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Digital process automation: what is it and how does it work?

The biggest driving force for digital process automation is the necessity for companies to automate operations as part of their digital transformation journey.

In digital transformation, a company’s operations and value delivery will be fundamentally altered. To keep up with this shift, organizations must constantly experiment and be open to changes, and that means letting go of old processes in favor of new ones.

What is digital process automation (DPA)?

Digital process automation or DPA means one or more tasks in a business process are automated using digital technology. 

Software is commonly used to automate organizational workflows. DPA is guided by principles that focus on mobile-first interfaces, efficient collaboration, process transparency, and simplifying customer tasks. 

Businesses can implement this method, which is grounded on business process management (BPM), to reform their whole workflows and promote digital transformation across the entire organization.

Assuming the process has already been streamlined by BPM, digital process automation aims to improve the customer’s overall experience.

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On the other hand, DPA doesn’t mean the entire process will be automated. Partially automated operations may still require some human engagement.

What is digital process automation (DPA)?

Benefits of digital process automation

Here are the advantages of utilizing digital process automation:

Reduced costs

Tasks that can be automated to eliminate the need for high-cost human labor.

One excellent way to ease repetitive manual work is to move from traditional BPM to digital process automation. Consequently, this can increase the efficiency of the employees, which in turn will contribute to significant cost savings.

Increase employee satisfaction

Uncertainty about priorities or the next step in a workflow can cause issues for employees. With DPA, the staff knows exactly when they must engage in a workflow.

Motivated employees not only save firms revenue but also improve the customer service experience for the company as a whole. 

The main advantage of DPA is that it places a high emphasis on customer service.

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Improve productivity and stabilize operations

Utilizing DPA gives you more time to focus on your customers, which leads to more operational stability.

Employees free up time by transferring menial chores to digital tools. The extra time they earn can be used to focus on offering excellent customer care.

They can provide more value to customers while the software takes care of the tedious tasks necessary to ensure accuracy and security.

Prevent human error

Most document processing problems are the result of human error. Automation aids organizations in avoiding them by ensuring greater accuracy.

With DPA, companies can deliver more consistent and higher-quality services to clients by doing jobs more efficiently. High-quality services can attract new customers and keep existing customer connections.

Benefits of digital process automation

Examples of digital process automation

Digitization can be applied to a wide range of procedures across all departments. Here are examples of digital process automation that you can use in your workplace:

  • IT service requests. IT and compliance are just a few of the departments that benefit from service request management using DPA.
  • New hire management. DPA software is used by companies to aid with the hiring process and onboarding of new employees. 
  • Contract reviews. Getting contract review requests through phone, fax, or email is made possible by DPA.
  • Routing of information. In order to move data across systems or individuals, business rules and logic must be applied, which specify where the data should go next.
  • Customer support. Automated processes can help customer support teams deal with large volumes of inquiries and calls by organizing tickets and providing self-service options.

Digital process automation software

An effective approach for digital transformation supports end-to-end automation of the entire process. Digital process automation tools provide capabilities such as automated processes, notifications, or workflows that need little to no programming.

Tools integrating capabilities present in numerous technologies are emerging in the automation industry. They integrate a wide range of software technologies for process automation and speedy application creation.

Here are some of the digital process automation software available on the market today.


Laserfiche provides content management and corporate process automation solutions. It eliminates the need for paper forms with electronic forms, document management, and analytics and other automation tools. 

Laserfiche is leading the cloud, machine learning, and artificial intelligence (AI) revolution to help businesses succeed.


Quixy is a cloud-based, user-friendly platform for building business applications. This DPA software features non-technical workflows and processes and constructs enterprise-grade apps faster than the traditional way.

Quixy offers a wide range of pre-built solutions, including CRM, project management, HRMS, travel and expense management, and incident and service request management.


ProcessMaker has a low-code automation technology that helps business users solve difficult workflow problems. This DPA software integrates and extends third-party systems, removes bottlenecks, and provides your organization with genuine digital flexibility.

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