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Elevate your dental practice with a trusted offshore staffing partner

Elevate your dental practice with a trusted offshore staffing partner

This article is a submission by Omada One. Omada One is a BPO company based in the Philippines that provides back office and contact center solutions with a focus on forming high-performing teams with the right people.

In the dynamic realm of dental practice management, staying ahead of the curve is essential to your practice’s success. Partnering with a top-tier offshoring provider can optimize and empower your dental practice.

Offshoring firms have specialists who are not only fluent in English but also possess extensive training in healthcare, dentistry, and industry-leading dental practice management software systems.

There are intricate dynamics at play in doctors’ interactions with patients, as well as their front and back office teams.

It is clear how hectic things can get, and innovative solutions offered by third-party providers can help abundantly.

The decision to align with a reliable offshore staffing partner using select dental practice roles transcends mere cost-saving. It signifies a transformative approach that can redefine the very fabric of your practice’s operation.

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How dentists benefit from an offshore staffing partner 

By entrusting certain back-office functions to dedicated professionals, you can focus wholeheartedly on delivering exceptional patient care without distractions.

This, in turn, empowers you to expand your patient base, enhance conversion rates for telephone and online patient inquiries, increase repeat patient visits, and implement a more competitive pricing structure—all while minimizing net patient loss.

How dentists benefit from an offshore staffing partner 
How dentists benefit from an offshore staffing partner

To explain it further, here’s how an offshore staffing partner can help with your daily operations:

Focus on core activities

Delegating administrative, billing, and other non-clinical tasks to offshore staff lets dentists and on-site teams focus on patient care. As a result, it improves their service quality.

Enhanced efficiency

Offshore teams can help streamline processes and reduce administrative bottlenecks. The goal is to help dental clinics improve their overall practice efficiency.

Access to specialized skills

Dentists can tap into a global pool of dental professionals. These seasoned remote workers specialize in various areas, such as dental billing and coding. Dental establishments are also freed from the need for costly in-house training.

Improved patient experience

Patients experience improved communication and service as they receive support for appointment setting, reminders, and inquiries. As a result, it enhances their overall experience.

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Reduced administrative burden

Offshore staff can handle various administrative tasks, including appointment scheduling, insurance processing, and data entry. It greatly reduces the administrative workload on-site.

Focus on growth

Dentists can use the time saved through outsourcing to concentrate on practice growth. They can effectively plan on expanding services, their marketing efforts, or exploring new patient outreach strategies.


Offshore staffing allows dentists to scale their workforce up or down based on fluctuating patient volumes or specific project needs. This flexibility can be especially useful during busy seasons or when expanding services.

Expanded service hours

By employing offshore staff in different time zones, dental practices can extend their operating hours. It provides patients with more appointment options and accommodates those in different time zones.

Expanded service hours
How dentists benefit from an offshore staffing partner 

Why the Philippines is a top offshore staffing destination

The Philippines stands out as the most common offshore staffing destination. It is renowned for its political stability, a workforce with substantial healthcare and medical expertise, proficiency in neutral English, and the advantage of cost-effective labor.

Further, an offshore staffing from the country provides the following benefits:

Cost savings

An offshore staff typically offers cost savings in terms of labor expenses. Countries with lower living costs provide skilled dental professionals at a fraction of the cost of hiring locally. This allows for budget optimization.

Embrace dental best practices

Delegating tasks to an offshore staffing partner from the Philippines lets you prioritize customer service and patient retention.

It can help you boost your profitability while simultaneously reducing average clinic expenses by as much as 55% to 62%.

Risk mitigation & data security

Offshore staffing providers often have robust security measures and backup systems in place. They help reduce the risk of data loss or security breaches compared to in-house solutions.

Choosing the right offshore staffing partner

When choosing the right offshore staffing partner you must recognize the paramount importance of data privacy and security within the healthcare and dental industries.

Selecting an experienced remote staffing partner is a pivotal decision that should be made with utmost care.

The commitment to enterprise-grade data security measures and full compliance with industry regulations positions the partnership alliance as the trusted outsourcing choice for dental practices nationwide.

Safeguarding patient and medical clinic data security is at the very heart of a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to data management. 

Identifying low-margin and repetitive back-office tasks and positions within dental practices is a key step in streamlining operations.

Common roles delegated to an offshore staffing partner

Here’s a list of frequently requested roles from an offshore staffing partner.

This curated list is based on surveys and interviews with doctors, front desk patient administrators, office finance managers, and HR personnel in both Australia and North America.

The # 1 most requested and desired remote role is the PDA

The specific duties of a personal dental assistant (PDA) may vary based on the dental practice’s size, specialization, and the dentist’s preferences.

Common roles delegated to an offshore staffing partner

They are a vital part of the dental team, contributing to the smooth operation of the practice and the delivery of quality dental care to patients.

Other offshored roles are as follows:

2 – Debt collections coordinator

3 – Patient appointment setting and reminders

4 – Accounting and bookkeeping

5 – Inbound website leads and phone inquiry response

6 – Billing and payments

7 – Patient records management and data entry

8 – Administration and back office support

9 – 24/7 live chat, email support

10 – Insurance payment processing

11 – Phone reception (24×7 after-hours and emergency services)

12 – Digital marketing

13 – Business data and analytics

14 – Social patient engagement / social media management

15 – SEO/SEM

Commencing with a mutually agreed proof of concept trial pilot period is highly recommended. It can naturally transition into a more extensive service agreement based on the successful outcomes achieved during the trial.

This approach allows for a gradual and informed progression while ensuring that both parties are aligned and satisfied with the results before committing to a longer-term partnership.

Wishing you the very best of luck as you embark on your journey to elevate your dental practice to remarkable heights of success!

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