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Accounts payable specialist

An accounts payable specialist plays a pivotal role in orchestrating the seamless flow of funds within an organization. If your organization wishes to document its accounts payable better, you’ll need a specialist to help guide you. 

What is an accounts payable specialist?

An accounts payable specialist is a financial professional entrusted with managing the company’s payable obligations. This includes handling invoices, ensuring timely vendor payments, reconciling accounts, and maintaining accurate financial records. 

Accounts payable specialists are the gatekeepers of financial integrity. They are vital to sustaining a healthy cash flow and fostering positive vendor relationships.

Duties of an accounts payable specialist

The daily responsibilities of an accounts payable specialist are diverse and demanding. These include but are not limited to:

  1. Invoice processing – Accounts payable specialists efficiently handle the processing of invoices, verify accuracy, and ensure compliance with company policies.
  2. Payment processing – This involves timely and accurate processing of payments to vendors, utilizing various payment methods such as checks, electronic transfers, or credit card transactions.
  3. Vendor management – An accounts payable specialist builds and maintains positive relationships with vendors, addressing queries and resolving discrepancies to ensure smooth business transactions.
  4. Record keeping – Accounts payable specialists are meticulous at maintaining and updating financial records, including reconciling accounts and preparing reports for management.
  5. Compliance – They ensure adherence to relevant financial regulations and internal policies to mitigate risks and maintain financial integrity.

Skills and requirements needed in an accounts payable specialist

To excel in this role, an accounts payable specialist must possess a unique blend of skills and qualifications. 

  • Attention to detailA keen eye for detail is crucial to catching invoice discrepancies and maintaining accurate financial records.
  • Organizational skills – Managing multiple tasks and deadlines requires strong organizational abilities to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Communication skills – Effective communication is vital to resolve issues and answer queries, especially when dealing with vendors and internal stakeholders.
  • Analytical thinking – The ability to analyze financial data and identify trends or irregularities is essential for making informed decisions.
  • Technical proficiency – Familiarity with accounting software and financial systems is a must, as is the ability to adapt to new technologies.
  • Adaptability – Being adaptable allows an accounts payable specialist to navigate changes, stay informed about industry updates, and adjust processes accordingly.

Where to hire an accounts payable specialist

Recruitment teams can source accounts payable specialists through the following channels:

1. Online job platforms

Utilize platforms like LinkedIn or Monster to post job openings and connect with potential accounts payable specialists. These sites allow for detailed candidate screening based on skills, experience, and recommendations. 

2. Local job boards

Check local job boards or industry-specific forums to tap into regional talent pools. Some candidates prefer searching for opportunities on platforms specific to their locality or field.

3. Networking events and conferences

Attend industry-specific events or conferences where you can network with professionals in the field. Many job seekers actively participate in such events, providing an opportunity for direct interaction.

4. Outsourcing companies

Outsourcing firms can assist in finding you accounts payable specialists and other roles for finance services. Outsourcing allows you to reach a global talent pool at cost-effective prices. 

Salary comparison

Use this table to compare salaries between an accounts payable specialist in the US and one in the Philippines. 

Annual salary figures are taken from ZipRecruiter and PayScale, respectively. 


Tip: Get accurate estimates of salaries and expenses with Outsource Accelerator’s Outsource Calculator.

On-site vs. Remote setup for an accounts payable specialist

The work environment is a crucial consideration when hiring an accounts payable specialist. 

While on-site setups offer direct supervision and collaboration, the trend toward remote work has become increasingly prevalent. Remote setups can provide flexibility and attract talent from diverse geographical locations. 

The decision between on-site and remote work depends on the organization’s culture, the nature of the role, and the preferences of the accounts payable specialist.

Accounts payable specialist job description template 

This job description template for the accounts payable specialist role contains all the information you need to find suitable candidates. You may adjust details according to the unique needs of your company. 

Interview questions for an accounts payable specialist

Through a well-structured interview, hiring managers gain valuable insights into a candidate’s:

  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Attention to detail
  • Communication skills
  • Alignment with the company’s values

If you need a guide on accounts payable specialist interview questions, feel free to use our reference. 

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