Regina Evangelista – Success of Online Filipino Workers (OFW)

Ep 142 Regina Evangelista

In this episode, Derek is joined by Regina Evangelista.  She is a the Co-founder and CEO of Mr. Outsource.  Join us as Derek talks about Regina’s journey and deep dives into her involvement in the outsourcing sector and promotion of outsourcing and VA services within the provinces of the Philippines


  • Regina is the CEO of Mr. Outsource that provide and manage virtual assistant services. She is also a co-author of the “Outsourcing Mastery” that is basically the 17 secrets in how to outsource in the Philippines.
  • According to Regina, Senate has given more budget this year and the President wanted to push this more IT outsourcing to the rural areas.
  • She also talks about how she started her business and what other businesses takes place after creating one.
  • Clients plays a significant role when it comes to the knowledge transfer and the upskilling the skill that you have because they buy all these courses online and they don’t have time to watch those videos, to go through those courses, so what they do is they hire Virtual Assistant.
  • Regina shares that the government step is to make sure that we’re protected but also doing fair share to the country because what they say we’re the new OFWs.

Key Points:

  • Mr. Outsource is an outsourcing firm specializing in VAs based down in Davao and has been going now for about 7 years.
  • 7 years ago there was no Virtual Assistant term or it was just freelancing term and there was that negative connotation when it comes to freelancing, it’s just gigs, you won’t succeed with it.
  • Filipinos have that natural Motherly which is giving value and good service.
  • The power of the internet and outsourcing is bringing the world on to one even marketplace and one opportunity.


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