow their business with.

Outsourced recruitment companies help make that employee-employer connection.

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