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Top 8 customer service tools for exceptional support

Top 8 tools for customer service for your business

List of customer service tools

  1. Mobile app
  2. Live chat
  3. SaaS call center 
  4. Customer satisfaction survey 
  5. Email automation
  6. Help ticketing system 
  7. Customer Portal
  8. Reports dashboard

No matter what size your business is or what type of industry you belong to, your consumers and customer satisfaction should always be at the top of your list.

As a business owner, establishing a good relationship with your patrons is a must. Likewise, nurturing and maintaining loyal customers is essential in achieving your business goals. 

Of course, these all will not be possible without working on providing the best consumer care you can offer your patrons.

All you need is to utilize the right customer support software and strategies, and you are ready to conquer the market world! 

How customer service works

Customer service refers to the proactive support and services you provide your consumers before, during, and even after they have done business with you. Its objective is to offer people the best customer experience possible.

Being able to achieve customer satisfaction by answering customer requests and queries is critical in retaining your consumers, especially in your business growth. 

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Traditionally, organizations carry out their consumer care activities through call centers, specifically via inbound and outbound calls.

With our modern-day technological innovations and the availability of the internet, customer service teams can leverage these breakthroughs through customer service and customer-relationship management software tools.

Thanks to today’s modernizations, business owners and customer service agents like you are given an array of software options to engage and interact with your patrons. 

You can hire in-house agents or partner with an outsourcing firm like SixEleven BPO to access highly skilled customer support teams that can handle a wide range of customer service requests and functions for your business.

Customer service software, at present, can be utilized on multiple communication channels like help desk software, social media, text SMS, live chat software, voice calls, and email. 

However, your customer service will not be functional without your agents or representatives. They serve as the first point of contact between your consumers and business.

How customer service works

Top 8 customer service tools

Making use of the right customer service software will serve as your edge over your competitors. Moreover, it will also help in amplifying your consumer care performance. 

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Below are the eight best options you can integrate into your system:   

1. Mobile app

Businesses now have to be accessible everywhere, especially on smartphones, as a lot of consumers these days make purchases using them. That said, having a mobile app helps you directly connect with your patrons. 

A mobile app is one of the best customer service software options that has a huge impact on your consumers’ overall user experience. 70% of people who can search your brand on mobile are most likely to make online purchases within the hour. 

It does not only help you achieve your patrons’ satisfaction but also promotes brand awareness. 

2. Live chat

Live chat software is one of the most convenient customer service software tools available today. People now demand quick responses to their queries, and live chat makes it easy to send customer requests and questions.

The customer service team can get back to customers in real-time. According to statistics, 60% of customers say that they will return to a website that has live chat support.

3. SaaS call center

While mobile apps are great for online purchases, some people still prefer to talk to agents through voice calls before deciding to buy a product or service. 

Software as a service (SaaS) supports call shift solutions, analytics, and CRM through the cloud. 

Top 8 tools for customer service

4. Customer satisfaction survey

Customer satisfaction (CS) surveys are one of the most effective ways of collecting customer feedback. Surveys help you gauge customer experience, feedback on your products and services, and how you can make improvements in the future.

CS surveys are one of the most efficient customer support software that helps you better know and understand your patrons. 

In turn, you gain valuable knowledge and insights from customer data that you can apply in the future.

5. Email automation

Email automation, specifically behavioral-triggered emails, allows customer service teams to provide a more personalized customer experience. 

Examples of these emails include consumers who subscribe to your newsletter, make a purchase, leave an abandoned cart, or download your e-book. 

6. Help ticketing system

A help ticketing tool helps you avoid frustrated patrons as they are able to have immediate answers to their issues.

As for certain problems that require time to be resolved, consumers are able to track the progress of their tickets. 

7. Customer portal

Customer portals are reliable customer service management software that grants your customers their own personal accounts on your website.

It is one of the customer service tools that give your customers the freedom to track their orders, view order histories, save favorite items, and even access personalized assistance.

These are self-service tools where customers can resolve issues or get answers to specific questions on their own. Further, it also allows them to review their purchase histories, invoices, and more. 

8. Reports dashboard

A reporting tool lets your customer support team collect, analyze, and monitor customer data and information across all your systems. These can be found in many customer service software solutions.

It functions as a single, interactive dashboard that shows your metrics and insights you can utilize to measure your bottom-line performance and improve customer relationship management.

This customer service tool also works as a project management tool, helping you make informed decisions to enhance your overall consumer care and support. 

You can establish a good reputation not just with your customers but with the entire marketplace.

Well-satisfied customers will promote your brand to their friends, family, and other people. More so, they will also be encouraged to do more transactions with your business alone.

With the right customer service software and strategies, you are now ready to conquer the marketplace by storm!

3 ways to create a kickass customer service strategy

The overall market industry has always remained cutthroat. To stay ahead of your competition, you need to amp up your customer service.

Not to mention, customers today aim for perfection. Poor customer support is the number one deal-breaker in their buying decision.

Your consumer care activities should be effective and cohesive. That is why you need the best customer service possible and utilize world-class customer service management software.

Now, to help you plan out, here are three ways you can do so:

1. Establish a vision

As more and more organizations adopt a customer-centric approach to doing business, note that it should always start with leaders.

Your customer service team should not only be the ones to put customers first; it has to begin with the upper management all the way to the staff. 

Looking for better ways to increase your profits and extend your margins is necessary for your business growth.

However, you should always take into account your customers’ needs, concerns, and wants. It should also be reflected in your company’s policies, offerings, and, most especially, your services.

2. Set goals

Always set clear and attainable goals that revolve around your vision. You may begin by listing down desired goals and planning out how to incorporate them into your customer service tasks.

Another thing to consider is to set guidelines so each member of your entire customer support team will have the same perception of your consumer service. 

3. Build your team

To ensure that your customer service software tools and strategies are implemented smoothly and effectively, you need to have the right people.

When hiring and forming a customer support team, remember that a person may possess all the skills and experience for a certain position.

However, it will all be useless if the candidate does not fit into your company’s culture and ideals. 

5 customer service strategies to supplement your customer satisfaction

Now that you have your goals aligned, it is time to lay out which customer service strategies to implement. 

We have outlined five customer service strategies to help you make sure that you win your customers over: 

1. Empower your staff

A happy customer support team leads to happy customers. When your employees feel valued and respected, they will be encouraged to go above and beyond.

Recognize your staff’s hard work and implement programs that will showcase their potential. You also need a suitable career plan structure for your employees. 

2. Customer loyalty is essential

Yes, loyalty and customer relationship management are very important as it is cheaper to retain and maintain customers than to attain new ones.

Take note that loyal patrons will most likely recommend your brand to other people. Further, a loyal consumer base allows you to generate more profit.

5 customer service strategies to supplement your customers’ satisfaction

3. Personalize consumer experience 

Make use of the right customer service tool that enables your agents to have access to your customer’s information.

These customer service tools should also be able to provide agents with data like customer support requests or conversation history.

This series of information will help your agents offer personalized support or solutions to your customers. 

4. Honor complaints

All customer conversations matter, and honoring their complaints as valid makes a huge difference.

Welcome your patrons’ complaints with open arms and use them to your advantage. Consider these complaints as a free source of market research.

However, in handling customer complaints, ensure that your agents are able to resolve them successfully and avoid repetitive complaints.

5. Devise the right KPIs

Have a list of your key performance indicators (KPIs) that will help you calculate all your consumer care efforts.

Your KPIs should always include the first call resolution, the average time in the queue, and the average abandonment rate. 

You also have to ensure that you make use of the best customer service software that meets the needs of both your customers and representatives. 

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