Brett Russo – Super VAs in the Real Estate Sector

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In this episode, Derek is joined by Brett Russo of Outsource Workers.  Join Derek as he explore Brett’s journey in Real Estate, outsourcing and how he has set up a company in response to that.



  • Brett is a Real Estate Agent for about 15 years based in Australia.  6 years ago, he got introduced to his first Virtual Assistant.
  • He introduced his Virtual Assistant to his colleagues and showed them how good a VA is, after that the business idea came in Brett’s mind after.
  • Brett setup Outsource Workers that predominantly caters to the Real Estate sector.
  • He shares his thoughts about Real Estate and how VA’s play a crucial role in the sector.


Key Points:

  • According to Derek, Australia is one of a bigger adoptor of Outsourcing.  It is very close to the Philippines and in terms of time zones it helps a lot.
  • Outsourcing is definitely a growing industry according to Brett.


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