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Bad customer service examples you might be doing unintentionally

Bad customer service examples you might be doing unintentionally

Customer service is the quality of support and interaction that a business provides to its consumer before, during and after a transaction. Offering excellent customer service in all areas of your business plays a significant role in retaining customers, resolving issues, and foreseeing potential conflicts. However, it’s best to be informed of some bad customer service examples that you might be doing unintentionally.

Horrible customer service = ruined reputation

Customer service should be a top priority for every business owner. Did you know that a single negative interaction and customer service practice can lower your sales and ruin your hard-earned reputation?

In a study conducted by Dimensional Research and Zendesk, 95 per cent of respondents said they usually tell at least one other person about a bad customer experience with a company, while 54 per cent said they share it with at least five other people.

This could lead to a domino effect, and the brand name and reputation you’ve built for years could crumble before you know it. The good news is BPO firms like Helpware could assist your business’ customer support services to ensure that your clients are satisfied in every interaction.

Horrible customer service = ruined reputation
Horrible customer service = ruined reputation

Bad customer service examples you might be doing unintentionally

We think that as long as the staff is not being rude to customers, and as long as our physical stores are clean, we are practicing the best customer service.

However, that’s not the case. Since 86 per cent of buyers are willing to pay more for a great customer experience, they’re expecting businesses to go above and beyond.

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To start providing better customer service, here are some examples of bad customer service that you might be doing unintentionally.

Ignoring customer feedback

It’s probably safe to assume that feedback forms and other types of evaluation forms are provided in your website or store, and that’s a great practice. However, it doesn’t end there. Being customer-centric means asking for your customers’ feedback AND addressing their concerns to provide them a better experience.

Making your customers feel like their opinions and comments matter is a good thing, but the real (and forgotten) challenge is implementing guidelines and rules to ensure customer satisfaction.

Hiring untrained customer service teams/personnel

Customer service is a department on its own. It may not be thought of as “relevant” compared to other departments that bring in sales and customers, but it plays a vital role in everyday operations.

Hiring untrained and unprofessional employees to provide customer support for your brand is an insult. It actually says negatively about the kind of service you’re willing to provide to your customers.

To ensure high quality customer service, it’s best to seek the services of top-notch customer service providers like iContact BPO.

Bad customer service examples you might be doing unintentionally
Bad customer service examples you might be doing unintentionally

Mismanaging your social media accounts

Social media is an accessible way to stay connected and post your thoughts and comments for the world to see. With social media, customers get to complain publicly, letting everyone – including retaining and potential customers – see how “terrible” your service has been.

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Social media complaints need to be manned by professional social media managers, so that these concerns can be resolved and away from the public eye as soon as possible. 

Mismanaged or unattended social accounts do not only ruin your brand, it can also cause headlines, like what happened to British Airways several years ago.

After the airline company lost his father’s luggage, Hasan Syed paid for a sponsored tweet to air his frustration directly to British Airways’ Twitter followers. The tweet, which said “Don’t fly @BritishAirways. Their customer service is horrendous” was read by thousands of users.

The airlines tweeted back EIGHT hours after the original post (and the tweet has already been picked up by news sites), promising to look into the baggage issue. Experts criticized the airline’s delay in responding, with Syed asking “how a billion dollar corporation only has a 9-5 social media support for a business that operates 24/7.”

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