Tiffany Bowtell – Importance of Proper Training for VA’s

Ep 153 Tiffany Bowtell

In this episode, Derek is joined by Tiffany Bowtell of Property Management Virtual Assistant. Join Derek as he deep dive into Tiffany’s company, Property Management Services and the services that they offer.



  • Tiffany has been running Property Management Virtual Assistant for the last 2 years and has over 60 VAs servicing over 60 clients which are Property Management Specialists.
  • She shares the employment and pricing structure of Property Management Virtual Assistant.
  • Tiffany also shares the work process of the VA’s they hire for clients.


Key Points:

  • Property Management Virtual Assistant head office is located in Brisbane.
  • Proper training is critical especially in a niche service such as Property Management in Australia.
  • Their VA rate is 600 AUD per month.




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