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Inside sales representative

Sales is one of the most crucial functions for any business, as it directly affects the revenue and growth of a company.

Inside sales is an increasingly important part of sales as more companies adopt technology-based approaches. Inside sales teams use various communication channels to connect with potential customers and close deals.

Inside sales representatives use persuasive techniques, product knowledge, and sales expertise to navigate the sales process and achieve targets successfully.

In this article, we will look at the role of an inside sales representative in detail, including the duties, skills, and requirements.

What is an inside sales representative?

An inside sales representative is a critical member of a sales team who works remotely, using various communication channels to connect with potential clients and close deals.

Unlike outside sales representatives who visit clients in person, inside sales representatives use technology to reach their target audience. They may work for a company that sells products or services directly to customers or businesses.

Duties of an inside sales representative

Inside sales representatives have multiple responsibilities to ensure the success of their sales efforts. Some of their key duties include:


Inside sales representatives actively seek new prospects and generate leads through research, networking, and outreach. They identify potential customers who may benefit from their company’s products or services.

Cold calling

These sales representatives make cold calls to prospects, introducing themselves and their offerings. They engage in conversation, answer questions, and build relationships to convert prospects into customers.

Sales presentations

Inside sales representatives create and deliver compelling sales presentations tailored to each prospect’s needs. These presentations highlight the unique value proposition of the product or service.


This type of sales representatives negotiate pricing, terms, and contracts with potential customers. They work to find a mutually beneficial solution that satisfies both the customer and their company.

Closing deals 

Inside sales representatives strive to close deals efficiently and successfully. They use persuasive techniques, follow up with prospects, and handle objections to seal the deal.

Skills and requirements needed in an inside sales representative

Certain skills and requirements are essential for an inside sales representative. These include:

  • Excellent communication skills. Inside sales representatives need strong verbal and written communication skills to effectively engage, persuade, and build rapport with potential customers.
  • Sales expertise. In-depth knowledge of sales techniques, such as objection handling, negotiation, and closing strategies, is crucial for inside sales representatives to succeed.
  • Adaptability. Inside sales representatives must be adaptable to changing market conditions and customer needs. They should be willing to learn and adjust their approach accordingly.
  • Customer-centric approach. An inside sales representative must put the customer’s needs first. Understanding the customer’s pain points and providing tailored solutions is key to building trust and closing deals.
  • Tech-savviness. Inside sales representatives should be comfortable using various communication and sales tools, such as CRM software, email, video conferencing, and social media platforms.

Where to hire an inside sales representative?

When looking to hire an inside sales representative, there are several options to consider:

1. Online job sites

  • Indeed. Indeed is a popular online job site where companies can post job openings and browse resumes. It attracts a wide range of candidates, making it a valuable platform for hiring inside sales representatives.
  • Workable. Workable is an applicant tracking system that also provides job posting services. It offers features like candidate screening, interview scheduling, and collaboration tools for a streamlined hiring process.
  • FlexJobs. FlexJobs is a platform for remote and flexible job opportunities. It is a great site for finding inside sales representatives who prefer working remotely or part-time.

2. Freelance sites

  • FreeUp. FreeUp connects companies with pre-vetted freelancers specializing in various fields, including sales. It offers a curated pool of talent, ensuring that the inside sales representatives hired are qualified and experienced.
  • Guru. Guru is a freelance job platform that allows businesses to find inside sales representatives on a project basis. It provides a secure payment system and tools for managing contracts.
  • Toptal. Toptal has an exclusive network of seasoned freelancers. Companies can find highly skilled inside sales representatives who have undergone a rigorous screening process.

3. Outsourcing companies

Outsourcing companies specialize in providing dedicated inside sales representatives to businesses. They take care of the recruitment and management process, allowing companies to focus on their core operations.

Salary comparison for an inside sales representative

The salary of an inside sales representative can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, industry, and company size.

On average, the salary for an inside sales representative is $81,000 per year. In the Philippines, meanwhile, an inside sales representative earns an average of $48,638 per year.

Here is a comparison of the annual salaries in the two countries:

JuniorMid Senior
The Philippines$11,999$48,638$83,778

On-site vs. Remote setup for an inside sales representative

Companies have the option to hire inside sales representatives to work either on-site or remotely. Both setups have their advantages and disadvantages:

On-site setup

  • Pro: On-site inside sales representatives can collaborate closely with other team members and have immediate access to resources and support. They can benefit from a more structured work environment.
  • Con: This setup may limit the talent pool since it requires candidates to be located near the company’s office. It also increases overhead costs for the company.

Remote setup

  • Pro: Hiring remote inside sales representatives allows access to a broader talent pool. It can lead to increased productivity due to reduced commuting time and flexibility in working hours.
  • Con: Communication and collaboration may require more effort due to the physical distance. It may also require additional tools and processes to ensure effective remote work.

The decision between on-site and remote setup ultimately depends on the company’s specific needs and preferences.

Inside sales representative job description template

Being an inside sales representative requires a mix of exceptional communication skills, sales expertise, adaptability, and a customer-centric approach.

By hiring the right inside sales representative, companies can enhance their sales efforts and build lasting customer relationships.

Feel free to use this job description template to get started in hiring an inside sales representative. Additionally, use these interview questions to guide in screening applicants.

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