Chad Davis – Living Healthy in the Outsourcing Industry

Ep 074 Chad Davis

In this podcast, Derek is again joined by Chad Davis, a fitness and lifestyle coach and they continue to discuss on how to improve the health and lifestyle of Filipinos especially those who are in the outsourcing industry.





  • Chad is a lifestyle and fitness coach and he has been in the Philippines for over 17 years.
  • Derek discussed the upside and downside of the outsourcing industry, especially to the employee’s health.
  • Chad described the Filipinos as hardworking employees, but then they can only work hard as long as their health allows them to. It is one of the crises not only in the Philippines but in other countries as well.
  • Chad observed that illness has been a problem ever since and now, we’re sicker than we’ve ever been despite all the advances in technology and a lot of resources being put in the area of health.
  • Helping people improve their health is a domino effect. It doesn’t only affect their body, it affects their mind, their emotions, and they are able to help others too.
  • There are so many conflicting and mixed message regarding health and the key is to have the right knowledge in order to pick the right one.
  • Chad shares that most health conditions are really reversible and people have to understand that they created it themselves through their lifestyle and environment.
  • It’s better to use natural ways and methods to be healthy than to use supplements.

Key Points

  • It is the obligation of the employer to create a healthy environment.
  • Knowledge is the key to change.
  • Health is wealth
  • Motivation plays a huge part in one’s health.
  • Everybody wants to be healthy and they want their family to be healthy
  • Crab mentality is a huge factor in attaining success in health goals in a company.
  • Once we have attained our health goals, it’s better to pay it back to others.



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