David Prichard – Empowering Employees to Achieve Milestones

Ep 012 - David Prichard

Today, Derek will be joined by David Prichard. David will discuss the challenges he experienced in terms of bringing the operations of their company ‘The Nile’ from Australia to the Philippines.


  • David summarized The Nile’s journey into three steps or three major milestones. The first one being the need to outsource. Step two is when you realize you need a set of process documents, KPIs, and metrics. Third is the tendency of some people to get fixated on following the process without actually delivering
  • Some Filipino employees do not ask questions because it is frowned upon. It is how they were taught, even in schools and when they go to work they do not realize that companies would appreciate it if employees ask questions.
  • The Nile and David had the realization that they had to shift the mindset of their employees to think about the end goal which ultimately in their case is serving the customer and creating a better customer experience.
  • David wants to expand their company’s problem-solving capacity not just their labor capacity. And that’s about empowering employees and directing them to think the right way.
  • Some big companies have an entire floor dedicated to one department, for example, HR and another for PR with completely different functions. There might be a chance that they won’t see each other. That creates, according to Derek, an adversarial mood between departments.
  • It is vital to always address communication gaps, most especially if the employees who are working together are from different countries.
  • The entire process of outsourcing or BPO experience forces people to face the things that David mentioned maybe sooner than you would otherwise and the company comes out better off in the end regardless of what happens to the outsourcing operation.

Key Points

  • It is quite easy for a message to be lost in translation, most especially for people who get too fixated on following the process without understanding it.
  • It is vital to learn about the culture of the country before you decide to outsource.
  • Make sure to address communication gaps before it becomes an even bigger problem.


  • outsourceaccelerator.com/podcast/episode12
  • https://www.thenile.com.au/


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