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Top 11 ecommerce agencies in the Philippines

Top 11 ecommerce agencies in the Philippines

Online buying and selling became a big hit in the 21st century, all thanks to the advancement of the internet and the patronage of shoppers and sellers from all over the world. 

Before the bigger names of Alibaba, eBay, and Amazon came into existence, all shopping must be done in physical stores. Traditional marketing was the holy grail for these stores, right until online commerce came into the picture.

With this online shopping phenomenon, service providers adopted a new solution to offer business owners: ecommerce assistance. Thus, the birth of ecommerce agencies.

List of the top 11 ecommerce agencies in the Philippines

  1. Great Deals E-commerce Corp.
  2. Spiralytics
  3. Andzen Manila
  4. LOKAL
  5. aCommerce
  6. Huskee Digital
  7. LeapOut Digital
  8. Growth Rocket
  9. NUWORKS Commerce
  10. Wazile 
  11. Intrepid Asia

What is an ecommerce agency?

An ecommerce agency is a service provider that handles the activities of online stores. From digital marketing to creating promotional materials, these firms offer a helping hand to online sellers everywhere.

Oftentimes, they start as digital marketing agencies before shifting into this niche.

Small businesses employ the help of ecommerce agencies in building their online shops from scratch. These firms usually partner up with small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) on a long-term basis or just until they can stand on their own.

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What is an ecommerce agency

11 Philippine-based ecommerce agencies

The Philippines is known for its plethora of small businesses, with sari-sari (variety) stores being the most popular method of selling goods. Through this entrepreneurial spirit, many Filipinos venture out into the business world.

However, some of them have started being service providers, helping others to become successful in the line of their business in this digital era.

1. Great Deals E-commerce Corp.

Based in Quezon City, this ecommerce agency started in 2012 and became incorporated in 2017.

What started as a sole proprietorship ended up becoming one of the biggest online commerce service providers in the Philippines. Spanning across eight different services, Great Deals remains competitive despite tight competition.

2. Spiralytics

The digital marketing company offers online commerce services such as ecommerce optimization, growth marketing, and pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns.

The niche of Spiralytics is more on online marketing, with services that assist businesses in building up their online presence. All the while, businesses can be sure that they are ready for the world of online selling.

3. Andzen Manila

Andzen Manila truly takes its ecommerce consulting services to the next level. They offer integrations with Shopify, BigCommerce, MailChimp, and Okendo—just some of the biggest names in the ecommerce industry.

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Businesses can have everything they need with this one-stop digital marketing service provider. From Shopify web design to shop marketing and reputation management, LOKAL’s clients won’t ever need to hire another agency again.

5. aCommerce

This Southeast Asian company is a bonafide ecommerce agency offering services that pertain to the practice of online shopping and marketing. 

They’ve exclusively partnered with big software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms such as Google, Facebook Blueprint, Azure, Salesforce, and major SEA online selling sites like Lazada and Shopee. 

6. Huskee Digital

Clients of Huskee Digital will never look for another marketing agency ever again. The resources they offer may look just like ordinary services, but they’re so much more than that. They provide holistic solutions to modern problems.

7. LeapOut Digital

LeapOut Digital caters mostly to clients and businesses that practice ecommerce, but they also lend a hand to other enterprises outside of this industry. Nevertheless, their services are impartial and molded after what their clients want and need.

This eCommerce agency is the only TikTok partner on this list.

8. Growth Rocket

When it comes to building and developing ecommerce websites, Growth Rocket is the leading service provider.

There’s no doubt that when venturing into the world of online commerce, one must have all the possible tools to aid in success and growth within its first few years. Growth Rocket will be the one to take care of everything from the ground up.

9. NUWORKS Commerce

A subsidiary of NuWorks Interactive Labs, NUWORKS Commerce brings its vigor and innovation into the industry of online shopping. With seven services and countless subsets, this agency is guaranteed to bring success to its client from day one.

They pride themselves in using the newest technology such as Lavarel, PHP, and NodeJS in business. 

10. Wazile 

Like Growth Rocket, Wazile provides ecommerce website development, design, and maintenance, all while optimizing the site for future growth.

Digital marketing agencies like Wazile often have packages that are ready-made for clients to try. However, they can still cater these packages based on the client’s needs, wants, budget, and project scope.

11. Intrepid Asia

Serving the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, Intrepid Asia utilizes technology and trends to foster online and digital success.

One of their services is omnichannel support for ecommerce websites and platforms. This way, clients won’t miss any chance to connect with their target audience.

How to connect with an ecommerce agency in 3 steps

When connecting with any service provider, be it online or traditional, there are certain steps that businesses should follow.

In between these, the connecting party can do whatever they please. But in order to make a successful deal, these steps should be followed religiously.

Step 1: Research

Before attempting to make any contact with ecommerce agencies, be sure to conduct basic research. This includes checking out the services they offer, canvassing for prices, and studying their mission and vision statements and their core values.

Step 2: Make contact

Once the team has gathered at least five candidates, it’s now time to make contact. 

Be sure to ask all the important questions within the first few correspondences with the partner service provider. This includes asking about their team or the people who will work on your ecommerce project and the kind of support and maintenance they offer.

Step 3: Weigh the options

After contacting the chosen agencies, it’s time to weigh them against each other. This is where primary decision-makers exhaust all leads before making the final judgment.

The future of ecommerce in 2023

With businesses using ecommerce agencies and platform integrations to sell their products, it’s safe to say that ecommerce is here to stay for a long time.

The world’s leading platform for online shopping integration, Shopify, has predicted that the industry will reach $5 trillion this year alone. With the rapid growth of convenience through the internet, more and more people are inclined to do their shopping online.

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