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Technical support representative

With more businesses going digital, the need for reliable tech support is more rampant than ever. Technical support representatives ensure a customer’s tech and IT problems are managed properly.

This article goes through the duties and responsibilities of a technical support representative and the necessary skills to look for when hiring one.

What is a technical support representative?

A technical support representative provides assistance and solutions to customers’ tech-related problems.

Regardless of the problem, tech support representatives are assigned to troubleshoot and diagnose these problems to ensure customer satisfaction.

Duties of a technical support representative

The duties of a technical support representative can vary depending on the industry or specific service involved. Some common duties are listed below.

Problem identification

The technical support representative analyzes customer inquiries to identify the root cause of technical issues.


Once the problem has been identified, the technical support representative comes up with solutions to this problem.

They may use various tools or software to diagnose the problem or even seek external help from colleagues if necessary.

Product knowledge

Technical support representatives must also be knowledgeable on the kind of product or service that is being inquired about.

They must be well-versed in the product’s features and functionalities, which will help them solve the customer’s issue faster.


The tech support representative also creates detailed reports of customer interactions, issues, and solutions. These documents will be kept for future reference in case a similar issue arises.

Customer education

Tech support representatives also educate customers on the kind of products they use in order to avoid the same problems from happening.

These can be in the form of step-by-step instructions, training sessions, or resource materials.


When technical issues arise that the technical support representative cannot handle on their own, they can escalate the issue to higher-level support teams.

Additionally, the tech support representative can refer to an expert or specialist if an issue requires specialized technical support.

Feedback collection

Tech support representatives also gather customer feedback to help improve products and services and to minimize these issues.

They can ask for feedback through surveys or follow-up calls to try to gather information on how their product or service can be improved.

Skills and requirements needed in a technical support representative

Technical support representatives require an extensive skill set to perform well. Listed below are the necessary skills required.

  • Technical proficiency: A strong understanding of the products or services being supported, as well as general technical knowledge.
  • Communication skills: Excellent verbal and written communication skills are crucial for explaining technical concepts to non-technical users.
  • Problem-solving: The ability to think critically and solve complex technical issues efficiently.
  • Patience and empathy: Dealing with frustrated customers requires patience and the ability to empathize with their concerns.
  • Multitasking: Managing multiple customer inquiries at once is common, so multitasking skills are valuable.
  • Adaptability: The tech landscape evolves rapidly, so adaptability and a willingness to learn new technologies are essential.

Where to hire a technical support representative

You can find potential technical support representatives through different hiring channels, such as:

  • Job Boards: You can find potential technical support representative candidates to interview through job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed, or Glassdoor.
  • Recruitment Agencies: You can also try scouting through recruitment agencies that specialize in IT and technical roles.
  • Internal Referrals: Encourage current employees to refer qualified candidates.
  • Networking: Attend industry events and conferences to connect with potential candidates.
  • Online Communities: Explore online forums and communities related to your industry, as many tech enthusiasts can make excellent support representatives.

Salary comparison

The salary of a technical support representative may vary depending on the technician’s skill level.

The average salary of a technical support representative in the Philippines is around P312,000/year.

To compare, a technical support representative in the United States makes an average of around $77,969.

The table below shows the salary comparison according to experience. 


On-site vs. Remote setup for a technical support representative

Working on-site or remotely depends on the requirements of the company.

Tech support representatives can work on-site if they need physical access to whatever they need and to have a more collaborative work environment.

They can also work remotely as long as they have a stable internet connection and access to all the tools they need.

Technical support representative job description template 

You may customize this job description template to match the needs of your company. It details all responsibilities and skills required of a technical support representative.

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